Motivational Saturday #2

We are going to change things up a bit here on  Every Saturday I will feature one of my motivational writings.  Hopefully these post will urge you to start now and stop procrastinating on your goals!

To reach a port, we must sail—Sail, not tie at anchor—Sail, not drift. –  Franklin Roosevelt


What is a port to you? A port in nautical terms is somewhere you can safely harbor your ship. It is somewhere that is safe during the times of storms, and it is a safe place in general, where you can be sure that your ship will be there when you return. In a storm, you can tie your ship at anchor, but that is not as safe as a port. However, you cannot reach a port without first sailing to it. In life if we do not move forward, we die.


Now we all die eventually, but your soul can die long before you body actually succumbs. The soul needs progress and movement to stay alive. For some people it is easy to continually move from one thing to another, and like butterflies they flit from idea to idea, not necessarily accomplishing much.


Going from one thing to another without finishing the first task is not progress, though it is movement. You can also have progress without much movement. If you do one thing over and over again, you have progress, but you do not have much movement. You must have both movement and progress to keep the soul alive and healthy.


By sailing to a port, you keep your soul happy. If you tie at anchor, you have neither movement nor progress, and you can slowly become more depressed, and the soul will wither. Drifting is the opposite of staying tied at anchor, and you will not find happiness if you drift about with no aim or direction.


Goals are a good way to achieve progress and movement because once you achieve a goal, you can move on to another goal.Progress can be gained when you achieve the goal, and movement can be attained when you move onto the next goal. The goals do not have to be big but, they do need significance in some form or another. It can be a goal as big as climbing Mount Everest or a goal as small as getting up at 6 a.m. every morning. Both of these things can be significant in different ways to different people.


However, if you set a meaningless goal, something that does not amount to anything or mean anything to you, you will not achieve progress or movement. Sailing onward, moving forward and not going back is the best way to be healthy and happy. If you drift aimlessly through your life, you will not have respect for yourself, and you will not achieve anything significant. If you are too scared to move forward, and you stay anchored to one port, you will not achieve anything significant.


However, if you sail toward a specific port or destination, you can achieve great things. With movement, you open yourself to opportunities. You can find new things, and you can meet new people.


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How will you move forward with your life?


What goals will you set to achieve your movement and your progress?




  • I couldn't help but notice you're approaching 200k. Congrats! Expect the advertising to begin rolling in. Have a great weekend.

  • Fatima Rosales Naya /

    That has been my philosophy all my life, that's why I travel so much. Kind-hearted people are to be found everywhere, as well as beautiful landscapes that fill your heart with joy.

  • Looks like you're approaching your Alexa Goal 😀 congratss!!

  • YFS /

    Thank you!!!

  • YFS /

    I could not agree more. Where have you travelled? What is your favorite place? I'm going to Europe next year for the first time. Do you have any recommended places to visit or eat?

  • YFS /

    Thank you Aaron!

  • Yep, I also noticed this one. As to the piece – good writing. I associate my self more with the ship moving from port to port – in fact I refer to myself as a 'nomad'; intellectual and geographical one.

  • YFS /

    Intellectual Nomad, that's a pretty cool way to identify yourself. Since you're like the butterfly going from flower to flower or the ship going from port to port.

    What are some major goals you've accomplished?

  • Jami /

    I have been feeling so hopeful and powerful lately that this post is kind of providing the focus I need so I can grounded, determined and purposeful. I need to set goals that if reached will allow me to reach the full potential of my life and show why I am here in this time and space. I need to take each step needed (movement) to reach each of the final goals (progress).


  • YFS /

    Thank you for your reply. I am always eager to read your posts when I get a message in my inbox saying "new comment from Jami". What are some of your goals that you're trying to reach? Are you breaking those goals down into small manageable steps?

  • Great post, I loved the analogy. It hits home as I consider where I want to go in the new year. 🙂

  • YFS /

    Where exactly do you want to go in the next year? What are the 3 things that you want to accomplish?

  • Jami /

    Thank you sooo much for your kind words; they mean a lot!

    First, funny you ask (or that you posted this blog in the first place? or that I somehow found your website in the first place?…..loooollll), because I came up with 6 major life-long goals about two months ago:

    –Be physically healthy.

    –Be spiritually healthy (which for me has 3 sub-components: guiding morals/values [which to me, really means following all of God's instructions], sound and well-informed mind, and feather-light heart).

    –Have healthy, non-toxic relationships (which for me has 2 sub-components: with people amd with my environment; the "people" part has two groups: my support system [close family and friends] and my acquaintances/co-workers/partners).

    –Have a healthy internet/online presence (which is why when I comment on blogs I strive to contribute meaningfully and with thought; I don't make this a sub-component of healthy relationships because the Internet is just such a huge, new phenomenon [new in that it really has only been mainstream for less than 15 years) and I don't want to get my "real-life" relationships confused with my "virtual"ones).

    –Be financially healthy.

    –Have a healthy home.

    I will share one goal. Under the "be financially healthy" lifegoal, a major goal is to earn my income via a career that I am passionate about and will love even on Mondays. lol. And I just recently sought a career counselor on this one (after I saw Mrs. YFS' video and y'all's home; lol); we should be done around the second week of January. After that I will just carry out the plan I will have in hand in a patient manner, step by painstaking step. uggghhhh!

    I think the hard parts as you complete each step to a goal are 1. being disciplined and 2. employing determination and calm, when you get to a tough moment.

    Much Peace!

  • Jami /

    For my "people" category, "significant other" would go under support system (prob'ly forgot to clarify cuz don't have "him" right now), and by "partners" I meant business partners.



  • YFS /

    I feel that if you're doing something you truly love the two things you mentioned as barriers or deterring factors are easier to over come. For example, I love talking about finances. So, I am willing to stay up researching various topics, reading other blogs and responding to every comment. Why? Because, I love finances. I see every comment or difference in opinion as an opportunity to learn more. I also know the more I write the more I respond the better I will become. I have gained so much confidence in my abilities as a financial planner over the last month it is amazing!

    The key is to just stick with it and stay on track no matter what. You will know next year why you started today 🙂

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  • So, this post does cause for serious reflection. For the last 3-4 months I have been somewhat aimless. I was laid off in August, and since then I have been exploring new options. But, not to the degree where I would have to make a decision about never going back to my previous career (Ultrasound Tech). There are other options for me, but with the cushion of unemployment I do not feel the urge really make important life decisions.

    Questions I ask myself, "Can I make a living blogging?" This is an avenue that I am exploring. I enjoy my blog and am considering expanding my blogging endeavors. Blogging is not yes a stable income, but it does help during my unemployment.

    And if I did blog full time, would I really like being home ALL the time? Yes…. I don't think I would mind that one bit.

    Thanks for motivating me to focus a bit more on the future.:)

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