So I’m on twitter doing what I do, networking and just getting my tweet on when I notice that an ultra popular, super wealthy and wildly successful entertainment couple has delivered their child.


At first I didn’t care.  I figure people have babies everyday who cares.  Their child has no bearing on my life so I don’t really care.  But then I noticed something.  I noticed the name of the child in a few of the tweets.   At first  I’m thinking. “That has to be a joke” and “That’s not the real name”   But the twitter sphere was being real consistent and is known for rooting out bull crap really fast.  At this moment I am convinced that this ultra popular, super wealthy and wildly successful entertainment couple has named their child poorly.


The Turning Point    


My indifference turned into disgust.  I can’t keep shaking the feeling that they have done a huge injustice to their audience and fans.  Despite being your own person, you two are role models to millions of people.  These two people have so much influence on our youth that I wanted them to live up to that roll.  They failed me, failed you and failed their fans.


The celebrity couple I am referring to is Jay-z aka Sean Carter and Beyonce Knowles.   Their collective talent, success and influence are so significant I can’t even quantify it.


So, knowing you have tremendous influence you name your daughter


“Blue Ivy Carter”


That needs to repeated 3x in a row.   Blue Ivy Carter, Blue Ivy Carter, Blue Ivy Carter.   Maybe if I say it 3x it will have an opposite beetlejuice effect.


Instead of showing up when I say it. Maybe it will disappear and a better name will appear.




I guess it doesn’t matter when you’re an ultra rich celebrity what you name your child.  But come on guys!  I hope this is a fucking joke.  Please tell me twitter got it wrong this time and this is a hoax.   I really wish you guys chose a normal name.


Now every freaking Beyonce and Jay-Z stan (fan that is crazy) will name his or her child after a color or a plant.  The reason why I say stan is because of Eminem’s amazing song “stan” where he had a fan so crazy that he thought his life was Eminem’s life.  It’s a really good song and very true.


Look what Drake’s stan did to herself all for the love of the Canadian entertainer.



Yes that’s a real fucking tattoo.  Can you believe that shit?


Now let’s measure Drake’s influence over people compared to Beyonce and Jay-z… with my quick head math, I estimate Jay-yonce’s (Beyonce + Jay-z name combo) influence to be about 10000000000 x more effective.


So, what do I expect to come from this?


Tons of crazy people will name their newborns after a color; have a middle name of a weird plant and a generic last name.   Here are a few combinations of color plus plant name combinations:


Malachite                         Sneezewort-Yarrow          Smith


Camboge                          Monkey-Puzzle-Tree         Johnson


Fallow                              Devil’s-Walkingstick          Williams


Falu-red                          Turkey-Corn                        Jones


Arsenic                            Kangaro-Paws                    Brown


Feldgrau                         Butter-and-Eggs                 Davis


United-Nations-Blue   Hens-and-Chicks               Miller


Xanadu                           Lambsquarters                   Wilson


Caput-Mortuum           Cheeseweed-Mallow          Moore


Last but not least my favorite color and plant name combo.


I can’t wait till someone has a baby and names it:


Razzmatazz                    Hooded-Skullcap            Jenkins


Blue Ivy Carter will be born a millionaire. She will never have to work if she doesn’t want to and if she does work her name won’t matter because of her connections.  I would say she is limited in her line of work.  She definitely cannot join any traditional lines of employment (engineer, lawyer, doctor or politician) unless she changes that name.  She will most likely work in the entertainment industry of some sort.  She will probably inherit Jay-z music empire.


My Fears!


I really fear that “normal” people as in people who will ultimately have to work for someone else to earn a living that will think they can name their child anything and have a fair shake.  The ultra rich can get away with naming their kids after anything they want and that’s because their kids don’t have to work for someone else to survive.


There is a lot of meaning in a name.  I love the piece done by freakonomics concerning names.


Your name can keep you from getting a job!


Your name can determine your success!


There have been countless studies done on names. I can assure you none of the names are combinations of colors and plants. If you can find one weird or odd name on the list please let me know!


A study that I find particularly not surprising was the data mining conducted by LinkedIN on the names of the CEOs. LinkedIn is probably a perfect place to conduct this study. Many professions flock to LinkedIN willingly so they have millions of names to analyze. Here is a link to LinkedIN’s Top CEO Names across the globe.


I understand your desire to be creative plays a huge part in the baby naming process. But you have to realize your child has to live with it not you. So I beg of you. Please do not follow the path of Jay-z and Beyonce or any celebrity whose child will be sheltered from the world.


Readers Thoughts?


Do you think Jay-z and Beyonce choose a poor name for their child?


What do you consider a successful first name for a child?


What is your opinion of the videos posted above?


If you hear a unique first name where you more likely or less likely to associate with them?


What is your opinion of your own first name? Do you feel it gives you an advantage or disadvantage in life?





  • HA! I head something about the couple giving birth and immediately tuned it out. However, I'm not sure that having a unique name is so bad, so long as it is pronounceable! Having a name that stands out make you easily recognizable, but having a name that is so far out there like the Zappa or Phoenix clans only leads to ridicule and torment as a kid, which no one should want for their children. But, if you look at what resulted in adulthood, I doubt anyone who thinks of Dwezil would immediately go to Dwezil Zappa (given the fact they are old enough to know who he is).

  • Oh my…you gave me quite a morning laugh with your name combinations. Maybe I should grab a box of crayons and head to my nearest plant nursery. I'll bet I could have enough material to write a baby name book within a few hours.

    I can't say that my name has caused any advantages or disadvantages. Although it rhymes with "ham" so I was usually worked into "Green Eggs and Ham" rhymes in elementary school.

  • It may be unusual, but it could have the opposite effect and help the child stand out. Maybe even give birth to a performer lifestyle. Obviously, I would go for a more common name for my child, but to each their own.

  • YFS /

    I think this depends on your starting point. If you're already a billionaire from birth and in a certain circle then no you name doesn't matter. But, if you're not born wealthy and have to work for it you open your child up to the prejudice and stereotypes of people. Tons of studies have been conducted on names and the evidence is overwhelming in favor of "normal" names.

  • YFS /

    Pam that would be an amazing book! I would certainly buy it just for the laughs. Your name may rhyme with ham but when people her Pam or Pamela at least you're not at a disadvantage over the names Elizabeth, Mary or Susan.

    Did you check out the videos? In the book and movie freakonomics they cover names. Really revealing stuff.

  • YFS /

    Corey are you referring to Blue IVY and the celebrity situation or are you referring to unique names for "normal" folks?

    Blue Ivy is fine and dandy for Jay-z and Beyonce. The kid will be a billionaire by time she is 2. She will be set for life regardless of what she does.

    I'm with you my future child will definitely have a more common name. Check out the videos and the research links I provided within the posts.

    My fear is that normal everyday folks will think this is acceptable for their child. No bueno. These people do not realize that a name is a very big deal in society. We live and operate with people and perception is definitely a factor in forming relationships. Why start with your kid working up a hill?

  • I think the name is actually Ivy Blue Carter, no? I don't see a problem with it *shrug* Together that couple is worth close to a billion dollars. I dont think she will have nary a problem doing whatever she wants haha

    Now to your freakanomics commentary? Yes. Your name will preclude you from being considered for positions should it conjure up a certain image even before the hiring manager has met you.

  • YFS /

    A couple of sources have confirmed it being Blue Ivy Carter. I agree with your point and even specify within the post that this particular child will be ok with a cray name.

    She will most likely never have to work a day in her life and go on to live a life of running a non profit doing good around the world.

    My problem is regular joes thinking this is ok and following them into the odd baby name arena.

  • I don't think Ivy is all that bad of a name. It's certainly better than the one I was given; at least people can spell and pronounce it. Having an unusual name has not prevented me from getting a job. At all. It's more often than not been a conversation starter.

    On the other hand, Blue is an atrocity. While better than some celebrity children names (Nicholas Cage and Jason Lee, I'm looking at you), it's still awful. As you point out, her parents' names and money will make it so she never has to go through the whole application process for a job like regular people; it'll never be an issue for her. Maybe with her classmates, but never with an employer.

  • The rich and famous play by a different rule and they name their kid whatever they want. Many names are cutting edge and are adopted by the masses later. Paris Hilton, etc….

    Blue Ivy is not that bad.

    She can always change her name later if she'd like.

  • "But you have to realize your child has to live with it not you." Exactly. Mind you sometimes even with 'straight' names I do wonder what parents are thinking of – particularly when they give all their family names with the same initial. Whose bank statement is that?

    There is a comedian in the UK called Jasper Carrot. He is quite funny in a very dry British way. He once commented that if he had a daughter, he would call her Henrietta.

    Anyone with the handle awarded by the likes of Beyonce and JayZ (did their parents really call them that at birth?) will if they have any intelligence at all change it once they reach the age of majority of course. If they don't, they are stupid – rich yes but stupid. QED.

  • It is a risk for sure. It could work out either way but as parent do you want to put your child in that position. I don't have kids yet but I do want them to have unique names but not so unique where people scratch their heads. To me that is no way to grow up.

    Let's not forget the food fad that celebs had where kids were named "apple" or "cocoa" or "chicklet".

  • YFS /

    I don't even think she will have a problem with her classmates. She will most likely go to an elite private school or have the best teachers in the world home school her. I just hope normal people don't follow this phase.

  • YFS /

    Joe you're absolutely right that the rich and famous play by a different set of rules. It's the adopting by the masses later piece that I'm afraid of.

    Blue Ivy isn't bad but wait until people start with their derivatives of the name.

    Blue Ivy will turn into:

    Bleu Eye-V

    Blu – IV


    I could go on for days…

  • YFS /


    The crazy thing is Jay-z real name is Sean Carter. Sean isn't spelled the traditional way but it's not bad. I can't speak for Beyonce. Her parents gave her a name that was within their family. But, you see how she is an entertainer. She was an entertainer from birth.

    I highly doubt Blue will change her name. She will be a billionaire and probably run a non-profit doing good around the world. This family is ultra rich now they will want their legacy to last and the only way to do that is to give a lot!

  • YFS /

    Miss T,

    Someone named their child Chicklet? hahahah… oh gosh.. why?

  • Neo /

    I agree with most of the opinions above, this will not be a big problem for baby Blue in terms of money. The toughest thing she will have to deal with is living in the shadow of two superstars and not being called by her name at all: She might be called "Beyonce's kid" for the rest of her life…

  • YFS /

    Being known as Beyonce's kid isn't such a shabby life. Regardless of what she does in her life she will be hated and loved by the masses. I tell you one thing, she has one hell of a financial head start.

  • Neo /

    And a standard issue drug problem

  • YFS /

    Ouch.. No way she goes that route I can't even fathom it. I can see how that would hurt as a parent. Your only child a drug addict. yikes

  • Wow, I guess it really depends on how you look at things, huh? First of all, Beyonce herself has a unique name, and when you grow up with a unique name, you learn a lot about people. I can just see her in her first grade class, where some impatient teacher is going through roll call, and she gets to her: "Beh-ance? B-once? Hmm, like 11 in Spanish? Oh I give up!" and Beyonce the whole time just wants to shout out "Present!" and get the whole thing over with. But eventually, she grows to love her name, and she's amused by the way some people are warm and accepting of her unique name, while others immediately want to dismiss it as "silly". She knows it's part of who she is and she would never change it to a "normal" name for anything.

    Second, what the heck is normal? What about those of us who have foreign names, names you've never heard of before, which mean beautiful things in our language and yet you think we're "weird" because our name isn't "normal" enough for you?? I will NEVER name my kids a normal name, I promise you that.

    I know where you were going on this post, and I get that sometimes celebrities take their unique names too far, but I don't like the idea that we are judging what's normal and what's not. If there is one thing I know, it's that you don't have to be normal to be happy!

  • YFS /

    I don't think Blue Ivy will have to worry about roll call in school. She won't attend a traditional school. She will join a elite private school or be home schooled by the finest tutors in the world. She definitely will be 100% ok in my opinion.

    What I mean by a "normal" name is a traditional name. For example. Solange Knowles, Beyonce's Sister named her son Daniel Juelz Smith. Celebrities seem to get a free pass in the name department.

    "What about those of us who have foreign names, names you’ve never heard of before, which mean beautiful things in our language and yet you think we’re “weird” because our name isn’t “normal” enough for you??

    I completely understand that some names are cultural and very beautiful I do not doubt that one bit. What I am saying is your name has a bearing on how people perceive you. Despite what people think our society is based on perceptions and stereotypes. So, if a person has a name which is significant of their culture or family but not traditional to the culture in which they will ultimately interact there could be unintended consequences. A good example is the two videos I posted above. Countless studies have been conducted on baby names and life and job outcomes.

    If there is one thing I know, it’s that you don’t have to be normal to be happy!

    I agree!

  • Thanks for the response. I knew what you were getting at, I just had to throw in my two cents. I like this part of your comment "there could be unintended consequences". That is so true about everything in life!!

  • OK, one last thing, I think that that Freakonomics study did not actually indicate that the unique NAME was an indicator of future success/failure, but rather that the black community was more likely on average to choose unique names for their children, and the demographics of that community, unfortunately, was one of lower education and economic status. I am pretty sure that the conclusion of that video is not that the unique name was a cause of future success or failure, but its correlation with lower socioeconomic conditions.

  • YFS /

    No problem. I definitely value your opinion and love when people share it with me on my blog especially if we have different points of view.

  • YFS /

    The video showed a study that was done where tow applicants who have the same exact qualifications apply for the same job. The only difference is the name. The results were the resume's with the least ethnic or black names were called back at a much higher clip than the resumes with black or unique names.

  • Ah, the old question of "what's in a name?"

    Well, was we know, perception is reality sometimes. People can and do judge based on names, fair or not. And my view that it's not fair. But, as we know, life isn't always fair. It is what it is, right?

  • YFS /

    It's not fair to judge a book by a cover or a person by a name yet people do it. Knowing this information I think a non celebrity should take great care and selecting their child's name.

  • Rosemary, Rose, Heather, Ivy are just 4 examples of first plant names, many names probably seemed weird at one point and a way to stop our kids passing judgements on names is to not pass judgement on them ourselves.

    It doesn't matter what your name is, if you bring a kid up with individual flair and energy to be themselves then they will flourish in many cases. Someone has to start breaking the mould.

    Too many people stick to the straight path because that is what is expected but you need families and people to break out. I'm sure Blue has been used as a name a million times, I have heard of people called Red and Marillion before which are both colour based names.

    The kid will be fine and with that name even if they were from a normal family even if the stuck up parents at school scoffed at it the other kids would be ok for the most part. If your kid is brought up right they will embrace their name, after all what is wrong with Blue? Sounds like a fine name to me.

    Kids will pick on anything though, I got picked on for having the last name Parks? I probably picked on other kids for being called rather generic names at a young age.

    That is just my take on it :).

  • I don't think Blue Ivy will have to worry about any ill effects from her bizarro name. She'll grow up with every advantage (including a nursery that's bigger than my house!) and will never realize that her name sounds like a plant on Harry Potter.

  • Baby names need to pass the brass pole test.

    Would the name be more appropriate announced over a stripper stage or emblazoned on a CEO's office door?

  • YFS /

    I agree. Blue Ivy will be fine.

    What do you think if a non celebrity named their child Blue Ivy or another variant of a non traditional name?

    Do you think the results would the same?

    What is your opinion of the freakonomics videos and linked in Top CEO names?

    Should a parent take a bit more caution when choosing a first name of their child?

  • YFS /

    lol at brass pole test.

    Would you say that celebrity names are except from the brass pole test?

  • YFS /

    It doesn’t matter what your name is, if you bring a kid up with individual flair and energy to be themselves then they will flourish in many cases. Someone has to start breaking the mould.

    I do not agree with this statement. If we lived in a society without perception, prejudice and stereotype then I would agree but unfortunately we don't. Everyone doesn't get a fair shake based on personality, skills or talent. The first thing a hiring manager sees is your name. One of the freakonomics videos tested this theory. They sent out similar resumes to the same employers and the only thing they changed was the name. Those with African American names or unique names were called into a interview at less frequency than a person with a more traditional name. So no matter how good, talented or amazing the person with the unique name was they didn't even get a shot to display their talents because of the perception of their name.

    Studies were also conducted on Barack Obama's name and how candidates made sure to say his entire name "Barack Hussien Obama" to stir up a bit of controversy and play on the perceptions of people.

    Kids will pick on anything though, I got picked on for having the last name Parks? I probably picked on other kids for being called rather generic names at a young age.

    I agree Kids are just mean. They are awesome and jerks at the same time. They have no filter so they typically will say what's on their mind.

    So are you saying that if a non-celebrity decided to name their child blue ivy they would have equal chances against someone name Elizabeth?

  • I think a kid called Blue would do just fine.

    Barack Hussein Obama is the President of the United States of America, his name didn't stop him from getting there even though at times it could have caused some problems. Calling a kid Adolf, Saddam, Osama is probably a bad idea if born in USA at this time I will admit that. All though Lucifer is a beautiful name and a beautiful latin word, meaning bearer or bringer of light, that is probably a tough call too (and is illegal in some countries).

    However I do think this need to be fought, you are looking at data from now and I think this next generation of kids have a better shot with wilder names because more kids are getting more random names…. I have been a boss and I NEVER considered the name when bringing people in for interview. Bosses have racist views the data says and that needs to be beaten out somehow, Bosses found to have these prejudices should not be in such a position. Laying down and conforming because it is the easier option simply isn't acceptable.

    Call your kids whatever name you like and bring them up with love and confidence and they will succeed.

  • YFS /

    It's hard to fight subtle prejudice/racism/perception it's not physical or blatant. I agree with you that regardless of your child's name you should bring them up with love and confidence. Love and confidence is part of the success equation unfortunately a few things are out of the parents control after the naming process.

    But knowing that we live in a society based on perceptions and stereotypes do you name your child something unique or do you choose a more traditional name which could alleviate name prejudice?

  • […] Your Finances Simplified sparks a great discussion with If You Want Your Child To Be Successful, Don’t Do This!  […]

  • Our discussion is getting very circular…. 🙂

  • It won't matter because they have enough money, connections and businesses that the child will never have to worry.

    Do names matter? In most cases, but it is usually the rich who have these odd names.

  • YFS /

    I wish only the rich had odd names then everything would be ok. Check out the two videos I posted.

  • Eric /

    If you are a gazillionaire couple, I don't think it matters all that much. However, for the average person that will have a boss someday, it is important to have some level of respect and conformity. You also want to save your kid from torment in elementary school.

  • Ivy Blue or Blue Ivy… It's not too bad… Believe me, I heard much worse names before.

  • besides….names can always be changed when the kid grows up.

  • I think JZ (Who I have danced for before) made a HUGE mistake… Blue is so 2011 and Ivy gives me the itchy.

  • Arsenic? Haha. I personally think that Blue Ivy can sound nice, but Ivy can also have negative connotations such as "poison ivy". I also don't like it with the "Carter" at the end.

    Changing names is also not that easy… in many places you need special judicial permission.

  • I'll name myself paint thinner if I can be their kid! In all seriousness it's definitely crazy. Maybe they were following in the footsteps of another well known artist – and going for a "Boy Named Sue" sort of long-term motivation.

  • Great post, bad name. Small price to pay for the privileges that child will enjoy though. Love your names too, I'm considering using one 🙂

  • Marissa /

    I maybe in the minority, but I like that name. Its different and creative. And in all reality that kid will never have make a resume or apply for a job. I may be biased tho, since I have a friend named Ivy.

    In all fairness, its a name. Its unique and may just become socially acceptable after this. How many of our names where "normal" when they were first used. The kid is a few days and we are already commenting on her name just for the sake of writing something about it. Why are people wasting their time writing about this, since it really doesn't make any difference in our lives.

    I would rather have my kid have an interesting, and creative name that stands out, rather then whatever the flavour of month name is.

    Sorry for the rant. I will get off my soapbox now. 🙂

  • YFS /

    I agree.. the average person cannot pull this off at all. I wouldn't even want to think about elementary school

  • YFS /

    I think we all have heard worst especially from the celebrity pool. The problem is the trend which could occur with average people and their derivatives of the name.

  • YFS /

    No problem about the rant. I specified within my post that this kid will be ok. My point was catering to the average person making baby name mistakes. Ample evidence was provided via the Top CEO names, 2 videos and another link discussing unique child names.

    "The Kid is a few days old and we are already commenting on her name just for the sake of writing something about it"

    This post was to draw a correlation of names and success, stereotypes and perceptions. The ultra celebrity couple naming their child Blue Ivy was just icing and drove some of my points

  • YFS /

    LOL.. yea who wouldn't want to be their child

  • YFS /

    I highly doubt this kid will even get teased. Your parents are rock stars.. Hell I bet the first tabloid pictures of the baby will spin off a new baby clothing crazy. This kid can wear her shoes on the wrong feet in high school and it will probably be the new fad. I just hope to the heavens she is talented in some for of art.. it would be weird if she wasn't musically inclined

  • YFS /

    I was trying to be as creative as possible and find the weirdest colors/plants I could find. The freakonomics study showed that at the names go through generation cycles they get more and more unique. I did my best lol

  • YFS /

    Who you danced for before? LOL details please sir

  • YFS /

    I doubt Blue IVY would have to or would even think of changing her name. As I mentioned her name is fine for her. Now the non-celebrity who tries to be creative might find their selves with some unintended consequences similar to the gents in the video.

    Why would you change your name if you didn't know that your were being judged / perceived by society as someone with a different name? The prejudice and stereotyping is not blatant is subtle but the impact is rather large

  • The dumb name thing is really annoying. It's just a selfish move on the part of the parents to attract attention or make a statement and ends up screwing up the kid later in life. They'll end up changing their name, using an alias or whatever; why not just give them a normal name and avoid the issues later in life? I thought being a parent was about being self-less.

  • Andrea /


  • Andrea /

    I don't mind the name Ivy, or Carter… but Blue? Eh, what were they thinking!

    I have a little bit of experience with the naming-debacle. I'm from the Netherlands where my name isn't extremely common, but it's heard of (I just looked it up, there were 6 others girls born in my birthyear with the same name in a country of 14.5million people at the time.) It's not an odd name but I've had some difficulty with it living in a rural setting in easter canada… finding my first job here was HARD. I was immediately judged on my name because it was obvious I was 'from away'. I'm so used to spelling it out now for people that it's second nature to me. While I like having a name that's a little more unique (around here, not at home) it's also been frustrating at times, very frustrating.

  • Andrea /

    fyi; my name isn't andrea, but it looks like it a little bit! :p

  • YFS /

    All good points sir. I agree.

  • YFS /

    I didn't get the Blue either. It's definitely interesting.

    Sorry to hear that you were victim of name perception 🙁

  • YFS /

    Now you have me curious.. spill the beans what is it?

  • Perhaps "Apple Ivy Carter" might have been more appropriate.

  • YFS /

    Not a fan of fruit first names either.

    Do you think tons of young people will follow their path and choose a unique and unconventional name?

  • LT /

    OMG! Thank you for this! I had such a hard time naming my own daughter b/c I didn’t want her name to be too old fashioned, but didn’t want it to be classified as ghetto either. In the end I opted for a Hawaiian name. I think more uneducated people will begin to name their children by this 'fuckery' and it is a shame. I say if it is easy to pronounce and looks good on paper, you’re ok. There are lots of people whose name looks good on paper but it is something completely different. This will get them over, because they can adapt to the situation. Also, if people have jacked up first names, hopefully they can get by with a standard middle name. This way they can at least switch it up. By the way, Ivy is fine for a name IMO. Blue is what messes it all up.

    Hopefully this idea of name profiling will change some as we progress. A lot of unconventional names are becoming more common.

    When I was a teen I worked at a museum and one day when giving a tour, I met twin girls. One named Ashley and the other Ash-a-lee! WTH was her mother thinking?!

    *supposedly the Blue is b/c that’s Jay's favorite color and Blueprint being his most successful albums…..

  • YFS /

    If you have a jacked up first name and a standard middle name that's awkward as hell. People typically call you your first name. I know for a fact that hiring managers look at first and last name.

    I don't mind celebrities naming their kids unique names it's the regular people who will be judged extremely harsh by our society who have to worry about names.

    LOL at naming your kid your favorite color .. smh

  • LT /

    If your middle name is standard you can always post that and your last name on your resume. I work w/ a Raquan who goes by Nate (his middle name). It works because people will call you by your aliases. Just make sure the check has your official name.

    Like plenty have said celebs can get away w/ that crazy stuff b/c they dont have to put in a resume anywhere.

    If I ever have a son, we're gonna name him Aqua because my husband is an aquarius and his fav color is blue & i'm a water sign. *take that- take that* (in my puffy voice)

  • YFS /

    No the hell you're not! Aqua! my foot lol


    So I’m on twitter doing what I do, networking and just getting my tweet on when I notice that an ultra popular, super wealthy and wildly successful entertainment couple has delivered their child. At first I didn’t care. I figure people have babies ever…

  • Andrea /

    Arenda, looks the same when you glance at it!

  • Edward Antrobus III /

    I have a cousin Elvis. So yeah, there are definately parents who are that dumb. Of course, when I have a son, I'm naming him after myself. But instead of having a 5th person at family get-togethers who answers to "Ed," I'm going to call him Four.

  • My real name is Bluebell Foxtrot Average Josephat.

    That's all I'm sayin'

  • YFS /


  • YFS /

    Four sounds much cooler than Ed. There is an artist who named her child seven. Not sure why but she did it.

  • Here's a fact I'm announcing on the blogosphere for the first time: the name on my birth certificate isn't "Paula." (I was born in Nepal … there's a low likelihood that I would be given such an Anglo-Saxon name). The name on my birth certificate is Pragya. My parents and I had my name legally changed after years of hearing people say "Huh? What? Prego? Pregnant?"

    My parents were of the opinion that my likelihood of success in the U.S. would be higher if they changed my name to something that Americans can easily understand, remember and pronounce. They themselves stuck with their "original" names, but I was young enough that they felt they could change my name without any major consequence.

  • YFS /

    You parents were smart and right on track. Unfortunately, Americans deal with tons of stereotypes and what a person associates your name with mentally when they hear it is a huge barrier to some relationships. Now, once you meet a person and show them who you are the early stereoptypes/thoughts go away. But, the problem is some situations your name is the only thing they see or hear. What if they don't like your name? You don't get that interview or that option to prove yourself.

    Also, nice to meet you Pragya my name is Dominique.

  • We definitely need to make choices based on REALITY and not the way we WISH society was. So, it's obvious that child is going to have a difficult time in life even if we WISH that "names didn't matter" or that people didn't actually "judge a book by it's cover." They do. We don't like it, we work to change it, but until reality changes, we still have to live with it.

    Plus, seriously – it's a silly name.

  • AverageJoe /

    They chose a good name.

    Love, Average Zodiac Amethyst Joe
    My recent post In Defense of Financial Advisor Fees

  • URFinanceSimple /

    Yea, that's a good name for an ultra rich celebrity. Not such a good name for a commoner.

  • Saffron /

    What brought me to this page is that I recently got asked after revealing my name…”and is that your real name”?

    Um yes.

    It’s saffron by the way. Nuff said…

    Named after a colour!

    :/ 😛

  • Freakonomics did a great study on this – it’s tricky to determine if the effect of having a unique name effecting success is correlation or causation. Lower socio-economic families are more likely to choose an unconventional name for their children, but they are also more likely to grow up in single parent families, attend poorly performing schools and a whole host of other issues which could effect success.

    That said, I know I would think twice before hiring someone named Arsenic Kangaro-Paws Brown!

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