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Friday’s Credit Tip #38: Credit Repair and Your Emotions

It is a subject that few people discuss, but more and more therapists are talking about it—the key link between our emotions and our money. We may think that money is all about our rational selves, but in fact our emotions are often very invested in our pocket books. If we want to repair our credit, we have to deal with the emotional as well as the numerical side of money. There are a few tips that financial experts now believe can help you harness your emotions in a way that can actually help you improve your credit score.

Taking control of your finances doesn't need to put a strain on your romantic life. Check out these tips for dating on a budget!

The Budgeting Lifestyle – Dating on a Budget

Going out with that special someone is not just for having fun, since we often aim to impress and make that person of our interest feel great as well. Often we begin to believe that the more money we spend on dates, the higher the chances for a successful outcome. Sadly (or thankfully) this only works if you are looking specifically for gold diggers and are too focused on material wealth.

Buying your first home (or any home really) is an exciting time, but it can also be a lean one. Learn how to start getting that down payment together now!

Hacking The Down Payment For Your Home Purchase

Certainly you must have heard something in the news or even around the water cooler at work about Real Estate. It’s back, goes the chatter. Case-Shiller just said home prices are rising again. As a quick down and dirty review, recall that the Case-Shiller Home Price Index is based on the work of economists Karl Case and Robert Shiller. In short, this index is used by many in the real estate world as a sort of barometer. Just the traditional barometer is used by the weather guys or gals to make their forecasts, the Case-Shiller Index is used to gauge the conditions of the real estate market.

Maybe you've just graduated or gotten a new job--it's easy to say "I'll make time for savings later"! Hack your wealth building with a few habit changes.

Hack Your Wealth Building With This EZ Turnaround

By now you are most likely getting up to speed on this whole idea of wealth building. At the same time, you may have fallen into a hidden trap, so to speak. You see, often times when folks begin looking at setting up an investment plan or setting up any sort of wealth building plan the focus is traditionally on getting more. Not only that, this concept of getting more is more often than not a future goal. Now do understand, there is absolutely nothing wrong with this sort of approach at all.

What do you think: would you give your kid 250 thousand dollars? Maybe junior needs some lessons in finance first, but you can get started right now!

Would You Give Your Kid 250 Thousand Dollars?

Most parents want to give their children a financially secure future. Sadly, unemployment rates are going up and young people seem ever more hesitant to move out and make it on their own in a world that takes a lot of ingenuity and pathos to succeed in. No matter if things used to be harder or easier for us, our children are struggling to be productive and giving them more money seems to just stall their path to self-reliance and wealth-building.

Follow Your Finances Simplified for weekly credit improvement tips from Dominique Brown.

Friday’s Credit Tip #36: Dealing With Debt

Debt is a major factor in your credit score. If you have too much of it (or none at all) or if you have trouble repaying your debts on time, your credit score will plummet. Keeping your debts reasonable and paid, however, will do more than almost anything else to improve your credit score. Here are a few tips that can ensure that your debts actually help you boost your credit score.

It's that time of year again--break out the sunglasses and sandals, without breaking your budget! Tips for those in the budgeting lifestyle for vacations.

The Budgeting Lifestyle for Vacations

For many of us vacations are the only chance we get the whole year to visit places we always wanted to see and spend our money on pure pampering. While vacations can be great for our stress and something to looks forward to during tough routine days, the expenses are sometimes so high that they ruin the rest of the year for us.

There's no such thing as one size fits all life advice, so why do people think it's true for investing advice? Grab some uncommon wealth building wisdom.

Uncommon Wealth Building Wisdom – Trash The Benchmark

There is a common trait that shows up on the road to building your wealth. This trait shows up as you continue to add to your investment portfolio. You do have an investment portfolio don’t you? And don’t even start the blame game when this trait is revealed in just a moment. None of that “..but they said…” type of stuff. Here is what this is all about: in a word, Benchmarks. In and of itself, a benchmark would seem to be an important part of evaluating the performance of your investment portfolio. And, truth be told, if there were actually one accepted benchmark that could be universally applied, that might actually work. But the reality is that investment performance is not so simple.

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