Here’s A Shocker: Rich People Do Things Differently

It should come as no surprise: rich people do things differently! Find out the what, how and why so you can add these habits to your own repertoire.

Yes, it’s true. And best you get on board with what and how those with the money are thinking. Well if you even want to have the barest glimmer of a dream to become one of them. In other words, build your wealth by doing what those with the money do. Hey you know how it goes right? “They” are always saying you are the sum total of the 5 people closest to you. And in fact, there is a large measure of truth in that statement. This is especially true if your five closest friends are more or less at the same level of wealth or lack of wealth.


of those with big money report that relationships are vital to financial success.

Heads Up!

Time to change your thinking. Or more to the point, upgrade your personal habits so they are more in tune with those with thTurns out, those that have it think and act differently from the average person. This article shows you up close and personal these differences. Then there are action steps for you to start with today.

Power of Habit

How about this one? A commonly reported belief among those with wealth (defined as annual income of more than $160,000 with a LIQUID Net Worth of at least $3.2Million) is in the power of habits. Positive, reinforced good habits seem to be a major factor. In fact, according to Thomas Corley, an author who has conducted a fair bit of research on this topic, the wealthy take the concept of habit one step further.

It seems that the rich see habits as a sort of double-edged sword. On one hand, positive or so-called good habits set up situations which on the outside may appear as good luck. On the other hand, poor or negative habits are viewed as bringing on the dark gloomy clouds or what most people refer to as Bad Luck. More to the point, Corley makes the case that those with the money deliberately practice good habits in order to create their own good luck.

Power of Relationships

Another strong factor that Mr. Corley identified in his research is the attitude that those with wealth have about other people and relationships. It seems that the rich see the relationships as an asset that needs to be continually nurtured and maintained. In fact, according to Corley’s survey results, 88% of those with big money report that relationships are vital to financial success. Contrast that with the other side of the survey results. Would you believe that a dismal 17% of those that are not wealthy consider relationships to be important. Wow! That one statistic alone is an eye opener is it not?

More Relationship Power

There’s more to this relationship thing than just the status quo. Not surprisingly, a significantly high percentage of rich survey respondents (like 68%) report that they enjoy meeting new people and establishing even more relationships. In other words, there is a decided focus by a majority of wealthy individuals on finding and establishing new relationships.

 Savings Power

Perhaps this should come as no surprise to anyone. When queried about the value of saving money, almost 90% of those with money responded yes. In other words, getting to the point where someone is considered wealthy is not just about making a lot of money. The other side of the equation is saving a lot of money. After all, at the end of the day it really does not even matter how much money you make if you spend it all or even more.


With all of the above in mind, the next one on the habits and thinking list is all about control. That is, who’s running the show anyway? It turns out that the wealth mindset is one of personal control. That is, instead of relying on good fortune or luck, the rich go out of their way to make their own path. In fact, when Corley took the time to query those with money and those without money about the whole idea of fate, the results are very revealing.

You see, those who fall below the wealth threshold tend to believe in the power of Fate. Thus this group is much more likely to point to bad genetics, the economy, the current political atmosphere or some other such factor as the reason they are poor. Those with the money scoff at such a silly notion and make it crystal clear that they are in charge of their own financial status.

Wow! Did you get All of that? Okay, step it down a notch.

Here’s the thing: any one of the habits expressed above could change your entire financial life. Adopt the whole list and well, the sky is the limit.

Now it’s on you. What’s your take on these differences of the rich?


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