Credit repair tips by Dominique Brown.

Friday’s Credit Tip #30: Loans and Your Credit Score

Loans affect your credit score more than almost any other item on your credit report (Except credit cards). The types of loans you have, how long you have had loans, the amounts you owe and your payment history on your loans has one of the biggest impacts on your credit score. If you can control your loans, you can boost your credit score. There are a few tips that can get you well on your way to painlessly managing your loans.

Can you really make those special offers and rewards points and schemes work for you? Start using your credit the right way!

Can Using Your Credit Pay?

Believe it or not the question of should you or should you not is still up in the air. The controversy is all about credit and credit card and when or if using your personal credit could actually be a good idea. Or not.

Personal computers have become a necessary part of our lives (and the lives of our kids!), but that doesn't mean we have to break our backs paying for them.

Top Budget Hacks for Computers

The importance of owning a computer nowadays seems to grow exponentially every year. They make planning, budgeting and entertainment easier and more accessible to us. Children love them and many jobs demand you to have at least one computer dice at home.

Everybody has their little secrets for success--time to learn the seven habits of highly creditworthy people (the 8th habit being reading YFS of course)!

Seven Habits of Highly Creditworthy People

People with the best credit scores (750 and above) have seven habits in common. Contrary to what you may believe, these “high scorers” are not necessarily wealthy, not always employed in a profession and not, by default, high net worth individuals. Chances are you have highly creditworthy people in your circle of friends. The habits that nurture high credit scores can be practiced by anyone. In short, a great credit score is within everyone’s grasp. Here are the top habits you should practice to achieve that elusive top tier credit score.

When it comes to money, Mom doesn't always know best--check out these 5 outdated financial tips and learn what's irrelevant (or even dangerous!) today.

5 Outdated Financial Tips that are Dangerous Today

The world economy is an ever evolving system that is immediately affected by cultural and technological progress. This means that as our screens got flatter and our phones became mobile, so did the economy change and the risks of investments were altered. While following old tips might sound ‘safe’ because they were around for so long, you might be putting your financial future in danger.

There's been a lot demonizing of private student loans in the media lately--so we're taking some of those criticisms to task.

6 Issues Folks Have with Private Student Loans–Debunked!

You cannot deny the fact that there seems to be a lot of negative media attention on the alleged evils of private student loans. And sure, there are most definitely a few things about these private student loans that you will need to understand. All the same, truth be told private student loans can and do work for some people in some circumstances.

You've probably heard of by now, but what other personal finance tools and tech can you add to your arsenal? Find out now!

Personal Finance Tools— and Beyond

More than two years ago, Dominique posted this excellent piece on personal financial tools. However, time has continued its relentless march, and we thought taking a second look at these offerings might be worthwhile. Additionally, we’ll touch on a few noteworthy advancements that have come along in the ever-evolving world of technology. We’ll begin with a fresh look at Yodelee,, Pageonce, Quicken before we move on to newer developments in the personal finance sphere.

Credit repair tips by Dominique Brown.

Friday’s Credit Tip #27: Beware of Special Introductory Offers for Credit Cards

Credit card companies will often offer you special introductory rates, generous free gifts, or other incentives to switch companies. However, you should resist the temptation unless you have a reasonable reason to switch. Establishing a good credit relationship with one company, having a few cards from your college days, for example, is a good way to show lenders that you are a steady sort of person who is likely to take money matters seriously. That is exactly what lenders want to see. Switching accounts and lenders often makes you appear fickle and less than reliable.

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