Real Money Real People Chat: When paying off debt doesn’t improve your credit score

This week we’re talking about the highs and lows of entrepreneurship, debt, credit, and finding the motivation and inspiration to keep pursuing your passion.

Coach Sheena opens up about her struggles and growth since starting her new life coach business and offers some real advice to anyone who’s considering entrepreneurship somewhere down the line and wants to know how to get on the right path toward success.

In this week’s episode, you’ll find out:

  • Some of the best places to put an emergency fund and separate it from your other savings goals

  • Does paying off all your debt really boost your credit score? Why or why not? (The answer may shock you)

  • The truth about collections accounts and how to rebuild your credit score

  • How to assess your business idea to predict how profitable it can be and determine whether or not you should move forward with it

  • How to use loved ones and fear as a source of inspiration when it comes to reaching your goals

In this video, we get real honest about the things people go through regularly when pursuing entrepreneurship and trying to improve their finances, while navigating through the confused maze of credit.

When it comes to entrepreneurship, we are passionate about it, but realize it’s not for everyone.

For those that choose to work for themselves, the path takes hard work and dedication. If you’ve been struggling to reach perfection with your business or finding a hard time managing your time, Coach Sheena sheds some light on how to pick yourself up in those circumstances and regroup.

Whether you are striving for entrepreneurship or not, we encourage you to leverage your current job and source of income to help fund your goals and enhance your ‘why’. Think about what you want to do and how your finances can act as a tool to help get you there. We all have to start somewhere.

After watching the video, connect with us on social media and join us live next Monday and be ready to share your thoughts and questions in the chat box so you can have a shot at winning the next giveaway.

Dominique Brown and Coach Sheena




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