Confessions of A Father to Be: No BitchAssNess and Hold The Shenanigans

I noticed that lately, my patience has been very thin for all types of f*ckery.  What is this f*ckery I speak of?


Anyone or anything that isn’t positive or that does not have my family’s best interests at heart.

If you’re not a positive person, I’m not dealing with you. I refuse to have people in my life who won’t grow.

I said this before, as a tree ages it grows stronger, wiser, and bigger.

However, along its life it loses many branches and leaves. Without losing those branches and leaves new ones cannot blossom, thus stunting said tree’s growth.

I’m sorry, but it’s now bigger than me, it’s bigger than you. It’s about being the person I want my child to admire.

It’s about my kid being proud to say, “That’s my father.”

It’s about my wife being proud to say, “That’s my husband.”

So, If I expect that for myself. I expect the same from you.

What Do I Mean?

You have to be the person that my child looks up to and is proud to say, “That’s my father’s friend.”

You have to be the person that my wife looks at and is proud to say, “That’s my husband’s friend.”

It’s a simple test, and if you can’t pass it, well, our relationship won’t last.

I only ask for growth, positivity, and progress.

If you can’t respect that your whole perspective is wack.


  • It’s gonna be a great adventure Dom! Looking forward to your fatherly updates.

  • Ha! I can’t wait either

  • Dom, you will be fine and I am sure that your kid will be proud of you (watch it, though, and rememeber that when she is 12 you will become ‘the enemy’; and that whatever you do they end up in therapy so enjoy bringing them up). As to becoming a bit less tolerant to any sort of rubbish – yes, it happened to me as well; and I stayed like that.

  • DEZ /

    It’s fun bru, and you will pick up on all the little tricks of the trade fast….I remember the first time Nikki left Niya home alone with me and I almost lost my mind… Niya wouldn’t stop cryin, so I put her in her stroller and we rolled around our little 1 bedroom apartment for bout 3 hours.. Nikki called (TO CHECK ON HER SUB IN THE FRIDGE) BS…and she was shocked that Niya wasn’t cryin.. It’s only natural to get rid of the friends and even family that don’t have you or your childs best interest in mind. My list is getting smaller and smaller and it doesn’t even bother me…

  • Great thoughts, Dominique. Your kid is truly blessed to have a father like you. Kudos!

  • Thanks!

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