Reader Question: How Do I Deal with my Spouse’s Bad Credit?

If you have questions about your finances, you are not alone. In fact, here at Your Finances Simplified I often receive financial questions from my readers. For example, one of our readers, Gwen, sent me the following:

My name is Gwen, and I’ve been married for 23 years, and my husband’s credit is awful. We have 6 children and have been trying to get our credit together for a mortgage for 10 years now, and he just can’t or won’t let me do the bills and money to pay down and save. I have been paying my share and trying to get our savings started by taking on a second job. Any suggestions?

Keep reading to see my response!

My Response

The first thing you need to do is talk to your significant other about how you feel about your finances. Don’t bombard him with it on a random day. Tell him now that you would like to talk in a few days about your finances and be specific about what you would like to talk about. Your agenda should include your hopes, dreams, fears, and what you like. Tell him this is a conversation where we both are going to be calm and tell each other how we feel. This isn’t a conversation to place blame but to just talk. The 2nd step is you both need to get on the same page financially. Keep in mind when in a marriage there is no such thing as “my share.” My very first suggestion is open and honest communication about money to get to the route of the problem.

For some ideas about topics you may want to cover and how to approach them, check out the “Your Financial Relationships” series of articles.

What about You?

Have you and your spouse discussed financial differences/problems before? How did you handle them? Do you have any advice for Gwen?

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  • Great response! We used to confront this sort of trouble and I am grateful that we conquered that problem. Our problem was fixed when I talked to my hub about our problem, and speaking to him calmly truly helped.

  • It’s really important to set the tone of the money conversation to be serious, focused and open. I think it’s a great idea to tell your partner about a time in the near future to talk about money. As you said, it keeps people from playing defense and more open to talking.

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