His Device Makes Him Famous

I’m curious, what the heck made you click on this article?  Oh the right.. the title.  Remember the movie Boogie Nights?  Well, “His Device Makes Him Famous” was the translation for the title.  I kid you not, that’s what the name of the movie was call in China.  That doesn’t matter now, you’re here and probably looking for some content.  Well, I’m bringing back my weekly link love posts.  I’m just going to have a bit of a twist to them this time.




If you didn’t know, I recently revealed my identity on my blog.  Yup, I’m not longer anonymous.  so if you must read one article I suggest you read 37 Things You Didn’t Know About Me.  But, if you had to read 2 more articles.  I would say read how we are buying another rental property and Six steps to getting a grip on your finances


Quote of the Day


I love quotes especially inspirational ones. They are powerful Thomas English muffins of muffins of wisdom into 1-2 lines. Whenever I read them, I get so inspired to take action.


Here is my quote of the day!


There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle. – Albert Einstein


Now that’s powerful!


Money Fact!


The U.S Department of Treasury first issued currency in 1862 to make up for a coin shortage and to finance the Civil War.  Why was there a coin shortage?  One word… Hoarders!  People when full scale A&E Hoarders back then because of the uncertainty caused by the war.  This of course caused value you to go up and down and up and down (drastically).  You see back then we had some serious gold and silver bugs.  The coins were made of gold and silver, the value didn’t change much so people wanted to keep them rather than buy items which may lose value.


Awesome Articles From Friends you need to read right now…


Below you will find the best of the best of the interwebs.  Not only are these articles amazing, they demand your attention right now.  Please, take some time to read the following articles.  They will be of use to you.  Trust me!  I stayed at a Holiday inn express last night.  I also own many leather bound books, which makes me an expert and need I say it?  Sort of a big freaking deal!

Retire by 40 updates us on how he will leave the rat race for good by updating his exit strategy and cash flow goals.  A valuable lesson can be learned here, the more you learn the more you need to update the existing plan with new information.  

Cult of Money shows us how sometimes the simple route of investing in an Roth IRA isn’t the wisest choice.  What if you have IRA conversion regret he says.. well you re-characterize it and undo your regret duh.  

Funcancials the anonymous blogger with the funny name gives us a bit more of the identity puzzle.  Hey ladies!  He’s bad at communicating, can only breathe out of one nostril, has a strong collection of watches and hopes one day his writing will lead to other opportunities.

I always wanted to speak to a mail-order bride.  You know to get their side of the story, well the closest I got was the daughter of one.  My broken coin breaks down in 3 parts.  The saga of the mail order bride.  I smell book deal!!!!!

Andrea aka sweet tea bka the most grammarily (yes I make words up) correct southern belle gives us not 1 reason but 10 reasons why job hunting sucks.

Paula who changed her identity to hide the fact that she was an assassin brought to America to teach you about personal finance (opps).  Tells us how vacations aren’t really paid.. I won’t spoil it for you but, if you ain’t the boss you don’t get a true paid vacation buddy!  Nope, your ass is getting paid in installments.

Ms. Greene tells us what the hell you won’t do when you’re addicted to debt.  Originally, I thought this article was going to be a full out assault on people who are in debt but don’t realize it.  I was prepared to read this is my Denzel Washington Training Day voice or Samuel L. Jackson Pulp Fiction voice.  I was surprised, the article took a different approach.

Carrie the tax guru and co-star of our podcast roundtable throws us into a head on collision with the Roth IRA.  She breaks it down step by step how to invest in this excellent investment vehicle.

Sheena shows you who to get a designer shoe look for a fraction of the price.  I’m sure our fashion forward frugal people wil love this article.  hint hint this one even works for you frugal finance guys looking to get their frugal lady friend a stylish shoe.


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Need articles?  Contact me via email at yourfinancessimplified @ gmail . com.  I am a staff writer for many PF bloggers.  I can make your writing pain go away.



 Send me an email with the article you want me to include in my next link love.  I’ll read it and throw it in the awesome post section if it’s awesome post worthy.



  • Thanks for the link love, my friend! 🙂

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    No problem!

  • I have to confess that a title like that will snag most people. It sure caught me.

  • YFS /

    Hahaha… You have a dirty mind

  • His Device Makes Him Famous…

    I’m curious, what the heck made you click on this article? Oh the right.. the title. Remember the movie Boogie Nights? Well, “His Device Makes Him Famous” was the translation for the title. I kid you not, that’s what the name of the movie was call in C…

  • Okay, I am sorry but, this post is hilarious. I love Boogies Nights and I had no idea about that title translation! Had a legitimate chuckle, so thank you 🙂

  • YFS /

    Boogie nights was indeed a great movie. I didn't think it could get any better until I came across the Chinese translation of the title. Epic

  • I loved that quote from Einstein. His wisdom is timeless. I also like the way you add some historical facts in your post.

  • Thanks for the mention, always appreciated! I may be one of the few that hasn't seen the movie Boogie Nights. Am I missing anything?

  • YFS /

    Thanks for reading!

  • YFS /

    I don't think you would be missing anything by not watching the movie Boogie Nights.

  • Thanks for the mention!

  • Julie /

    I also came here because of the title:) And yes, I'ma dirty minded mom:)

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    hahahaha.. at least you're honest

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