Personal Finance Tools— and Beyond

You've probably heard of by now, but what other personal finance tools and tech can you add to your arsenal? Find out now!

More than two years ago, Dominique posted this excellent piece on personal financial tools. However, time has continued its relentless march, and we thought taking a second look at these offerings might be worthwhile. Additionally, we’ll touch on a few noteworthy advancements that have come along in the ever-evolving world of technology. We’ll begin with […]

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Friday’s Credit Tip #25: Get Services to Keep Your Credit in Good Shape

Credit repair tips by Dominique Brown.

Talk to your bank and lenders about services they offer to keep you safe. Overdraft protection, for example, is a basic service that often costs nothing or very little extra that protects you in case you withdraw too much money from your bank account. With overdraft protection, you do not get a “ding” on your […]

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Saving on a Tight Budget for 2015 and Beyond


Saving money is especially hard when your income is low or your necessary expenses high. Living on a tight budget in general can cause stress, fatigue and financial insecurity, which in turn will lower your quality of life. Thankfully, there are always ways to improve your financial situation, by either cutting on expenses or finding […]

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Buy vs. Lease—a Contrarian View


Misconceptions abound in the lease versus buy debate. Conventional wisdom suggests that leasing is the least expensive alternative. However, that is a generalization and like many broad-brush statements, following it as gospel will not serve you well.  In the following paragraphs, we’ll give you the contrarian view and tease you with possibilities you might not […]

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