Credit repair tips by Dominique Brown.

Friday’s Credit Tip #26: Take Care of Factors that Affect How Lenders See You

Lenders will often look not only at your credit score but at other financial indicators such as your income, employment record, and savings. Keeping these things in order can complement your credit score and can help you get good overall credit. Some lenders have their own ways of calculating credit scores, so keeping your overall financial system in good shape is one way to ensure that you are in good shape in all lenders’ eyes.

Credit repair tips by Dominique Brown.

Friday’s Credit Tip #25: Get Services to Keep Your Credit in Good Shape

Talk to your bank and lenders about services they offer to keep you safe. Overdraft protection, for example, is a basic service that often costs nothing or very little extra that protects you in case you withdraw too much money from your bank account. With overdraft protection, you do not get a “ding” on your credit report or a charge for insufficient funds. In most cases, you get a day or two to add more money to the account to cover the gap. Some credit cards and other loans offer a similar service or offer insurance, which protects you in case you lose your job and are unable to pay for a few months.

Making a budget for yourself is the easy part--sticking to it is where the real work starts! Learn 5 tips for staying on budget when the going gets tough.

5 Tips for Staying On Budget, No Matter What!

Staying on budget can be quite a challenge if you’ve never had to watch what you spend before. Even after a specific budget has been decided on, there are many factors that can derail our efforts when it comes to saving up money and paying off our debts.

One of the easiest ways to get started investing is through online investment services--but there's a lot out there, how do you choose the right one?

Making Cents of Online Investment Services

The question of the day is all about using online investment services. In other words; Should You or Shouldn’t You? Naturally, as you might well expect with this sort of question, there is no one size fits all answer here. You see, for some people, using an online investment service is a no-brainer, whereas for other people not so much. As you will see here, whatever route you choose, it is all about your personal preference (along with the amount of your investable assets of course).

Credit repair tips by Dominique Brown.

Friday’s Credit Tip #24: Find More Ways to Earn Income

While you are repairing your credit, you will want to channel as much money as you can into savings and debt repayment. For this, having a second income or even just a few hundred dollars a month more can mean that you get your credit into shape faster.

There's some topics we avoid with family--but money shouldn't have to be one of them. Learn the top 5 sensitive money issues you SHOULD be discussing!

5 Sensitive Money Issues Families Avoid Talking About

We generally avoid talking about money with our loved ones, because we all know that financial discussions have separated many people over the centuries. Even though talk about inheritance, social security and insurance policies sounds distasteful, it is extremely important that we discuss these things openly with those we care for to plan for the future.


Tick Tock, Tax Filing Deadline Inching Closer

Now that we are well into a brand new year, now that the festivities, the New Year’s Resolutions and all that sort of thing is over and done with, the next up and coming event (as far as your personal finances are concerned) is settling up with your favorite uncle. Your Uncle Sam that is. As you know, squaring up with your friends at the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is something you want to take care of. Taking care of means is all about preparing and sending in your tax return in a timely fashion.

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