Could You Survive At the Povery Line?

Sometime ago, very early in my blogging career. Ha, I’m writing this as if I didn’t start blogging in October of 2011.

Time sure does fly.. wow!



How it all started



Sometime in 2011 (now it seems distant). I wrote an article titled Could You Survive at the Poverty Line? for Consumerism Commentary.

Let me first say, just being able to guest post for such an established blog as Consumerism Commentary was huge.

Especially for a blog that has existed for less than 1 year!

But, what came from the guest post was even bigger!



Media Contact



About 3 days and 70+ comments later. Flexo (yea we are on a first name basis, not really, but really) sent me an email saying (I’m paraphrasing)

Hey, good job on the post and I have a media contact who wants to talk to you. Here is the information.

The media contact happened to be a Charolettesville, Virgina radio station (107 WINA). Which happens to be the same location my poverty stricken family lived in the article.

I talked about the radio interview in a follow up post titled: Can I Survive At the Poverty Line?


But something was missing…



I was never able to obtain the actual radio interview! I wanted to share the radio interview with all of you, also it was my very first one and I wanted a copy of it for my records. I sent email after email after email and one day….



The host of the show commented on my blog…



Here is the comment:



I’m Wendy Edwards. YFS, I have only just come upon your post and must apologize for any lack in communication between me (or News Radio 1070 WINA) and you. I am going to check our audio archives tomorrow morning to see whether your interview was taped – it should have been – and if it was not, I will find out what happened that it wasn’t. I will respond to you either way this week.

Our weekend news team is somewhat hidden on the website; however, your post can provide good reason for a clear presence so that our guests can know who they will be speaking with. Like you, I do quite a bit of research on whoever I will be listening to and I know how confusing it can be to think you have it down then suddenly realize, live on-air, that you do NOT. Hah!

I believe you were an excellent guest and your feedback was valuable. Your SITE is valuable and encouraging and offers rational, realistic perspective which is why I like it so much.

YFS, I appreciate your follow up with this post and your kind words. I am sorry it took me til now to see it. As for my cat’s names…if anyone’s interested, give me a shout. Sadly, we lost our two oldest cats at the beginning of this year – one was 21, the other 18 – which hurt quite a bit and we remember them with fondness.



Immediately after her comment we were in contact via email. After some digging, she sent me a link to the show!! (Apparently it didn’t get recorded and posted to the website, they were experiencing technical difficulties)

So, without further adieu.. here is my poverty interview.

P.S. it was my very first radio interview.. don’t judge me 🙂



Call to Action!


What do you think of the radio interview?




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