Adios Sallie Mae I hope to never see you again

I was so pissed about not getting that rental property.

Read all about it here.

That we just decided to relieve ourselves of some debt.

Hmm.. maybe it was a good thing we lost out on the rental property in the last minute after all.


Screen Shot 2013-08-25 at 8.04.05 PM

This move makes no financial sense at all, but it does feel good not having any debt except real estate debt now. Besides, the 50% owner of my company and life partner is very happy about this move.

Happy wife, happy life right?


  • Wow that is awesome! Good job!

  • Thank you!

  • Congratulations – it’s always a major goal to clear a debt, and owing nothing except property debt is a great achievement. It’s disappointing that the rental purchase didn’t work out but at least you’ve got less debt now 🙂

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  • I figure that my wife is happy about it, so it’ a win win. I just really wish we were able to pick up another property. I could have used the proceeds from the property to pay the student loan debt and kinda used it as leverage. However, I have a problem sitting on money or letting it idle for some reason. I need to practice patience a bit more.

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