I have joined the Yakezie Challenge!

I thought it would be fitting that my first post would be to say I’m joining the Yakezie Alexa Ranking Challenge.  Since I’m joining this challenge that swift kick I talked about in our little introduction within the Aboutsection won’t be coming anytime soon (hopefully).  Essentially I’m pledging to do the following:


  1. Install the Alexa tool bar and let a group of my peers know so they can keep track of my progress.
  2. Write consistently and at least 2 times per week.  Good because my goal is 5x a week.
  3. Install the Yakezie Challenger BadgeDone!
  4. Announce on my blog that I have joined the challenge – Done!
  5. Promote others like no other.  I’m kind of doing that see my blog roll to the right.  But I step it up!
  6. Introduce myself on the Yakezie Challengers Forum.  Shouldn’t be too much of a problem.  I’m a social person after all.
  7. Be the two C’s.  Commitment and consistency. I have to commit for 6 months.  After reading some of the other bloggers achievements after completing the Yakezie Challenge I’m ready to commit for a year!
  8. The big update occurs after 6 month’s.  I have to let my peers know how far I’ve come via a forum and email update.  But I’ll do them one better and post monthly progress reports on my blog.  After all, it wouldn’t be fair to you if I didn’t include you in my goals.
  9. Once that is all and said and done.  If I break 200k in Alexa I get an opportunity to submit a form and write a Yakezie Member Post to become an official member.


  Talk about pressure.  Well as they say.  Pressure bursts pipes, but it also makes diamonds.  Time to shine baby.  Time to shine!.




  • Welcome to the Challenge! See you around the Yakezie.com forums and in the comments perhaps!

    Best, Sam

  • YFS /


    Thanks for hosting the challenge. See you around!

  • Welcome to the challenge. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me!

  • YFS /


    Thank you for the invite. I will definitely seek your guidance in the future!

  • Welcome. Best of luck with the challenge. I am looking foreward to getting to know you in the forums and as you comment more on my site. Trust me, you are going to literally fall in love with the Yakezie network. It is amazing and it is full of amazing people.

  • YFS /

    Thank you Miss T,

    You're right I do love Yakezie already. Where else can you find a list of personal finance blogs all in one spot.

    Thank you for the comment!

  • Welcome to the challenge. Just keep promoting your blog via guest posts + link building and you'll see some traffic in no time!

  • YFS /

    Thanks Kevin,

    Will do!

  • welcome to the challenge YFS, you'll love the progress you're going to make

  • YFS /


    Thank you for the warm welcome and the motivation!

  • Welcome. Yakezie is a great place to be. I am still a challenger, but if you need anything, just shoot me an email. Good luck and prepare to be amazed.

  • YFS /

    Thank you! I will certainly ask if I need any help

  • Good luck with the challenge. You've come to the right place! Create quality content, be active in forums, comment on other blogs, and ask plenty of questions. Nice quote about pressure and diamonds!

  • YFS /

    Thank you for commenting and providing your well wishes Buck!

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