37 Things You Didn’t Know About Me


YFS here and I have a surprise for you. I’m going to give you a bit more about my personal life.  I’m going to be on a weekly podcast with some of my other personal finance peers, and I realized this being anonymous stuff is boring. I also realized that I’m faux anonymous anyway. All my friends, co-workers and associates know I have a blog. Hell, in a radio interview about my article on poverty I disclosed my real name.

Here is the link to the first episode of the podcast:  The worst of the freefinancialadvisor podcast

I come in around the 36 minute mark.  I highly advise you to listen to the whole podcast but, I know you want to get to the good stuff.

Time to pull the curtain back and reveal the brains behind Your Finances Simplified.


  1. I’m a Capricorn, ENTJ personality, and an only child.


  1. I got married at 24 years old to my college sweetheart.


  1. I used to be a huge video game fanatic.  I had every game system from Atari all the way up to PS3.


  1. I used to play World of World Craft.


  1. I like to debate!  I used to argue any point with anyone.  Until, I read  the book “How to win friends and influence people”.


  1. I am the coolest Nerd you know. Trust me, I am.


  1. I’m very athletic and competitive. I’ve played a sport since I was 6 years old. I’m a runner by nature with freakishly long arms. I’m 6’1 and 182 with a muscular build.


  1. I believe your health coincides with your wealth.  What’s the point of making money if you have to spend all of it supporting your bad health decisions?


  1. I can dance… Very well. (No I can’t teach you how to Dougie).


  1. I can repeat word for word the movies Friday, Next Friday and Friday After Next.


  1. I love comedies and jokes.


  1. I’m very outgoing and find comfort in any situation from the barber shop to a gala.


  1. I use to have ADD. I say use to because I had selective Attention Deficit Disorder. I can focus intensely on financial topics or things of interest, but when I’m bored I just can’t focus. Funny, I haven’t taken any medication since sophomore year in college and my attention span is just fine. I guess it’s all about doing what you love and loving what you do.


  1. I love love love music.  I can find a song to represent any mood that I’m in.


  1. I have a fear of failing. Fortunately, this fuels me to prepare for all situations. I would say I have a fear of being inadequate as well, which motivates me to do the things I need to do to become successful. This motivates me to go the extra mile.


  1. I sleep roughly 2-5 hours a night. The rest of the time I’m working on projects or chipping away at my to do list.


  1. I tend to plan for everything and focus on efficiency.


  1. I can’t stand messy clothing stores. Have you ever walked into the mall and took a glimpse into a Forever 21 or something like that? How in the hell do they find clothes on those racks of clothing mess?


  1. I prefer loafers, oxfords, and boat shoes over sneakers.


  1. I workout roughly 5x a week. Generally, I run in the morning followed up by a weight lifting session at night.


  1. I’m a man (I’m a boy Damien! #KatWilliamsVoice all my Friday After Next fans know what I’m talking about).  A lot of people when they see my name on paper think I’m a female.


  1. I have over 30 bottles of fairly expensive (this is relative) cologne, which I shuffle through regularly. I like when my wife says “Damn you smell good babe.”


  1. I used to have braids or cornrolls. Whatever your prefer. The weird thing is I had to get them done every week or every two weeks because they needed to be fresh. Funny, my wife used to braid my hair… hmm quality time?


  1. I’m black, but you probably realized this from my affection for the literary works of Friday, Next Friday, and Friday After Next.  Oh, and the conrolls thing probably gave it away.


  1. I no longer have cornrolls. Sorry, but I wanted a damn real job and a brush cut it is.


  1. I get my hair cut or shaped up ever week like clockwork.


  1. In a job interview I was asked what my weakness was, and I said my inability to grow facial hair. We all laughed and yes, I got the job.


  1. I  can’t grow facial hair, but I get stubble so I still have to shave, lol.


  1. I prefer value and material quality over the name brand.


  1. I want the ability to retire at 40, but I will not retire at 40.


  1. I want a luxury car but, refuse to get one until we reached our financial goals (see #30)


  1. I prefer button downs and polo’s over t-shirts.


  1. I’m 80% jokes and 20% serious. I believe you should have fun along the way.


  1. I smile a lot, eat out 4-6x a month, and meticulously track my expenses down to the penny.


  1. I believe a family without a spending plan is a family without a plan. How can you get to where you’re going if you don’t know where you are? It kills me when I ask people do you budget, and they say no. But you’re asking me to cure your financial problems right?


  1. I’m not frugal…not in the slightest. For things I care about, I buy the best value I can buy. For things I don’t care about, I buy the best value I can buy. You won’t dare catch me making my own toothpaste, cleaning supplies or laundry detergent. Nothing against people who do, but I value my time more than anything. I tend to focus on big gains rather than small gains. I know, the pennies add up to dollars, but I would rather watch the C-notes first and get down to the pennies later.


  1. Last but not least my name is Dominique. Not Dominick. You can remember me by either thinking Dominique Wilkins, Dominique Dawes (yea yea yea I know) or the song “Dominique” By The Singing Nuns. But, please please please don’t associate me with Dominique Strauss-Kahn.

Wow, this list got out of hand really fast!  I could have gone on and on, but let’s stop at 37.  Maybe I’ll finish this up later but you know enough about me now. So here are a few pictures of what Mrs. YFS and I look like. Don’t forget to check her out at www.shoeAcidal.com.






















































So, now that you know a bit more about me, what I sound like and what I look like. Stay awhile and check out some of my most popular posts or leave a comment on one of my more recent posts.


Call to action!


Leave a comment telling me what you really thought I looked like before seeing the pictures.  I want you to be brutally honest!  (You get points for humor)



  • I'm not sure about being the "coolest" Nerd I know…but you're certainly the most in-shape Nerd I know! Looks like our existence evens out the universe…

  • Great post – kudos for "coming out."

    With 2-5 hours of sleep, pretty soon YFS is going to be up there with YSL in brand recognition.

  • I like the point about being able to retire at 40, but not doing so. Thats exactly what I'm aiming for as well!

  • Nice to get to know a lot more about you.

  • Awesome list and reveal! Funny line about the budget. I think people want you to build their budget and cure their financial woes at the same time. 2 to 5 hours of sleep? Sounds like you're using every second, but is that good for you in the long run? I loved the Human Highlight Reel! Are you a model, nice portfolio!

  • Evan /

    I can get on board with Friday and Next Friday but that third one SUCKED! I COMPLETELY UNDERSTAND THE ADD THING! I used to take Ritalin like it was my job during HS and most of College but once I found what I was interested in I didn't really have to anymore. I find sometimes it creeping back in but it usually just means I need a break.

  • YFS /

    hahah.. "evens out the universe" I used to sit at the nerd table, cool table and jock table. I was a walking oxymoron.

  • YFS /

    John, we can only hope! Sometime, my procrastination kicks in and I'm up doing scattered tasks. I need to focus a bit more on 1 thing and 1 thing only.

  • YFS /

    CFM, thanks for reading.. I'm jealous of your beard.

  • YFS /

    Buck isn't it true? It's like a over weight person complaining about their weight as they eat a supersize big mac meal from McDonald's. YOu're not counting calories, eating fatty foods and not exercising but you want a 6 pack? I want to karate chop them in the neck! If you do not budget you will fail. You cannot fix a leaking tire if you never identify the leak.

  • YFS /

    Ok the last Friday was pretty bad but I got some laughs out of it. I'm a true fan of the series and would watch anything with "Friday" in it :-). As far as the ADD thing goes. Sometimes, I wish I still had some adderall pills. One thing I can tell you is that drug really works. I became a focused machine while on the medication. I just didn't like how focused it made me. A little too focused if you asked me. I could go hours upon hours doing something without moving. That's not normal. I felt like the guy in the move limitless on adderall. Hmm… maybe I should re-up lol

  • How do you only sleep 2-5 hours per night?! I get cranky if I don't get my solid 8-9 hours 🙂 Also, I totally agree about the messy clothes stores. That's why I shop online for Forever 21, instead of going into their chaotic stores. /shudder

    When I heard you on the podcast for the first time, I totally thought you would look pretty similar to the way you are. Your personality totally fits your look. Also, your wife is beautiful and you guys make a nice looking couple!

  • YFS /

    A model? Hahaha.. no, I'm just a guy with a new camera that I love to play with. I went all out recently on my camera and I'll be damned if I'm not going to use it. Besides, my wife takes tons of pictures for her blog so I need to become proficient in taking photos. The only way I know to get better is to take lots of them.

  • I would like to mention that there was a summer in middle school when I watched Friday every.single.day after summer school and sports. I freaking love that movie and could quote the entire movie from memory even to this day. Next Friday was also great with Mike Epps but I never saw the last one. You are 1/2 of a beautiful couple! I guess I thought you were in your early 20s. It must be the enthusiasm with which you write 🙂

  • I enjoyed this post. 🙂 Will be checking your podcast.

  • Thanks for using the show for your big reveal!

    I couldn't play World of Warcraft because I love my family and I'd never see them again….ever.

    I also have taken ADD medication, but the whole "selective" thing is a part of it. ADD people can focus on a single task and be absorbed by it, but if they aren't "sucked in" get "squirreled" nonstop.

    Here's what I didn't know about you: that you'd be a flippin' awesome participant in the show. Can't wait to start our roundtables…..

  • I love these posts..

    It definitely helps feel more connected to a blog, to know something about a poster.

    It is nice to put a face with the words.

    And btw.. You sleep 2-5 hours a night? Insane.

    I couldn't write coherently at all if I did that.

  • YFS /

    I rather use my youth to work hard or to develop good habits than try it later in life. I never want to say "if I only did this, I would be happy, successful or retired". Also, I want to be a good example for my future kids and hopefully have generational wealth.

  • YFS /

    A solid 8-9 hours.. wow I probably have too much energy if I did that. I can't go too long without sleeping 5 hours. I will crash if I go 3 days with only 2 hours of sleep. I knew I wasn't the only one out there who hated junky clothing stores. It's draining to find stuff. Online shopping is the best! I'll be sure to tell the misses of your complement!

  • YFS /

    hahah.. I must admit I would do the same thing. Any time family would recommend a movie I would loudly say "Friday!". I was pissed when Chris Tucker decided to quit the series :-(. Funny you say "you thought I was in my early 20s" sometimes I sure as hell act like it. 🙂

  • YFS /

    Cool! But, it's not my podcast it's thefreefinancialadvisor.com 's podcast. I was just the lucky guy asked to be a part of it from time to time :-).

  • YFS /


    That's my problem with Adderall I became so focused that it wasn't normal. I would neglect things and more of the "ass hole" part of my personality would come out. But, it does have it's benefits and I believe it truly works just need to find a balance when using it. Can't wait for the next show. Are you going to send a topic list or are we going to wing it 🙂

  • I hate to say it, but you will always be YFS to me… well, at least for a while. 🙂 I think I also saw your photo somewhere (twitter, maybe?). Glad that you chose to do the reveal! Now, you're going to be famous.

  • Eric /

    Great to get to know you better.

  • YFS /

    Sleep 2-5 hours a night isn't bad. I'm usually on a high from working out. I must admit I cannot go more than 2-3 days without sleeping 5 hours. I will crash and burn big time if I don't get more 5 hours nights in. People are creatures of habit and I happen to be a night owl.

  • YFS /

    hahah.. It's ok to call me YFS, Domo, Dom, Dominique. No biggie. You probably seen a picture of me from instagram. hmm..

  • YFS /

    Thanks for stopping by and giving me a virtual hello Eric.

  • I'm right there with you, 2-5 hours a night? Not only could I not write, but I would be sick as a dog after only 3-4 days. It's a weakness that I need to sleep so much, but there's nothing I can do about it. YFS, do you have a secret that allows you to do that, or is it a natural gift?

  • YFS /

    I think it is a side effect of being on adderall in highschool/college. You don't sleep much on that drug and the habit formed for me. Now, even though I am off the drug. If I work out and start blogging, I get really focused on completing the task. The next thing I know. I look up and it's 4 am. For some reason my body doesn't allow me to sleep for more than 5 hours unless.. I have a sleep mask on, ear plugs and dead dog tired from 2 nights of getting 0 sleep.

  • You've have some pretty cool qualities. Being able to to retire at 40, but not retire at 40 is a great goal. Judging from your attitude, confidence, and worthy habits, I can see that happening before 40.

  • YFS /

    That is the goal. I will try my hardest to make it happen. The wife and I are as focused as ever on our dreams. Now we just need to deliver!

  • How does it feel to come out of the Bloset? I tell you it feels good. Can you salsa dance?

  • YFS /

    LOL at the bloset!. Jai, it's not bad. Like I said, many people who actually know me or met me, know that I have a blog. Yes I can salsa dance. I'm a bit out of practice though.

  • Nice to meet you! I can't survive on 2-5 hours of sleep though, how the heck do you? I want those genetics 🙂

    "I’m not frugal…not in the slightest. For things I care about, I buy the best value I can buy. For things I don’t care about, I buy the best value I can buy." <– This is frugal in my book. Doesn't mean you gotta be cheap and no need to make your own soap. 🙂

  • P.S. Is that Halong Bay in one of the photos?

  • Well you guys seem like a lovely couple and congrats on being seen. Much success to you and yours… And don't forget to salsa. 🙂

  • YFS /

    Thx Jai! Will do

  • YFS /

    Halong bay is in vietnam right? Anyways, I've yet to visit there. The picture was taking in Los Cabos by what they call "the arch"

  • YFS /

    2-5 hours a sleep isn't bad, you get used to it. Good call on the frugal vs cheap. Well, I'm not cheap then 🙂 Nice to meet you as well!

  • Great effort with the reveal 🙂

  • YFS /

    That's Savvy! Nice to meet you. Stay a while and check out some of my other popular posts

  • YFS /

    Hmm.. this seems like spam but I'll let it slide. My advice would be to join the yakezie network.

  • That's funny. When I was on ADD meds I became more of an asshole, too. Just focused and less humor. I got more done but didn't like myself as much.

    I have a blog post from Squirrelers that we'll be discussing. (A little preview for people reading….) I'll send it to you tonight or tomorrow.

  • Hi Dominique and it feels nice to finally meet you properly. You two look really good and it is great to know another running blogger (or blogging runner). What is your distance?

    Oh, and I am ENTJ as well; did you know that Margaret Thatcher is as well?

  • YFS /

    Hola Maria!,

    Thank you for the compliments. When I ran fairly competitively I ran from the 200-800m. After college I've run 10 milers to marathons. I run roughly 3-4 miles daily to keep the body fat low. Who doesn't know Margaret Thatcher. Nice to meet a fellow ENTJ. I guess you have problems with incompetence as well 🙂

  • YFS /

    Thanks can't wait to read it.

  • I love that you un-anonymized yourself! I'm anonymous right now because I don't want my coworkers to find me since I do post exact numbers about my finances but I'm leaning towards revealing a little about myself – I don't really like this whole anonymous thing.

    And I'll be completely honest. Until you said you had your hair in cornrolls, I assumed you were white. Then I thought you were a white guy with cornrolls. Whoops, sorry!

  • JT /

    Ah, that moment when you realize that you haven’t gone to the bathroom for the last 7 hours, even though you have needed to for at least 5 of the last 7!

    Great post, YFS. It’s cool to learn more about you and your background. MBTI is interesting, that alone tells me a lot about you. INTJ here.

  • YFS /

    Good think I don't give numbers about out day time jobs. I will speak on blog income and real estate income shortly.

    White guy in Cornrows?!?! I've seen it before but never really got that trend. No need to say sorry it happens 🙂

  • YFS /

    That’s the scary thing about adderall. It makes you super duper focused that you forget key things to do.. like.. bathe lol. JT you’re an I? I would definitely see you as the outgoing E type such as myself. I guess twitter makes everyone seem like and E

  • Jackie /

    Welcome to the non-anonymous blogging world 🙂

    (And I'm still laughing at the facial hair interview response.)

    I never really picture people as looking like anything in particular because I have a hard time recognizing people from their looks. I probably drive my husband crazy when a character comes into a scene on TV in different clothes and I ask "is that the same person?". Oh well!

  • nono hair removal best price deal /

    Hmm it appears like your blog ate my first comment
    (it was super long) so I guess I’ll just sum it up what I submitted and say, I’m thoroughly enjoying your blog. I as well am an aspiring blog writer but I’m still new to everything. Do you have any tips for first-time blog writers? I’d definitely appreciate it.

  • Considering coming out of the closet myself. I'm "semi-anonymous" now since so many people know or have met me! Love the list.

    Oh and if you're a real gamer, you should check my brother's efforts at ragequitgear.com

  • YFS /

    Thanks for having me Jackie! The people during the interview got a kick out of that response as well. Probably, why I got the job :-). People tend to hire people who are knowledgable and who have a sense of humor. In essence they buy into you and not your skills. A wise man once told me.

    I can hire any old person to do the job, I want to hire people who can do the job and who I like.

  • YFS /

    I will have to say I'm an ex-gamer. Video games take up a ton of time and frankly I do not have the time to be good at them so, I refuse to play them. I'm all about family time and help us achieve our goals. My wife suffered through college with my game addiction, I owe here to be focused on her goals as an adult. But, I'll be sure to check out your brothers website.

  • Wow! You're actually exactly as I pictured you! You and your wife look very cute together. And I bet if you tried, you could dougie. lol

    I already knew you were black lol I am very good at reading a voice even through a blog post. Swag.

    (I know you're prob tired of that word but I couldn't think of anything else.)

  • YFS /

    Who would ever be tired of the word swag? It's timeless, classy and can be used in virtually any situation. I'm surprised that everyone has said they pictured me looking like this. Most people thought I was younger than 28 (just like the lady at the liquor store, I will be forever card!) I will be sure to let the misses know of your great compliments 🙂

  • Dominique,

    Thanks for sharing!

    It's always fun to learn more about bloggers. I'll have to do one of these post some day. 😉

  • Big ones – the problems with incompetence, this is. Fancy running a marathon in the UK? Loch Ness is an absolute beauty!

    BTW, one ENTJ presentation mentions that we have the personality of a field-marshall – we have a plan for the world and are very disappointed if it doesn't work.

  • What a pimp! I like that you felt the need to include #24 as if #'s 23, 22, 21, 10 and 9. Great list and great to learn more about you. I may follow suit with this set up. I need to "get to know" my readers.

  • YFS /

    LOL are you saying that people who are not black do not have cologne, like dumb comedies or have cornrows? Damn, I forgot to add Pootytang to the list.. le sigh. Thanks for reading. It would be cool if you did a X things you don't know about me post. I'll definitely read and comment 🙂

  • YFS /

    A UK marathon definitely would be cool and scratch something off the bucket list. I just hate training for marathons. I lose a crazy amount of weight, I simple can't eat enough while training. You're right about the field-marshall thing, I've learned to control it and surround myself around people who can do the small tasks that make the larger plan whole. I struggle with menial tasks…

  • Lookin' sharp in black tie! 🙂 I am also getting married to my high school sweetheart (although we'll be a couple of years older than you when we finally tie the knot). It always make me happy to see young couples who have managed to grow together and stay together.

  • YFS /

    No problem Joe. You definitely should do a post like this. You already share so much via income and all.

  • YFS /

    Thank you! When is the wedding date?

  • Well, I already knew what you look like for the most part because of the push ups challenge, but it was good to learn these other things.

    The way you are with the Friday series is how I am with Coming to America and Trading Places. Oh, and I was just telling someone about Pootytang (and that belt) the other day!

  • YFS /

    hahahah.. pootytang is a ridiculous movie. "Can't say the nay no my damie" I also like Black Dynamite.

  • I am sorry, but you are not the coolest nerd I know. The coolest nerd I know. You lost that distinction the second you said you like the Friday movies. Okay, not true, while I do seriously dislike those movies due to my associating them with a seriously uncool former boss, you actually lost your "nerd" status when you said you USED to play video games and WoW. I am part of a 30something crowd, most of us professionals, and we all still play video games and WoW. (Okay, I don't currently play WoW. Right now, it's all SWTOR at our house because we have a friend who works on the game, and with C in school we can really only handle one MMORPG.)
    But, given all of that, it was nice to get to know more about you.

  • YFS /

    hahah.. I do not know where to start with this comment. That cool nerd thing was basically to say that one can were corrective lenses, dress preppy, value education and still be cool. All my true friends are blue collar jocks and I'm far from that. I usually had a table at the nerd table, cool table and jock table. Hell I was in the chess club and still got along with everyone.

    But… I stopped playing video games because they were counter prodcutive. I just don't have the time to put in 8 hrs a day to be "average"

  • I was thinking I needed to read a lot of your blog posts to get to know you better before the podcast, and here you've made it so easy with a list.

    I used to be 6'2, 180, and run marathons. Now I'm 6'2 200 and do elliptical and ski machines cause my knees and back are crappy. But since I'm 26 years older than you and have a son your age, I guess I shouldn't whine….

    Look forward to having fun with you and the rest of the homeless crew Joe found for his podcast…

  • Fig /

    Haha this was great! Nice to meet you Dominique. 🙂

  • YFS /

    Nice to meet you as well!

  • YFS /

    Ouch.. bad back and knees. You must of trained for and ran a lot of marathons. I currently only have one under my belt. I want to run another but the training is very time consuming. 6'2 200 isn't bad at all! I was 194 August of last year.

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  • Love it! Man, I was reading the "you don't have cornrows anymore" part, and I was thinking, when was the last time a white guy had cornrows, then I saw the next bullet point that said you are black! hahaha, awesome! Fear of failure is one of the biggest things that drives the most successful people.

    I love the diversity of the PF blogosphere. More the merrier!

    Thanks for the post!


  • Who is the better WoW player?!

  • YFS /

    I had conrows in high school and until about senior year in college

  • YFS /

    I sucked at wow.. it just took way too much time to be good.

  • I’m over there with you, 2-5 hours a night? Not only could I not write, but I would be sick as a dog after only 3-4 days. It’s a weakness that I would like to sleep so much, but there’s nothing I can do about it. YFS, do you have a secret that enables you to do that, or is it a natural gift?

  • YFS /

    I guess it's just natural. Every person has different sleep patterns I guess :/

  • TyRonne /


    Great post…I particularly like your #8 comment on health and wealth. We follow the same workout routine…morning run (on an empty stomach for me) and weights in the evening ( to alleviate stress) followed by completing projects and 4-5 hours of sleep. (If Im not up watching MARTIN)
    You should try the bald head shaved look…we will all get there one day. Keep the humor and personality in your posts. You are destined for success…See you at the top!


  • URFinanceSimple /

    Hahah at the debo quote. I have a Picture of me on Instagram with a baldy.. I look the same 🙂

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  • Michael Jefferson /

    ROWS, bruh…. cornROWS. lol.

  • URFinanceSimple /

    LOL.. my bad hahahOn Wed, Aug 22, 2012 at 2:24 PM, YFS <yourfinancessimplified@gmail.com> wrote: approve

  • Liza /

    Wow!nice meeting you and glad to know you. I like your saying about 80% jokes and 20% serious. In life, we should always look at the positive side.. I love your post. I like reading personal stuff that is interesting,,,loving couple,perfect match..Liza @ InsuranceStraightTalk
    My recent post Best Blog Posts of August 2012

  • URFinanceSimple /

    Hi Liz :-)Yup, I'm a big jokester. I hope to bring it out in a series of video blogs. Stay tuned 🙂

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