How To Fix Your Credit: 9 Easy Steps to Fix My Credit

Recently, one of my Facebook fans, Sara, approached me with a question about how she could improve her credit score. She wanted to improve her credit within the next two years so that she could purchase a home.

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The Question

Question for you–say you want to be in a position in two years to purchase a home. You have a relatively mid-range FICO score, and just paid off all debts (car, credit cards, etc). What can a person do in the next two years to improve the FICO score without racking up more debts?

The Answer

Great question! Here is a list of tips to improve your credit. FYI… I go over this in my forthcoming credit improvement book.

1. Pay your bills on time
2. Keep your credit utilization low, around 20%
3. Pay off your debt instead of paying the 0 balance transfer game or moving it around
4. Don’t close unused credit cards
5. Don’t open new credit cards just to open them
6. Do all your rate shopping in a short period of time
7. Check your credit report regularly and clean up inaccuracies
8. Be patient
9. Use credit wisely. If you’re scared of credit cards, use one to auto pay a bill (cellphone) then pay that off in full every month

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What do you think of these steps? Does this sound like something you could do? Please share your thoughts with me and share this information with your friends!



  • All of these are good tips. I think patience is the one that many people have trouble with. Time is the only thing that will fix negative entries on your credit report like late payments. As the negative items get older, they have less impact on your score.

  • Hannah /

    Woah! I loved your blog. Yes I’m going to start right now.

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