5 Cheap Dates You Must Try!

Dating is so important when you are in a relationship. You have to carve out some quality time with your significant other in order to maintain a strong, loving relationship. While this is true, going out on dates can be quite expensive, and when you are on a budget, dating and entertainment are often some of the first things to be cut. While the picnic is a classic, let’s go beyond that to find fun, cheap dates that you must try!

1. Wine Tasting

Wine tasting is a fun way to spend some time together. Generally, you don’t have to pay to taste the wine, but in some cases you have to pay a small fee. Be sure not to drink too much (you can always spit it out!) so that you can safely travel from one winery to another. Sometimes you can find a wine tasting tour that has transportation from one winery to another. If you are planning on hitting up a couple of wineries in one day, be sure to stop and eat lunch!

2. The Farmer’s Market

Do you have a weekend farmer’s market? If so, get up early one morning and go browse the stalls. You might be surprised to learn what is grown in your area. Take the time to talk to the local growers and farmers and learn something new about your town. Even if you don’t need to buy groceries, take the time to get some fresh fruit or a snack before going home.

3. Antique Stores

Another fun cheap date is to spend some time searching through your local antique and/or junk stores. You might be surprised at what you find, and many of them will have a variety of inexpensive treasures to offer. They are often a good place to find unique gifts for friends and family. Even if you don’t buy anything, it can be fun to take a look at the odd items that often make their ways in antique stores.

4. The Water Park

During the summer months you can spend a lazy afternoon cooling off at your local water park. Act like kids again and try out the water slides and the wave pool. If you go during the week, the park will likely be less crowded than it will be on the weekends.

5. Ice Skating

During the winter, strap on your ice skates and spend some quality time together! Don’t worry if you aren’t a good skater! Even the best skaters had to learn! This is a great excuse to hold hands with your sweetheart. Finish off the evening with some hot cocoa at a local café or coffee shop.

Dates don’t always have to cost a lot of money. While dinner at the fancy restaurant can put you out quite a bit, it’s not your only option when it comes to fun, memorable dates. Do you have any fun cheap date ideas that you would care to share?



  • These are good tips for having fun, but cheap dates. I personally prefer outdoor activities, which are easy to do for free (or very cheap). I’m fortunate to live near the beach and a few state parks with hiking trails. They may not be your traditional dates, but they are a lot of fun with the right person!

  • Where were you when I first did a wine tasting trip? Cheryl and I were absolutely hammered by the 3rd winery. Still, a ton of fun, and no, we weren’t driving….so that was good.

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