Is Private School Better Than Public School

I can breathe a sigh of relief.

Childcare for our love bug isn’t as bad as I thought. It’s Only 1k per month. Look at me talking all “rich” by saying only 1k per month. First world problems eh?

However, my original estimate was for childcare was 2k per month. I’m not sure why I thought my it was so expensive, but I rather over estimate than underestimate.

On that note. I completely understand why people just roll their kid right into private school when their kid becomes school age.

My logic is, If you’re paying 12k per year for someone to watch your kid another 3k per year isn’t that bad. Hell, kids go to school around 4 or 5. You have 4 years of shelling out 1k per month. You kind of get used that money not being there.

With that said, that doesn’t mean private school is the best option. Especially, when you have a free option available. I know I know it’s not “free” since it’s paid via your taxes, but you get my drift.

That leads me to my question. Which would you choose?

Private school at 15k+ per year or  Public school with a $50 per hour tutor.

Here is what some of my friends had to say about it:
Mrs Stack of newrealitywebsolutions:
The tutor! There are things you learn in public school that private school can’t offer. If you feel the need to supplement or aid in the “books” part of the education – do it! You and i went to public school and we came out just fine :)

Mrs. Culpepper:
Daycare these days are horrible. Public schools are two steps from horrible these days regardless of what kind of neighborhood you are in: diverse, affluent, predominantly black, predominately white, low socioeconomic. Private school children do not do better that public school children and charter school kids score better than public school kids. Your best bet with a public or private schools is finding quality teachers and you all being quality parents in working with your child. As a parent and a former charter school and current public school teacher…I vote you send your child to Thailand! Thanks!
Mr. Nuri:

As I was explaining the difficulty in making the decision I noticed that I was in fact arguing for public school + tutor.

It is only right to want to “protect” your child and keep them on the “right track;” curate their life experience. But at the same time you want them to be well rounded and have a variety of experiences. Public school is significantly more diverse than private. So unless you are going to take it upon yourself to immerse your kids in the different realities people face I would vote public + tutor. I went to public school and as a result I had friends of every color and creed. It taught me how to relate to and make friends with all manner of people, and most importantly that socioeconomic statuses are not character indictments.
Let me know what you would do? Would you continue paying the money and send your kid to private school or would you send your kid to public school? Let me know your reason why below.



    15,000 per year is expensive since the avg income for families across America is between 30,000 & 35,000…. The public school option with the tutor would make more since. The quality of education is only a tad better public vs. private. Home schooling may trump both options because the quality of education in most cases is way better than public or private and may be a cheaper option than private school……

  • Great point, but how did you come to the conclusion that home schooling is of a higher education than public or private school?

  • I would choose the public school route. This is a debate in my household as I went to public and my wife went to private. We are no different, learned the same things, and both turned out ok. My parents just didn’t have to pay more money for it than what was already in their taxes.

  • Good point grayson.. However, would your views different if you lived in a non affluent area or inner city?

  • Amanda /

    Everybody think that private schools are much better, although there are a lot of legendary public schools which offer the best grade of education for our children…

  • What public schools are you referring too?

  • As far as academics go, I believe that good parenting trumps private schools. However, if your child is going the athletic route or you want to create connections then there are cases where a private education offers options that very few private schools can.
    But if it’s just about education, I’d say just become involved with your child’s learning and things can turn out just as well or better for the child at public school.

  • Great point on developing connections. A friend of mine sends his kids to a a prominent private school in D.C. Because various politicians send their children to the private school. I think if money is no object, private would be greater than public school if you are apart of an affluent circle or network.

  • Hi Dominique,
    First of all, congratulations! You’re going to love being a new parent.

    I’m a former public school teacher, and I also used to work at a Boys & Girls Club in a lower income area of Columbus, Ohio. From my experiences teaching and working with kids at the Club (whose teachers would sometimes come find them there to help them), I now know that excellent teachers are working at *every* school. (Crappy teachers are everywhere, too, but the excellent ones really do outnumber them).

    Since you are already paying taxes, go ahead and support your local public school by sending your child there. There are very few areas of the country where I would not give that advice (inner city DC and Baltimore, where I grew up, for instance). Frankly, the level of dedication and expertise you will find among teachers at your local public school will generally not be beaten by a private school, and experiencing the diversity that can be available at public school is an important non-classroom lesson for kids.

    Most of all, kids whose parents are involved in their education and who make it clear that education is a priority are the kids who are academically successful. That’s true pretty much no matter where they go to school.

  • Michael Jefferson /

    I like the public+tutor option. I think it teaches the kid a very important lesson: in the real world, you wont always be able to choose the people you work with, or the environment you work in. So you will have to learn to adapt and still be successful in any environment. But you can ALWAYS suppliment an uncontrolable situation with some behind-the-scenes learning/effort (in this case: the tutor) .

  • Karen /

    Home schooling seems extreme but there’s research in favor of it. As a certified teacher, it’s not something I’d want to do but people are getting great results. I always think of the socialization aspect personally.

  • Talaia /

    From my experience I think private schools are great if you want smart kids. Of course it doesn’t always work, but I think distractions are less and the student/teacher experience is much more personable.

  • Do you think Private schools offer better education than public schools?

  • In my mind this is by far the best benefit. It’s almost a head start really. Solid parenting is always the solid foundation for intelligent and well developed kids.

  • I definitely agree… Solid parenting is a must in either situation. I remember being in the head start program as a kid… good times 🙂

  • Shaunda /

    We have the option of both. Our oldest goes to public school, where I also teach. It’s been a great experience and I am able to supplement if I need to. However, our youngest is 3 and is in a private preschool that also has private K-6. We will most likely not use this option and not because of price. If she were the child who needed smaller classrooms and a more intimate learning environment then I would consider it an option. However, she does not and will thrive in public school just as well. In my opinion the teacher makes a huge difference. You can have the best curriculum in private school, but have a teacher that can not deliver the curriculum appropriately and it all goes out the window. On the other hand you can have a teacher who is amazing with a decent curriculum and that teacher will always find a way to make it work for her students and enrich them.

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