Lazy Sunday Weekly Recap #6

Weekly update

  • My post work hard and shut up did extremely well. This post has smashed my current record for visitors, page views and comments.
  • My dishwasher no longer has standing water at the bottom of it, but I discovered a serious leak. The repairman couldn’t find it when he came out the last time, but I did. My dishwasher leaks approximately a quarter a cup of water on each wash cycle from the floater switch seal. The is leak under the dishwasher and is not visible unless you have the front plate off. Good news? My dishwasher is under warranty and the service tech will over soon to fix the leak.
  • My Dallas Cowboys lost to the freakin’ Arizona Cardinals. I wasn’t mad at the fact that the Cowboys lost; the Cardinals always play the Cowboys tough. I was pissed that we lost in overtime, because of a missed field goal. With 27 seconds left in the game and 2 timeouts, instead of burning a timeout to run another play. Tony Romo spiked the ball with 7 seconds remaining. Then, instead of lining up for the field goal and ending the game. The head coach calls a timeout milliseconds before the kick, so the field goal which our kicker made, didn’t count. HE HAD TO KICK AGAIN. The 2nd kick was missed! So, technically our head coach iced our kicker. Talk about pi-ss-ed… Today we have a must win game against the NY Giants.
  • My credit union made up for being idiots by implementing a stream line appraisal process. Instead of taking the risk of going through the appraisal process and finding more problems I gladly accepted the lower HELOC amount. Appraisals are risky because I buy really really old homes. There is ALWAYS something wrong or that can be pointed out by an appraiser. So, I was happy to hear that my credit union has now implemented an appraisal process where they take tax records, recent sales and other variables, throw it into an algorithm and estimate the value of your home. Hmmm… I like the sound of this. So, what’s the catch? Well I can only take 60% equity instead of 70%. Sweet! I only needed 50% equity anyway. Let’s do the deal! What does this mean for our real estate goals? Well, going through the appraisal process it could take 45-90 days to get the money. With the stream lined process it takes 3 weeks to pull money. Winning! This mean we can purchase 3-4 homes a year if we use a serial process and 4-8 homes a year if we buy 2 homes at a time. More on this later…
  • So we have good news then bad news concerning our rental properties. Both our rental properties passed their county, city, and government inspections. Then the government “forgets” to send me my damn payment for one of our properties. My property manager who works off rents received was furious! He assured me that he definitely is on top of this and finds this unacceptable of the government.
  • I am looking to raise rents on my properties by 5%. Raising rent is the only way to recoup some of the money I’ve lost via repairs, payment delays and other government strong arm tactics.
  • My dog is officially no longer allowed to go to the restroom in the house. I took a black light to our carpets and OMFG!…. time to start going outside. So I bought 200 dollars worth of Nature’s Miracle and went to town. Our house is now doggy pheromone free. Mrs. YFS is happier now too. Seeing my carpets under a black light made me want hardwood floors throughout on our home.
  • I’m ghost writing, staff writing and guest posting a lot… So, If you need an article. Email me at
  • Mrs. YFS shoe blog is really taking off. Tune into for the latest interview
  • I started a giveaway! Enter to win 50 dollars cold hard cash.
  • I created a forum. I want to establish more of a community with my readers. So please check it out and introduce yourself.



  • In the last week I dropped from 129,495 to 104,702
  • My goal will be to be under 70k by January 1st. Help me by sharing this post with your friends!


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  • Wow, pretty big week all up then eh? great to hear about the record numbers, it was a great post. Thanks again for doing the interview over at Money Cactus!

  • Congrats on another great week. For the "streamlined appraisal process," did they simply do a drive-by appraisal rather than a full walk-through?

  • YFS /

    No not even a drive by. No physical appraisal at all. The value of my property was derived from a computer using tax records and recent sales. I think this is risk for a credit union or bank to do since they cannot account for the condition of the property. But, in my case it works out beautifully since the homes I buy are relatively low cost.

  • YFS /

    Thank you for the opportunity to be interviewed. It definitely had fun with it. I only wish it was a phone interview. I'm a bit of a character when speaking :-). But oh well beggers can't be choosers eh?

  • Interesting – I think Corelogic has a tool that takes into account the things you mentioned. I hope we never get to the point where we use Zillow as the appraisal…

  • YFS /

    I wouldn't mind it of Zillow was used. Zullow happens to grossly over value my properties 🙂

  • Lazy Sunday Weekly Recap #6 | Your Finances Simplified…

    Weekly update My post work hard and shut up did extremely well. This post has smashed my current record for visitors, page views and comments. My…

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    Your story was featured in Personal Finance Buzz! Please visit and promote your article….

  • Aloysa /

    It was a bog and busy week for you! Seems like things are improving step by step. I am wondering how your renters will take 5% rent increase. Keep us updated!

  • YFS /

    They will take it in stride.. 1 of my tenants pays nothing since the government covers her entire rent. My other tenant only pays 10% of her total rent. She can take it or leave it

  • Nice week, man! My wife won't let me go in the house anymore either….

    Your Cowboys did it again this week. What's up?

  • YFS /

    I don't even want to talk about the Cowboys game. Next week I'm not mentioning them in my weekly recap.

  • I about spit out my coffee. I imagined you with an Italian gangster voice saying "Cowboys? They're dead to me."

  • YFS /

    They are not dead to me. But, I feel like giving the entire defense a wet willie then a wedgie and stuffing them in a high school locker. I was pissed at their performance.

  • Congrats on such great progress. You are doing awesome. The story about your dog cracked me up. Pets, they are little trouble makers aren't they?!

  • Great progress and great post at CC! You are almost at 100K, don't forget to let everyone know in the forum when you break 100k so we can officially congratulate you.

  • YFS /

    Thank you! Little trouble makers is an understatement!

  • YFS /

    Weird as you made this comment i was posting in the Forum that I broke 100k..

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