Lazy Sunday Weekly Recap #7

Weekly update


  • My post work hard and shut up did extremely well.  So well in fact, that I have my first media contact for this blog this morning.  I will be on WINA Morning News: Weekend edition in Charlottesville on  Sunday morning to discuss my poverty guest post and other finance related topics.  I’m ecstatic!
  • It took the GE repair man all of 5 minutes to fix the leak in my dishwasher.  This time it was manufacturer error.  If you have a GE Profile dishwasher make sure the seal by your floater switch is tightened from the inside and outside.  The scary part of this dishwasher fiasco is that  my dishwasher has been leaking for a year without me noticing it.  I’m glad I do not have a mold issue.  But, if my dishwasher pump never got clogged I would have never found the leak.  Scary stuff!  Mold remediation isn’t a fun task!
  • Last week we visited New York to see my wife’s side of the family.  This weekend we make the drive to Philadelphia to see my side of the family.  Tis the season for family gatherings.  Falla la la la La la la.  The great news about seeming my family is that I get to see my mother.  I love her to death.  I also, get to rack up on her hand made all natural products.  This a double win!  Hmm… maybe I should do a feature on her products.  They are really quite phenomenal.
  • For the entire week my dog has utilized the Premier GentleSpray collar.  Unfortunately, the collar is horrible in my opinion.  It is supposed to correct barking, but instead it goes off on any slight movement, yawn, or sneeze.  My dog is so petrified to move and get sprayed that she just sleeps all day and moves very slowly.  I rather have my dog bark than have her scared to move.  So no more collar.  She’s back to her normal, jovial, playful self.
  • I refuse to talk football.
  • So with all our inspections passed we finally start getting rent from our newly acquired property.  Finally.. rent is coming in from the new property.  Time to find a new one!
  • I’m ghost writing, staff writing and guest posting a lot… So, If you need an article. Email me at
  • Mrs. YFS shoe blog is really taking off. Tune into for the latest interview
  • I started a giveaway! Enter to win 50 dollars cold hard cash.
  • I created a forum. I want to establish more of a community with my readers. So please check it out and introduce yourself.




  • In the last week I dropped from 104,702 to 88,934
  • My goal will be to be under 70k by January 1st. Help me by sharing this post with your friends!


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