Mint vs Yodlee vs PageOnce vs Quicken vs Hello Wallet

The Battle of the Personal Finance Websites

Technology has often afforded us luxuries which we were not entitled to before. This includes everything from the convenience of modern transportation and communication to the ease of online banking.

At times we have to deal with many different financial accounts, and it can be difficult for us to keep track of all our financial activities. This caused the advent of online accounts which make compiling this information easy.

Account aggregation helps…

Organize information from different accounts such as bank accounts, credit card accounts, or business accounts into one place. This then serves as a database, which can either be a web based application or a software.

Putting this information all in one account can make it easier to manage your financial activities. If you are interested in trying out one of these services, you can find the top 5 account aggregators below. This list includes both online and software based programs, which have received good feedback from many users.


1. Yodlee – This web based account aggregator is one of the most popular services available. Plus, signing up is completely free.


  • Spend Tracker – Yodlee gives out pre-categorized reports that helps you analyze your expenses. You get to know specifically where your money goes, such as how much goes to gas, restaurants, rent, groceries, and other categories. With this program you can analyze your expenses.
  • View Your Finances – You can securely link all your accounts such as checking, credit, and others to see your balances and transactions, making it easy for you to do your accounting.
  • Pay Your Bills – Do you sometimes miss a bill payment? If so, you might like the convenience of free bill payment at the Yodlee Money Center.
  • Transfer funds – You can move your funds anytime, anywhere, securely.


2. Mint – Aside from Yodlee, Mint is also one of the most used online account aggregators.


  • Put All Accounts in One – You can automatically link your accounts to see your balances and transactions in one place. You can easily see the entire picture of your finances, which can help lessen confusion and discrepancies.
  • Categories and Budgeting –You can also categorize your expenses to see where your cash is going. Mint also helps you easily create a budget based on historical spending. This allows you to see what you spent in the past.
  • Alerts – Forget to pay some bills at times? Mint has about 20 types of alerts to remind you to pay your bills, notify you of fees or warn you if you’re going over budget.
  • Security – Of course, Mint ensures bank-level security.


3. PageOnce – This online aggregator is slowly gaining as much popularity as Mint or Yodlee.


  • Pay Your Bills – Just like Mint and Yodlee, Pageonce also has a feature which helps you to easily pay off your bills with the least hassle possible. It’s easy and organized, and there are also alerts to help you remember your due dates.
  • Control Your Money – Again, you can place your accounts in one area making it easy to monitor where your money is going.
  • Safe And Secure – Of course, security is always an issue when it comes to these online aggregators. Pageonce guarantees bank level security, and it has kept the information of their over 5 million users safe without a single security breach in its history.
  • Accessibility – Pageonce is now available on your iPhone or iPad for easier access.


4. Quicken – Unlike Mint, Yodlee and Pageonce which are web based aggregators, Quicken is a software which clients can download and install.


  • All in One Place – Of course, this feature is never missed. See all your accounts easily in one place.
  • Track your Spending – See where your money is going. Quicken organizes your expenses to help you track your spending.
  • Pay Your Bills – Quicken has a cashflow graph which allows you to see how much is coming in, going out, and what’s left for savings. You can easily create a plan to reduce debt.
  • Set A Budget – Having trouble setting a budget and sticking to it? Quicken can automatically set budget goals based on past spending. You can customize the plan and Quicken will help track your progress.



5. Hello Wallet – Although not as popular as Mint and Yodlee, Hello Wallet also has some features that are extremely helpful in managing your finances.


  • Goal Tracking – Check your goals all the way up to retirement.
  • Budgeting Tools – Make sure you never go over budget with their budgeting tools.
  • Getting Out of Debt – Helps track your loans while giving you a forecast of when you are expected to pay it off.

Account aggregators can easily help you manage your personal finances while keeping you on track with your financial goals. Managing your money is made easier plus you don’t have to worry about the security of your accounts.

What About You?

Do you use one of these account aggregators? If so, which one, and why do you like it?



  • I use Mint, and it's the only one on your list that I've actually tried. It does all I ask of it, so I'm happy to stay put. I've also used Adaptu, which could be included in this list. They have a neat app, too.

  • I use Mint. It's pretty good at keep track of net worth.

  • I use mint, and love it! I see no reason to switch unless mint gives me a reason to, but the fact that they have acess to almost every financial institutition I use will keep me with them.

  • Call me crazy, but as a technology professional, I somehow find myself uncomfortable with cloud based financial services (just prefer local storage access). I have actually moved to an encrypted ms excel file with my own developed macros for my overall financial analysis. Works very well for what I need pulling stock quote and running my own scenarios. I used to be a quicken user, but got tire of having to move platforms and revisions.

  • YFS /

    I've tried out mint 2 years ago and I hated how cluttered the interface was. I use yodlee because it's simple and plain.

  • YFS /

    For some reason mint never did it for me. I hated the UI

  • YFS /

    I use yodlee because of the simple user interface. I'm sure mint has a less cluttered ui but I doubt I will switch providers since I would have to move so much information.

  • YFS /

    Hmm… security is a big thing these days. But, the bank industry has very very strict security requirements. Yodlee to this day has never had a security breach. That's an amazing track record. More than 200 financial institutions, including Citibank and Bank of America use its services, touching nearly 26 million consumers. Your bank probably uses its technology, too, though Yodlee doesn't like to name names.

  • Laz /

    I am a satisfied Yodlee user. It has a clutter-free interface and as you said, very secure.

  • I'm in the same boat as BE, although not for security-related reasons. I love, love, love my Excel workbook that I've created from scratch and have updated for the past 6 years religiously.

    In it, I track my monthly budgets, daily spending (to the penny!), net worth, mortgage & student loan balances, annual goals, etc. I also track how much interest I pay on each student loan, my own version of various loan amortization tables, and a few other nifty tricks via charts & graphs.

    I find that manually entering everything provides one more layer of assurance that I'm staying accountable/transparent as well as working towards my goals (and minimizing erroneous spending).

  • I'm a Mint user (I think my link before proves it 🙂 )….Mint also has iPad access also. It's a recent feature.

    I like the HelloWallet budget payoff projection feature. That's great for visual people like me….

  • YFS /

    Hello fellow Yodlee user! I knew there was more people like me out there. Is there any other reason aside from the user interface on why you use yodlee?

  • YFS /

    I maintain my monthly spending plan by using the transactions tab from yodlee.. I too manually enter everything.. But, I like the automated and ease of use of yodlee.

  • YFS /

    boooooooooo… You need to come to the dark side and join the yodlee bandwagon!

  • I used to use Mint. Somehow it got really time consuming and I stopped. I am thinking to go back and start from scratch in March. I really liked their budgeting feature.

  • YFS /

    I say use yodlee! Yodlee is much better and more secure. Yodlee is responsible for securing your bank transactions from your online banking already and they never experienced a breach.

  • I wish I could use mint, but it doesn't have the capacity to 'talk' to Australian banks. The best I have been able to do is download transaction data and upload manually, but it is rather painful.

  • YFS /

    Did you try yodlee? I've heard that yodlee is tied in with more financial institutions.

  • Mint vs Yodlee vs PageOnce vs Quicken vs Hello Wallet…

    The Battle of the Personal Finance Websites Technology has often afforded us luxuries which we were not entitled to before. This includes everything from the convenience of modern transportation and communication to the ease of online banking. At times…

  • […] in Pageonce and vs Pageonce: Which is betterSWB CommunityPageonce Vs. Mint.comMint vs Yodlee vs PageOnce vs Quicken vs Hello Wallet .recentcomments a{display:inline !important;padding:0 !important;margin:0 !important;} […]

  • Richard Wallach /

    Which ones work with ge credit and store cards such as Amazon? Mint has problems with them as of the last time I tried. I like PocktMoney but not an aggregator.


  • NY Teacher /

    Bravo for using Excel. I'm a big fan of keeping finances OFFLINE…check out privacyrights dot org for verifiable security breach info. Sadly, people don't know how to use software.

  • YFS /

    Thanks for the tip on I will definitely check it out, from my research yodlee has never been breached.

  • Jeff from NC /

    Just as an FYI, anyone wanting to use Mint must know this: If you have any credit cards that are through GE Money Bank, GEMB will not allow Mint to talk to them, see this link… . I am going to try Yodlee because of this.

  • URFinanceSimple /

    Thanks for the headsup!

  • Danyelle from VA /

    Jeff, I have tried Yodlee to try to resolve this issue as well and have found that my GEMB acccounts are not updating on Yodlee either. My Old Navy Card Account and JCPenny Card won't update on Yodlee. I'm so frustrated, I'm considering closing my GEMB accounts in protest.

  • URFinanceSimple /

    I wouldn't consider closing any credit accounts, because of the impact on your credit. Did you think of just paying the card off and not using it?

  • pfd /

    I live OUTSIDE of the United States and have finances OUTSIDE of the United States (as well as inside)…. I've had a look at Mint and at PageOnce — both appear NOT to work with financial institutions outside of North America… Any Advice for someone in New Zealand!?

  • URFinanceSimple /

    Sorry I have no clue on what works in New Zealand

  • Jeff /

    Been a loyal mint fan for 5 years when it first came out. I was skeptic to have cloud finances but i enjoy seeing all of the finances refresh daily. I can see where the family is spending money and know how much goes to housing, food, gas etc.

    I recently started to use pageonce. One feature that i really enjoy is they allow you to enter your billing accounts.
    IE you can add your ATT phone bill, Electric bill, sprint bill, time warner, gas bill and it will compile and tell you what you are going to pay on Dec 1st if your bill has been posted and you have it on autopay.
    Great feature to track spend in advance of it posting to your CC or checking account.

  • URFinanceSimple /

    Jeff,Great insights about pageonce. I am a yodlee fan myselfOn Thu, Aug 16, 2012 at 1:35 PM, YFS <> wrote: approve

  • Still_Looking /

    I started using Mint but find it somewhat useless to actually track budgets when it does not allow for entering recurring transactions. I have to remember when and how much regular bills are in order to know how much money I actually have to spend. Lesser apps seem to get the necessity of recurring transactions but Mint doesn't seem to realize how important it is.
    If there is an app that exists on iphone and Android that can tie my online bank statements into one place along with letting me enter recurring bills and payments so I can actually know my current monthly balance I would really like to know about it.

  • URFinanceSimple /

    Dave,I'm not sure of an app that does that. I currently use a good ol' spreadsheet to calculate my daily/weekly/monthly transactions. I use Yodlee to aggregate all my accounts and give me a few of all my transactions.On Sat, Sep 22, 2012 at 7:21 PM, YFS <> wrote: approve

  • If you guys are looking for an all-in-one monthly bill tracker (that works with GE credit cards), try giving us a shot on your smartphone: We’ll aggregate all your bill info and bank accounts as well. And we take security extremely seriously too.

  • Ruth /

    I’ve had it with financial software! This is the final straw for me with Mint. I had 4 bank accounts duplicate for unknown reasons, and when I thought I was deleting the dups, I deleted all the accounts for that bank – 6 of them! Plus all transactions are gone. Forever! I had spent many hours setting up our budget, getting all accounts on line, teaching Mint how to categorize transactions, etc. The only “work around” for all the dups is manually editing all the duplicated transactions to “hide” them. Not how I want to spend my time!
    My theory is that Mint is Intuit’s marketing strategy to get people to purchase Quicken. Every time I ran into a problem with Mint, the answer from Mint (if there even was one) was something like, “there is no fix at this time” or “we are working on it”. And, those replies were one or more years old. I won’t purchase Quicken because it is not what I need. I need a program that works like Mint, and really WORKS! I’d be happy to pay for it if the serious bugs were fixed.
    Oh, well. I read that Yodlee is much better even if the interface is a bit clunky. Right now that sounds fine.

  • Stacy Hill /

    Check out PageOnce. It’s available as an app. I just downloaded it an absolutely love it. I haven’t had to contact customer service yet and haven’t been using it long enough to come across any problems but so far, so good. It’s worth a try if you’ve sworn off of mint.

    Good luck!

  • I’ve been using toddler for the last few years and I’m kind of comfortable with it. If aunt broke, why try to fix it 🙂

  • I have used both Mint and PageOnce. Mint has made significant improvements and I love it. We use it for budgeting, alerts when we go over budget, and planning for our kids’ college tuition. PageOnce use to be great, but it seems that several sites now block them including travel sites such as Delta, United, and Expedia. Never checked out Yodlee, but can see there are some evangelists here.

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