May 2012 Blog and Rental Property Income Update

Well, since I’m no longer anonymous I’ve decide to be a bit more upfront about our income. No, no, no, not our personal income. No way am I telling you that and getting karate chopped by Mrs. YFS… Hey, I don’t have to say that anymore now, do I? Mrs. Brown.. ahh that’s better.

I’m not telling you my personal income because my wife wouldn’t like it, and I still have a day job, and last time I checked it wasn’t too smart to tell your co-workers, who secretly read your blog, how much you make. I also don’t want to hear crap from our Facebook friends or real life friends. I hate when people say “you got it” or “put me in your budget” ughh…

Enough rambling, onto the numbers!

Blog Income


My page rank is still 0, but my traffic is higher than ever.  Google Paid me 133.15 dollars from adsense, my very first adsense check.  I’m averaging about 2 dollars a day from adsense now, it’s very surprising.

Despite the having 0 pagerank, I’m making some good money.  In May, I made (including adsense money) $648.15

Where did this money come from? I have two sources of blog income: staff writing and advertisements.

By the way if you need a staff writer, feel free to contact me at yourfinancessimplified (at) gmail (dot) com

Rental Income


Now onto the 100% passive stuff.

Well in may we finally closed on property number 3.  See the posts below if you want details about that.

Rental Property #3 Numbers Analysis
We Have Officially Purchased Rental Property #3

Any who, by the time you read this post the repairs should be completed and we should be interviewing tenants.  I can’t wait to get this property filled and move on to the next deal.

Property 1

Rent Due


Rent Received


Property Management Fee




Back Rent Owed



Property 2

Rent Due


Rent Received


Property Management Fee




Back Rent Owed


Rental money deposited in the bank = $1147.50

Other Fees/Expenses

Upon further review of other fees/expenses we decided to factor in possible increases in taxes, property insurance and include a “random stuff” fund.  The numbers you will see below are 10-30% higher than the actual amount.

HELOCS $261.68
Real Estate Taxes / Property Insurance / Random Stuff $506.34


Total other expenses = $768.02

Monthly Cash Flow

Rental money deposited in the bank = $1147.50


Total other expenses = $768.02

CASH FLOW = $379.48

This isn’t too bad for 5 minutes of work a month and an 100% passive investment. The more properties we add, the more money we will make and the sooner we can reach our goals.  We are currently renovating property #3 and should have it rented soon.

Total Monthly Income:


The income sources talked about in this article represent 2 of our 6 sources of income.  In total we brought in $1932.15 of revenue from blogs and real estate work.  We fully understand this is a long-term process.  It will take us 10 years or more to be where we want to be income wise.  By adding assets at a pace we can handle and improving our processes and systems we will surely hit our mark.

Call to action!

Leave a comment with your best tip for managing rental properties or managing a blog.



  • Managing rentals: pay someone else, it’s worth it

    Managing a blog: be very specific about what you want to achieve (numbers, time spent etc.) and don’t deviate

    Great numbers by the way 😉

  • Like you said D, that type of cash flow for 5 minutes of work is totally worth it. That's why it's smart to hire an outside company to handle all of the details and stuff. Sure, some people could do it themselves, but for only 10% you get to free up pretty much all of your time to pursue other avenues and things you actually enjoy. Getting the full amount of rent due would have given you a nice bump there, but at least it's not 100% behind.

  • Frank Barnes III /

    Thanks for sharing this man, got a quick question, what is the best way to start investing in property for passive income? Should you borrow money from a bank or try to gather your own investors and buy the property cash and pay the investors back.
    Thanks, Frank Barnes III

  • URFinanceSimple /

    You are absolutely correct! I wish these guys would pay in full every once in a while, but I'll make the necessary adjustments to remove non payment from the equation. In August I will be able to test some new policies and procedure I put in place for my property manager to follow. If they work, then my profits will go up tremendously.

  • URFinanceSimple /

    The answer is it depends. It depends on the risk tolerance you have, aversion to debt and return you can receive.What we did was..Buy the first property in cash, then pull the equity to buy property number 2.Rinse and repeat.You have a few things to consider when doing it “my way”1. Need to save up to buy the fist home!2. The property you buy needs to appraise high. In my case I can only pull 60% of the equity, so where you buy is paramount3. Cash flow is king. Without the cash flow the process isn't worth it.4. Must be willing to get at least 10 properties. 1 property isn't enough! Gotta see the process through to 10 to make real money. Just like 1 stock isn't enough, 1 property won't cut it.

  • URFinanceSimple /

    Great tips! I find it hard not deviating with my blog. I want to do so many things.

  • Frank Barnes III /

    Good call man, I did not think to try and pull out that much equity from the house to purchase the second. Getting 10 properties is also a good idea too, I definitely did not envision getting 10 houses, but it makes sense, thanks good Sir.

  • URFinanceSimple /

    No problem :-).. Always go big!

  • I dont get it, how do you make 648 out of a page with 0 Page rank? Please tell us…
    My recent post Why I closed my bank account and opened one with ING Direct Canada using an Orange Key

  • URFinanceSimple /

    I do a lot of staff writing for others 🙂 On Fri, Jul 20, 2012 at 10:28 PM, YFS <> wrote: approve

  • tyler /

    Sounds like you are doing the rental property thing at a good pace.. not getting ahead of yourself, but steadily building your property portfolio. Down the road it will all pay off and will have been very much worth the years of building it up.

  • URFinanceSimple /

    That’s the game plan. We are going to wait 6-12 months before we buy more.. we need to recoup some cost.

  • Amy /

    Could you write a post on how you go about getting approved for providing Section 8 housing? I’m buying an investment property in D.C., and will likely be getting into Section 8 for the first time. Thanks!

  • Love to know how your getting that much with a rank of 0, but sometimes the google ranks are just weird any way so I won’t waste to much time being jealous.
    I agree with finding someone to manage your rentals, its a lot more work then most people realize.

  • I always did well staff writing and page rank did effect my traffic back then.. However, I’m a page rank 4 now.

  • This article is very nice. all tips are very informative and useful. thank you sharing such nice information.
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  • your blogs, regard rental properties is always informative and help to know new things in real estate market. with best wishes continue your work more effectively.

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