A Penny for Your Love?

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could have wonderful date nights for just pennies? While most date nights are going to cost more than a few pennies, you can save money while still having a good time. The following ideas are great if you are on a budget or if you simply want to save some money while still going out on dates.

Your Frame of Mind

Saving money really is a way of life. So, when it comes to date nights, if you approach them with the right frame of mind, you can save money. Planning ahead allows you to budget a specific amount for a certain activity. This lets you know how much you will spend, more or less, before you spend it. If you don’t plan your date nights, you can easily spend more money than you mean to spend.

Take the Kids

One of the expenses that many parents face when going out for a date is paying the babysitter. While it is important to have “you time,” you can always incorporate some family date nights. Look into places that might have fun activities for the kids to do so that you and your spouse can have some time to chat. A restaurant with an arcade, for example, might be a good place to take the kids.

When you do need a babysitter, you can save money by trading babysitting services with your friends. For example, you take your friends’ kids one night a month, and they keep your kids one night a month. This way everyone gets some quality alone time without having to spend the extra money.

Look for Free Activities

Even if you live in a small town, you can often find free activities that you and your significant other can enjoy. Look for things like concerts, art gallery events, poetry readings, festivals, etc. Even the local carnival or fair is a fun place for a date night. They cost a little money, but you can have a lot of fun without having to spend a fortune. You can look online or in your local paper for free events or events that do not cost very much.

Eating Out

Eating out can be expensive, but there are ways to save money while still being able to enjoy going out. When you go out to eat, just order your entrees. You can skip appetizers altogether and save a little money or you can split an appetizer, or an entrée, or a desert. You can also eat a small snack before you go out. This way when you go out your eyes won’t be bigger than your stomach. It’s easy to order more food than you really need when you go out to eat.

Instead of going out for dinner, you can go on a lunch date. You can also go out for happy hour. You can get a few discounted drinks and some food while you wile away the afternoon. This is usually a good option for parents who don’t want to stay out late.

The Great Outdoors

Outdoor activities are often less expensive than traditional dates. You can go hiking, fishing, camping, or biking for a relatively small amount of money. You can also try things like kayaking, canoeing, horseback riding, and more. You can search online to find out more information about the activities in your area.

Check Out the Discounts

When you’re planning a date night, you can also see if you can find any coupons. Sites like http://www.groupon.com are a great place to find discounts on restaurants and fun activities.

What do you do in order to save money on your date nights? Share your tips and tricks with other readers!



  • Wonderful tips. In my experience though I tend to spend more when I go out with the kids…just can’t say no to those cute little angels 🙂 (something I should work on definitely.) Its said the best things are free, or well, cheap enough and activities in the great outdoors fit the adage perfectly.

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