It's never too early to start thinking about how you're going to pay for you or your child's education! Get tips for hacking your college tuition payments.

Hacking Your College Tuition Payments

Sure it’s true, the fall college semester may seem like it is a long way off. Yet, the reality is that upcoming semester is only a few short summer months away. Which makes this a perfect time to discuss paying for that looming college bill. Whether you or yours are already enrolled or are about to head for the college for the first time, you cannot escape the fact that college tuition and room and board and other assorted fees can add up to a big chunk of change.


Building wealth doesn't have to come at the expense of your ambitions--you can make money while helping others! Do well while you do good.

How to Make Money while Helping Others

If you are one of those people who absolutely want to give back to the community through their work, instead of just accumulating money, you might at first be disappointed with the business world. Thankfully there are plenty of opportunities all over the world and in your hometown or city where you can work and help others at the same time.


Follow Your Finances Simplified for weekly credit improvement tips from Dominique Brown.

Friday’s Credit Tip #1: Understand Where Credit Scores Come From

If you are going to improve your credit score, then logic has it that you must understand what your credit score is and how it works. Without this information, you won’t be able to very effectively improve your score because you won’t understand how the things you do in your daily life affect your score.  If you don’t understand how your credit score works, you will also be at the mercy of any company that tries to tell you how you can improve your score—on their terms and at their price.

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