Inexpensive Ideas for Christmas Gifts

While many of you have your Christmas shopping completed, I know that some of you haven’t even started yet. You might not have had the time yet, or you might simply be strapped for cash. Fortunately for you, there are loads of ideas out there when it comes to inexpensive Christmas gifts. Check out these cool ideas from other personal finance bloggers to learn how you can save money on your Christmas gifts this year.

Prairie Eco-Thrifter

Have you ever heard of upcycling? Even if you have, you should check out this neat article from the Prairie Eco-Thrifter. It’s full of ideas on how to take common household objects that you no longer need and turn them into fun, unique gifts for your friends and family.

Frugal Confessions

Over at Frugal Confessions, you can find cute and easy homemade gift ideas. This article focuses on homemade gifts that people will actually use!

Money Under 30

At Money Under 30, you can find 53 inexpensive gift ideas. Many of these are not homemade gifts (for those of you who aren’t crafty), and you can simply go out and buy these items.

My Dollar Plan

Still searching for more inexpensive gifts that you can buy? My Dollar Plan has another dozen ideas.

My Personal Finance Journey

At My Personal Finance Journey you can find general tips on how to save money when you are shopping for your Christmas gifts this year. For example, she suggests getting together with friends and family to draw names so that you don’t have to buy gifts for everyone.

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And You?

What is your favorite gift to give? How do you save money on gifts during the holidays? Let us know!



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