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Become an affiliate! Be a part of helping your friends and family find the solution to their credit woes while building your income. S&D Capital Holdings LLC, the exclusive marketers of Dominique Brown’s 3&1 Financial Consulting Service, offers an exciting affiliate opportunity for you.
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This program is for anyone and everyone–my affiliate system allows you to monetize your qualified leads and earn lucrative commissions for your efforts.
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A Simple Credit Repair Disputing Process That Works

I specialize in a proven credit restoration process that dramatically improves credit scores. My program will help credit turn-downs raise their credit scores above 640, establish positive trade lines and remove negative credit which can be removed.

A Strong Company To Back It Up

Over 10 years of experience in dealing with the credit bureaus, the author of “the credit repair bible” – How To Fix Your Credit, and the recipient of countless positive testimonials. Our foundation is based on strong customer support and a powerful credit disputing process that continues to prove itself, helping clients qualify for the credit they need, want and deserve

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There are over 80 million people who need credit repair, so finding people who need help is never an issue. Make the right move, join my affiliate program and start earning today!

Are you a real estate agent, a loan officer, a lawyer, or an accountant who works every day with clients who need to improve their credit scores?

NOW, you don’t have to turn your prospects away due to credit. Our credit repair affiliate program let’s you build a relationship while we help rebuild their credit. Don’t let your clients go it alone–it takes too long. Help them use our PROVEN FORMULA to quickly rebuild their credit scores!

On average, our clients have a 100 POINT INCREASE in their credit scores in 6 months!

It’s a simple process for both you and your client and IT WORKS! Don’t let anyone tell you it can’t be done. We are doing it everyday.


Average percentage credit score increase


Average credit score point increase


Clients served 


100% client success rate


A simple program that produces real results

We’ve had time to develop the tools and resources you need to make our affiliate program work for you. Here’s the 4 step process:


Become an affiliate

Send traffic

Traffic converts

You get $100 per sale

Our dedicated affiliate team is committed to your success. We offer the highest payouts in the industry as well as full tracking and compensation for phone sales.



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