Awesome Videos, Money News and Link Love #2

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Awesome Video

Today’s must see video is titled “CSI Facebook Creep”.  These guys go into detail about how they find people on Facebook.  Creepy, but probably very accurate.

No such thing as a dead end, there are only Cul-de-sacs



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Money News!

These are articles that I’ve read, that are interesting and I think you should read them too!

Things That Don’t Matter: Congressional Approval Polls

7 Ways to Live Like a Millionaire (Without Going Into Debt)

What I Learned from the Worst Vacation of My Life

How I Paid Off $14,000 and Became Debt Free

7 Financial Hacks to Avoid


Place That Featured My Articles


Festival of Frugality at The Frugal Toad

Carnival of Financial Planning at Intelligent Speculator

Carnival of Retirement at Finance Product Reviews

Carnival of MoneyPros at Financial Conflict Coach Yakezie

Carnival at 20s Finances

Financial Carnival for Young Adults at Young Family Finance





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