Credit repair tips by Dominique Brown.

Friday’s Credit Tip #34: Student Credit Repair

Students are increasingly worried about credit and credit scores and for good reason. Student debts are rising, and the numbers of students who leave school with ruined credit scores is rising as well. Many experts blame larger credit card debts and rising tuition costs (that lead to larger student loans).

Tired of the same old stale wealth habits? It's time to debunk some of the classics and offer up some fresh ideas!

Here Come New Ideas For Wealth Habits

Heads up, time to get real about real wealth habits. Habits that can end up putting you in the category of those that got it versus those that don’t. Wealth that is. And it doesn’t even matter where you are at this point in your wealth building journey. The reality is that those with wealth really do think differently from most folks. But there is a thing to sit up straight and pay attention to. You see, this difference in thinking is not such a big shift as you might have guessed. Pay attention to the next few wealth mindset points below. Then you can start your own shift towards a wealth building mindset.

Credit repair tips by Dominique Brown.

Friday’s Credit Tip #33: Simplify Your Bills

You can often get great discounts by choosing to get several services from the same company. For example, a package deal from your phone company can give you internet access, long distance phone plans, and cable television all on one bill and all in one low price. Pooling your insurance into one package from one insurance provider can have the same effect. Reducing the number of bills you get can make it easier for you to pay your bills and so reduces the chances that your credit rating will be affected by non-paid or late paid bills.

Just because you're on a budget doesn't mean you can't have a good time--you just need a good plan and to stick to it. Try these budget hacks for parties!

Top Budget Hacks for Parties

Hosting parties can be a lot of fun and is often required in our society. There are wedding parties, birthdays, holiday celebration and many more occasions when you will be required to pay for the entertainment of your friends and family. Everyone who has ever hosted a party will know that it actually costs quite a chunk of money, especially in large families and if you have a big social circle.

It should come as no surprise: rich people do things differently! Find out the what, how and why so you can add these habits to your own repertoire.

Here’s A Shocker: Rich People Do Things Differently

Yes, it’s true. And best you get on board with what and how those with the money are thinking. Well if you even want to have the barest glimmer of a dream to become one of them. In other words, build your wealth by doing what those with the money do. Hey you know how it goes right? “They” are always saying you are the sum total of the 5 people closest to you. And in fact, there is a large measure of truth in that statement. This is especially true if your five closest friends are more or less at the same level of wealth or lack of wealth.

There's far more to getting your best investment out of college than studying hard and eating cup noodle. Get our top budget hacks for college!

Top Budget Hacks for College

Going to college is one of the most expensive spending the average US citizen will ever had to do. On top of tuition costs, most students will have to move to another city and survive unemployed for a few years. Add to that the cost of having fun during those exciting and important college years and you will find yourself deep in debt in no time.

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