What is Your Idea of Financial Freedom?

The other week we sent out an email asking our readers what their idea of financial freedom is. I started the ball rolling with my answer.

To me financial freedom means the ability to pay for everything I need and the ability to buy the things that I want (within reason). So, for me, that means the ability to easily pay all of the bills as well as contribute to my savings accounts, investment accounts, etc.

Additionally, financial freedom is the ability to go on a vacation and not worry about money. This isn’t to say that I want to go on a vacation and buy everything I see but that I want to be confident and able to purchase dinners, tickets, souvenirs, etc. without wincing or mentally running figures in my head.

Some of our readers responded as well. Here are their thoughts.

Marcus at VictoryEveryWear says:
My idea of financial freedom is to be able to take care of everything I need to (the bills, food & clothes for my kid, etc.), while at the same time setting my kid (not me) up for financial success in the future (savings, investments, etc.). For me, it also means being able to fund the things needed for my business (VictoryEveryWear), without dipping into my kid’s financial future. Not to mention being able to enjoy all this world has to offer (vacations, nice things, etc.) when necessary (meaning not all the time).

I believe this concept does exist, and that it is meant for, not only those born into wealth but for me too. And I look forward to the day when I will be a part of the Financially Free! After all, isn’t that what VictoryEveryWear (victory everywhere – notice the play on words – lol) is all about?
Stephanie says:
My idea of financial freedom:
  • Paying tithes with no worry of issues in other areas
  • No debt (including student loans, credit card balance carry-over, car loans)
  • Being able to pay all household and other bills with one check and saving the rest
  • Travel budgeted into to regular expenses without having to scrimp and cut back on other things
  • Contributing to nephews’ college funds/savings accounts
  • Helping family back home (Jamaica)
  • Knowing that I have saved enough to comfortably retired
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  • Pol Espanola /

    Financial freedom is not about being rich or having a lot of money more than enough to provide for needs and acquire numerous wants, but being able to live the life one chooses, and give money away freely without having to worry about it.

  • Freedom Father /

    “Financial freedom is not about being rich or having a lot of money, more than enough to provide for needs and acquire numerous wants, but being wealthy, able to live the life that one chooses and help others in need without having to work for money or worry about it.” – Freedom Father, Dec. 6, 2013

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