I was asked to teach two personal finance classes!

Let me just tell you guys, I’m excited. I’ve been teaching several personal finance classes classes in D.C. for the Capital Area Asset Builders(CAAB) organization for the last 2 years. If they would allow me to teach all 5 classes I would.

It’s Just like freebies at Costco or Wegmans….

To me this is like Costco or Wegmans, having your favorite snack on one of those free displays. You just want to have them all, but you must let others try the treats out.

But, I’m not going to fret, I’m just glad I was called back to teach again. So, what classes am I teaching?

Well.. I’m teaching “The Art of Budgeting” and “ Take Charge of Your Credit”. These are two topics I know very very well. I am going to be able to infuse some of my personal and client based, triumphs and mishaps to get my point across.

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For example, in the art of budgeting class, I’m going to talk about how we were have to save a ton of money by categorizing our budget correctly. And for the take charge of your credit class, I going specify how I repaired a friend’s credit by properly using the FDCRA and knowing the statute of limitations laws.

Is Public Speaking Your Number #1 Fear?

You know what’s crazy? Each class/seminar is 1 hour long! According to most studies, people’s number 1 fear is public speaking. Well not this guy, I thrive in presentations and when it’s a topic I’m passionate about I always always go over my time limit. I get so pumped up to talk money, it’s not even funny. It gives me the same testosterone boost as working out or competing in a critical moment in sports.

My Goals Are…

My main goal in these seminars will be too, connect with the audience, be entertaining and most importantly be concise. To achieve this goal, I will practice my presentation a few times in front of my camera.. deliberate practice, it’s the only way to actually get better at something.

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The budgeting class will be taught on June 9th and the Credit Class will be taught on June 16th. Both classes will start promptly at 10am. These two classes are apart of CAAB’s Money Management 101 workshop series. Essentially, money management 101 is a 5 part series which covers the basics of money management. Classes are offered on Saturday mornings or Tuesday Evenings a there 1444 I Street, D.C. location.

You can check out more about CAAB here

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