A Step By Step Blueprint For
Improving your credit, saving more, paying off debt and living life on your terms...
Enroll in the most comprehensive and knowledge packed personal finance program on the market and get a team in your corner who wants you to win!
"Working with Dominique is how we first got to the 700's and bought our family a home. Your Credit Matters!"
Ebony O.
I've years spent years perfecting my financial strategies 
I hope you're ready to reach your goals
Let's face it…sometimes getting your finances in shape is extremely difficult. 

Every day I hear the statement “I’m tired of my credit being bad and just getting by.” The reality is you were set up for failure from the start. You weren’t taught how to manage money by your parents or in school. Isn’t it funny how something so important wasn’t made a priority until you became an adult?

It’s ok, you were dealt a bad hand, but it’s what you do from this point forward which will decide if you will hit your goals or not. 

Are you up for the challenge of doing what it takes to reach your goals? Are you ready to learn how to save more, pay off debt, invest and live on purpose? 

I'm Here To Help You Win 🏆
Everyone needs a coach and mentor. 

When I first started out trying to improve my finances, I didn’t seek out a mentor or coach. I tried to do it all myself, which cost me a lot more money and time before I started making progress. 

Listen, I’m as skeptical as they come, but I also know that I don’t know everything and if someone can give me the blueprint for success I’m going to be willing to listen. 

The moment, I started to connect with people who knew more than me and were passionate about the subject I started to reach my goals faster than I could have ever done on my own. 

I have a personal stake in the success of all my students. From contact communication to my academy, you have a direct line to my team and me.
You've Basically Discovered Cheat Codes For Personal Finance
Before I tell you more about my credit improvement & financial planning program, let me ask you a few questions:
  •   Are you tired of your current situation and want a change? 
  •  Are you unsure of where to start, but know you should be doing something to improve your credit?
  •  Are you tired of paying someone elses mortage  and throwing away money on rent? 
  • ​Are you having issues budgetting and saving money?
  • ​Does it feel like no matter what you do your credit score isn't moving in the direction you want it to? 
  •   Are you tired of debt collectors calling and harrasing you?  
  •  Have you tried disputing stuff yourself with no results or hired another company who claimed they could help but couldnt?  
  • ​Are you in need of a solid step by step proven plan with accountability?
  • ​Is your credit suffering because of your past(divorce, medical, or identity theft) and you're struggling to improve it?  
  • ​Are you tried of getting told "No" or having to settle for less than you deserve?  
If you answered yes to 1 (or all!) of these questions, then I have some exciting news for you!
Throughout my career, I have helped thousands of people just like you reach their financial goals with my system. And when I was getting started, I pretty much answered yes to all of the questions above, but instead of seeking out a mentor or coach I tried to learn everything by doing it myself. Luckily, I eventually figured everything out and didn't make my situation worse, but it cost me a lot (both time and money). After figuring it all out, achieving the perfect credit score, buying a home and living life on my terms my focus is now on helping other people like you reach their goals by showing you exactly what I did for myself! 
Let's Make Sure We Are On The Same Page

There are tons of credit repair gurus in the market promising to help you get a perfect credit score in an insanely short window of time. If this is something you are looking for, then we should part ways now because I refuse to lie to you. 

My program is for people who want real and permanent results and who are willing to learn how to be financially free and dominate their finances. 

This isn't about gimmicks and tricks. I want to show you how to be financially independent, so you'll never be in your current situation ever again! 
I Noticed That Most Credit Repair Only Companies Have A Flaw...Here's How I Fixed It
The problem with credit repair only companies is that they are credit repair only! After sending off a round of letters, you're not taught in detail what's needed to be self-sufficient. Wouldn't it be great if you also learned how to budget, invest in the stock market, start a business, and build business credit as well as all you needed for homeownership while you improve your credit?

I solved the problem by creating the YFS academy!  
I've Put All Of My Knowledge Into Creating The Best Service To Help You!
There are 3 aspects of the program to help you reach your goals as quickly as possible. The things we do for you, the things we do together and the things I teach you to do on your own. With that said, personal finance is personal so with a proper system in place and dealing with your actual income and expenses I am able to assist you in what's needed to reach your goals as quickly as possible. 
You're In Great Company
Don't Just Take My Word For It
Octavia H
Cornelius W
Stanley W
Nydia G
Judith C
Greg O
 What items can you help me remove?
With our assistance and document processing, our clients have had great success with bankruptcies, foreclosures, collections, charge-offs, repossessions, medical bills, credit card debt, inquiries, late payments, old addresses, judgments, tax liens and student loans. Anything on your credit reports that are inaccurately reporting or unverifiable can legally be removed from your credit report.
When will I see results?
After the credit agencies receive the disputes that we send off on your behalf, they have 30 days to investigate. Clients usually see results in the first 30-45 days. Also, since we are providing details guidance on how to build credit and manage your money properly, the faster you implement our specific action items the faster you will get results.
How long do I have access to the Academy?
You have access to the YFS Academy as long as you're a client. 
 Do I have to be married to be in the couples plan?
Nope! You can sign up for the couple's plan with anyone. Couples just means two people. It's the same great service, but cheaper for 2 people!
 Is everything included at just one price?
Yes! I could of just did credit repair only like everyone else and made a lot of money, but that would be cheating you out of what's really needed to reach your goals. I wanted to give you exactly what's needed to reach your goals the fastest and to be honest letter sending isn't enough. 
 Why is the 1st month more expensive?
The 1st month includes a detailed credit audit. We will review your credit reports line by line to come up with disputing, credit building and finanical strategy based on your unique information. Without an audit, we can't help you get the results you deserve.
 99.99 / MONTH (after 30 days)
 Unlimited Credit Bureau Disputes
 Unlimited Debt Collector Disputes
 Unlimited Original Creditor Disputes
 Credit Education & Building
 Custom Budget Creation & Review
 Student Loan Guidance
 How To Establish Business Credit 
 How To Invest In the Stock Market Training
 How To Buy A Home Guidance
 Cancel Anytime / No Contract
 24/7 Secure Client Portal Access
 172.99 / MONTH (after 30 days)
 Unlimited Credit Bureau Disputes
 Unlimited Debt Collector Disputes
 Unlimited Original Creditor Disputes
 Credit Education & Building
 Custom Budget Creation & Review
 Student Loan Guidance
 How To Establish Business Credit 
 How To Invest In the Stock Market Training
 How To Buy A Home Guidance
 Cancel Anytime / No Contract
 24/7 Secure Client Portal Access
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