My 5 Pet Resolutions That Will Save You Money

I’m not a fan of setting new years resolutions.  I typically have goals which are short term, moderate term and long term.  If I happen to get them done in a year that’s great if not .. oh well.  But, I won’t be a Debbie Downer. So to fill your appetite for resolutions I will share with you my 5 resolutions for my pet. You know my all-star Bichon Poodle.


Make her smarter


I definitely plan on giving her no easy meals in 2012.  What i mean by that is I plan on giving her puzzles and games to occupy her mind.  It’s a known fact that bored dogs are worse and more destructive than little kids on holiday break.  I looked at my Facebook timeline today and noticed 80% of the parents saying “We love little Johnny, but I’m so happy school started back up again”. To prevent my dog from being a pest I plan on giving her puzzle toys with treats inside to hopefully engage her brain, reduce pestering and eliminate boredom at the same time.


Groom Better


I’m pretty good and consistent at brushing her every 2 days so we do not have a matted or yucky hair problem.  I just wish I was able to give her a profession hair cut.  This is proving a bit more difficult than the YouTube videos proclaim.  I’ve bought quality clippers, watched tons of YouTube videos now it’s time to put in the practice to get better.  Good thing about dogs is they don’t care what their hair looks like.  She will be happy regardless of how horrible i mess up her hair.


Exercise More


I dropped the ball here big time.  Her normal exercise routine consists of her going into our gated back yard and doing whatever she feels like. This is no good!  She comes back into the house with way too much energy for me.  I have a solution.  I will teach her to run on the treadmill.  This will make both our lives easier.  She gets the needed exercise and I get to watch more T.V.


Increase Bathroom Breaks


According to Mrs. YFS our dog is no longer allowed to use the restroom in the house.  A dark room plus UV light yield some unfavorable results for our spoiled pooch.  With that said, she now has to use the rest room outside.  So, to prevent accidents she needs to get walked more, so she can use the rest room more.  There is no ifs ands or buts about it.  I have to do it or risk arguing every time she makes a mistake.


How Is Any Of This Related To Personal Finance?


My pet is a part of the family now.  So if she is not healthy that means we could incur a serious medical bill.  The healthier our pet is the less money she will cost us in the long run.


Secondly, by learning to groom my pet I can save between $60 to $80 every 3 weeks.  Grooming dogs are big business!  I can’t believe they charge that much to trim a dog.


Lastly, by teaching my pet to go outside I can extend the life of my carpet.  Saving tons of money in the process.  See, everything can be tied back to personal finance.


Reader Thoughts!


Now that you heard my pet resolutions what are yours?  What are some things you want to accomplish this year with your pet?





  • Having a pet is expensive! I am glad you are taking every precaution to avoid the unnecessary expenses. I know that pets are great companions (and I don't mean to hate), but it just sounds like a lot of work. I don't know how you do everything: job, blog, family, real estate, and pet? do you sleep? and people say I'm crazy… haha

  • An added benefit is that the extra dog walks are added exercise for yourself, potentially decreasing your own long-term health bills. Pets are often referred to as one of the best exercise tools that you can get for yourself. Interesting post.

  • Pets are a big responsibility and expense. Having said that, I can't see not having our dogs around, they are great companions!

  • I never knew how expensive pets can be until we got our dog, Rascal, five years ago. Exercise is absolutely the best thing to calm a dog down and reduce the naughtiness. I need to make sure I do this everyday too!

  • It's funny how EVERYTHING effects our personal finances. Great tips to having a healthy pet 😉 Good luck with the tredmill. I'd love to see a pic of this one.

  • YFS /

    I will do you one better and show you the video I have of her running for 25 minutes on the treadmill 🙂

  • YFS /

    I sleep on average of 4 hours a night. I'm an insomniac with a long to do list 🙂

  • YFS /

    Good point, but unfortunately at the pace my dog walks/runs and the frequent stops I won't get much of a work out :-/. I remember taking my dog out for a 5 mile run and she completely messed up my work out. After the first mile at 7:30 she was done and looking for water. She's in pretty good shape for a small dog.

  • YFS /

    You hit the nail on the head with this comment. Dogs will always need you in some capacity but they are so much fun!

  • YFS /

    Don't you have a fancy treadmill? :-).. See if you can get your dog on it for 10 minutes a day

  • I love my dog dearly, but he's not the brightest of the beasts. I tried him on the treadmill once and he didn't do so well. He just stood there until he fell off the end. Any advice on teaching him?

  • Great idea to have resolutions (goals) for your pet! I have one cat that needs medication twice a day so I know how much the cost of pets can add up. But like you said they are part of the family! I need to get better at brushing my other cat regularly. He likes to leave little hairball treats for me around the house when I've neglected using the furminator on him!

  • Monica /

    As a pet owner, I can relate to the costs associated with them. However, the best thing about being a pet owner is the unconditional love you receive from them, and that is definitely priceless!

  • YFS /

    I agree, I love to see my dog after a long day at work. She is always so happy to see me! What kind of dog do you have?

  • YFS /

    Hahah at hairball treats. To remind me to brush my dog I set an alert in my phone. I try to brush her every 2 days to prevent matting. What kind of cat do you have?

  • That is a good idea about the reminder in the phone. There is one medication I give my cat only a couple of times a week so I remember to do it on the days my trash and recycling come. As soon as I pull those to the curb I go give her the medicine. It helps me remember that way. I should do it with the brushing too for the other cat. The one that requires meds (Gina) is a calico and Toby is the hairball king. I think he is a mutt cat with the thickest fur around!

  • YFS /

    I put my dog in it's harness and attach a leash to her. Then I straddle the treadmill and start it really slow while holding the leash so the dog has to keep up. after 2 minutes I increase the speed (slowly) then hold for 2 minutes. I repeat this process until we get to a good pace. At the 6 minute mark my dog just takes over on her own and I can take the leash off or drop the leash. She keeps walking at that point.

  • YFS /

    I use the omnifocus app on the iphone for reminding me of everthing. I live by it!

  • Looking forward to seeing the video 🙂

  • YFS /

    I posted it on twitter a few days ago but, I will create a separate post to highlight it

  • Monica /

    Although I've always been a dog person, I have grown to love my husband's two cats! One is sweet, the other is beautiful but prissy. In fact, we call the prissy one "rotten" because she is so spoiled and has an attitude. I hope that when our son is old enough and responsible enough, we can get a miniature English bulldog:)

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