How To Fix Your Credit – Debt Collectors Calling? 3 Things To Do

If you ever had a debt go into collections, 9 times out of 10 you have debt collectors calling you non stop.

Today, we are going to go over what to do when debt collectors are calling you.

I’ve had many clients mess up when a debt collector calls them. They get emotional and start saying stuff they aren’t supposed to say. So, let’s go over the top 3 things you should do when a debt collector calls you.

Tip 1: You need to remember that the phone call is recorded so anything you say will be used against you. I recommend you deny, deny, and deny. Act like you have amnesia!

“Debt? What debt are you referring to? I have to talk to my lawyer about this, can you send something in writing?”

Tip 2: Keep it in writing! Remember that by law the debt collector must provide a validation notice within 5 days of contacting you. Within 30 days of receiving the debt collector’s validation, you should send a written request asking for more details.

You need the written documentation to prove your case, if you have too.

Tip 3: If you don’t receive something within 5 days in the mail advise the collector to stop contacting you and make sure you register with the Do Not Call Registry. According to federal law, a debt collector cannot continue to contact you if you tell them to stop. You can even write them a letter telling them to not contact you anymore. You will want to save a copy of the letter then send the original via certified mail and request a return receipt.

If you think this information was useful, send it to all your friends. Let’s stop the harassing debt collector calls.

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  • Does email count? Im in a situation where all I got is an email and phone calls but never physical mail. It would be great if they just leave me alone for good.

  • You can send the same forms for stopping them via email. Here is a bit more verbiage…

    The debt collector may just be liable to you for statutory damages of up to $1,000, plus any actual damages suffered, plus attorney fees!

    Although the FDCPA does not specifically use the term “email” in its verbiage. It’s safe to assume that collectors using email to contact you is not illegal. However, it is also safe to assume that bill collectors and debt collection agencies must still follow the FDCPA rules for contacting you. Just like phone calls at work, emails at work must stop if the collector is told the employer prohibits such contact. Keep in mind that it’s possible for an email to violate FDCPA notification rules if the employer has a published policy that says email is not confidential and can/or will be viewed by authorized employees.

    According to the FDCPA, collectors are allowed to contact you via mail or phone. Again, it’s safe to assume email falls within acceptable means of communication. However, unless you give permission to do otherwise, they can only contact you under specific conditions:

    They can contact you at your place of residence by phone, mail, in person, by FAX or email during reasonable hours such as between 8 am and 9 P.M..

    They cannot contact you at any unusual time or place or a time or place known or which should be known to be inconvenient to you.

    They cannot contact you at work if your employer disapproves and they are informed of this fact by you or your employer.

  • These seem like good things for me to know when I have to talk to debt collectors. I thought that tip #2 is really good to know about keeping records when talking to debt collectors. It seems like a good idea to send a written request asking for any details that are needed from a debt collector. Would any of that information be valuable for a credit repair lawyer to know when handling a case? I’ve decided that it might be wise to hire an attorney to help me improve my credit since I have a lot of debt that I owe. It seems like giving a lawyer any records of discussions between a client and a debt collector would be valuable for a lawyer to have when handling a case.

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