How I healed my sick baby. It’s a Miracle!

As you may know I’m new to this fatherhood thing. My beautiful daughter Olivia was stubbornly born on 1/20/2013. I say stubbornly because instead of being delivered on my birthday like she was supposed to be, she decided to hold out. Now I don’t mind her holding out, but at least be a Capricorn! /le sigh..

Any way, as you may know children tend to get sick and when they do parents often feel helpless. So… I normally don’t sing, but when your kid gets a fever you have to bring out all the stops.

Before we get into my singing. Here are few pictures of Olivia at 3 months. Wow time flys!

Olivia3 Olivia2 Olivia1


Here is a picture of me acting crazy before work 🙂



Here is a picture of Mrs. Brown and I.


Here is a video of me singing to Olivia to alleviate her fever. Forgive me, I am a bit rusty and I did the best I could.


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  • Danica /

    Love it! You have an amazing voice, Dom. This video inspired me to record the usual morning sing-song time with my son after his breakfast. I posted it on Facebook. Olivia is SUCH a cutie! I love the smiles she gave you as you sang to her. So precious! Cherish those!

  • Thank you Danica, but that wasn’t me singing. I was just being silly to get a laugh.

  • Babies do love to be sung and it somehow make them feel good. You are such one amazing dad Dominique.

  • Thank you.. She makes me a better man

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