The Five Steps of Insuring Your Car

Car owners are can be worried about getting their insurance handled every year, because it is not only a hassle but a very time consuming process as well. However, this worry is outdated because you can have your car insured in as little as a few minutes. Every car insurance broker is going to have a standard method they go about handling this topic. Information is power, so in this guide, we are going to provide you with steps as to how you can insure your car.

1. Get Some Basic Quotes

As with anything else, when you are trying to insure your car, you want to make sure that you are getting the best deal possible. It is important that you do a little window shopping and research before you make the decision to sign on with a specific provider.  Pick up a few quotes from a variety of different companies to see how they compare. Comparison websites may be useful to get a general idea, but remember that many providers do not work with comparison sites and so you have to go directly to them. However, you will be able to see some providers, but do not limit yourself only to comparison site or you could be missing a better deal that an unlisted provider may have available. Once you have an idea of what a policy will cost, pick some of the better quotes and move to step two.

2.  Evaluate the Level of Cover

Car insurance is not just about getting a cheap premium; it is about getting a policy that covers your car fully and anticipates all possible scenarios. There is no point signing up for the cheapest available quote if it carries a large deductible or does not cover your alterations. Make sure your car is properly covered. Keep in mind the cheap option is not always the best route to take. If you want to make sure that your beloved car is protected, try to stay away from the super cheap policies in general. Instead lean towards the reasonably priced and trusted providers, to make sure that in the event that something was to happen you would be covered. By doing this, you are saving yourself both money and a headache in the end.

 3. Add Your Extra Rider

 You may also want to add additional miles onto your policy or add a European rider, for example. Some insurers may require evidence, such as photographs, of the condition of your vehicle. However, it is important that you ask about all of the extra cover options that the insurer has available and then make a wise decision deciding which ones you need, and which ones you could do without. It is best to know what all of your options are even, if you do not get them when you first sign for your coverage. You can always come back and add them on if you change your mind later on down the line.

 4. Check out Your Discounts

Once you have a policy that covers your needs, you can then look for additional discounts. Many car insurers offer discounts if you are only driving a limited amount on a yearly basis, or if you are insuring multiple vehicles at once. When you are inquiring about quotes it is important to ask the insurer what special discounts or promotional offers that they may have available. By doing so you will be saving money in the end and, you will still have the proper amount of coverage that you need for your vehicle.

5. Speak in Person

The best way to arrange a quote is to give your chosen insurer a call. On the phone, you can talk through any additional requirements in person and you can make sure you are happy with what you are signing up for. Once you have agreed, it is just a case of giving a few simple details and, usually a credit card and you are ready to go. However, before you sign up to have your car covered by an insurer, make sure that have you read everything – especially the fine print – on the contract to insure that you know exactly what is considered to be covered. If you do not you could find yourself very unhappy with your plan down the line and it will be nobody’s fault but you own.

 Remember that at MotorQuoteDirect we endeavor to give you the best deal for the best policy for your vehicle, so before you buy anywhere else it is always worth giving us a call to see what we can do for you, and your car.


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