Working with me, you get the following items all at one price point:

  • Credit Repair
  • Credit Counseling
  • Insurance guidance
  • Investment direction / guidance
  • Wealth building / Retirement planning
  • One on One Accountability Talks (Life Coach / Money talks)
  • Business Credit coaching / guidance
  • Coaching sessions – Group web based -Topic will vary from personal, business and wealth topics
  • Guidance on buying a home
  • Investment for college planning
  • Debt repayment plan / consolidation
  • Student loan assistance
  • Unlimited communications – Email / Text



*First month is $149.99



*First month is $197.99

All of my plans are contract free, cancel anytime. Couples/pairs receive a 10% off discount versus individuals.

The 3 & 1 Financial services has unlimited Email and Text support with phone support via the scheduler.

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This is why you should work with me.

You should hire me so that I can help you find the best way to achieve your financial goals. I want to help you identify your real goals and to develop appropriate strategies to reach each of them.

You should work with me because you want results!

I will not coddle you. I will not say “Aw, it’s okay if you messed up this time.” No! I will be your financial drill sergeant. I will the consistent voice, trainer and supporter of your goals. You cannot depend on steady salary increases, pensions, or social security to retire comfortably.

Creating flexible plans and regularly revising them is the only way to build a sound financial future.

My goals, on top of assisting you reach your financial goals, is to improve your standard of living, to help you develop wise spending habits, and to increase your wealth.

What exactly will you do to help me?

I’m glad you asked. I have a simple 6 step process that will work with every stage of your life. You can be young, old, married with kids, etc. No matter what, this 6 step process works.


Define your financial goals


Develop financial plans and strategies to achieve your goals


Implement those financial plans and strategies


Periodically develop and implement budgets to monitor and to control progress towards your goals


Use financial statements to evaluate the results of your plans and budgets, taking corrective actions (if required)


Redefine goals and revise plans and strategies as circumstances change

My process and my results

I work in a step-by-step, methodical manner to fix your credit, perform credit coaching, and assist in financial planning. In the beginning, all you have to do is provide your credit reports from one of my providers. Once I have your credit reports, I will be able to tell where you stand and where many of your problems lie; if you have a poor score, I will analyze your credit report to identify the problem.

For example:

  • Do you have too much debt?
  • Do you have many unpaid bills?
  • Have you faced a major financial upset such as a bankruptcy?
  • Could you simply not have had credit long enough to establish good credit?
  • Have you defaulted on a loan, failed to pay taxes, or recently been reported to a collection agency?

There could be a ton of different reasons why your credit score isn’t where you want it to be. However, the issues that contribute to your credit problems will dictate which route we will take to improve your credit score.

I will then develop a personalized strategy that expressly addresses your credit problems and financial history.

With the personal finance strategy in place, I will use my knowledge of credit laws, credit improvement expertise, customized letters, and various negotiation tactics to:

  • Remove inaccuracies
  • Negotiate with creditors / collections to remove debt from your credit report
  • Develop a credit improvement plan
  • Assist with identity theft

The credit improvement plan will be ongoing and will be adjusted as your credit continues to improve. What worked in the beginning may or may not work in the end, so I will be working with you diligently to improve your credit as new information/scenarios arise.

We will also begin the financial planning process and develop 1, 3, and 5 year goals, a written budget, and conduct monthly reviews of the budget to see if we are on track with our identified goals. I will work with you to achieve your goals and give you a step by step plan As I work the plan with you, we will go over areas of concern, and adjust the plan every month, until we have achieved your goals. We will then replace that goal with another goal and attack that. Picture me like a gym trainer, but for your finances.


Average percentage credit score increase


Average credit score point increase


Clients served 


100% client success rate



*First month is $149.99




*First month is $197.99

All of my plans are contract free, cancel any time. Couples/pairs receive a 10% off discount versus individuals.

The 3 & 1 Financial services does not have phone support. Unlimited Email and Text support only.

After the consult and the signing of the agreement, I need the credit reports / scores. Go to and sign up for their 1 dollar trial, then send me the username / password to login. Once I have that information I can look at your credit reports and get to work.

How do we get started?

Getting started is simple. We can have a 10-minute consultation to see if we are a good fit for each other–there’s no obligation and it comes at no cost to you. Fill out the contact form to start the process of booking your consultation.

Or, we can get started right away! Use the form on the right to securely submit your information so I can get started working for you immediately.