Shaking the Piggy Bank: Tips to Teach Your Kids Basic Financial Knowledge

Some parents don’t like to talk to their kids about money while some parents just don’t know where to start. How do you make money topics simple enough for young children to understand? What topics should you focus on and when? How do you instill good financial habits in your kids? These are all concerns that many parents have when it comes to teaching their children basic financial knowledge.

If you want some good ideas on what to say and how to get started, check out these articles. Keep in mind nearly everyone agrees that is best to start early, and you can start talking to your children about money as young as two or three years old.

Dough Roller

Over at Dough Roller, you can see how one dad uses the envelope system to teach his son about money management, and he includes tips for younger kids as well as older kids. He also supports using an allowance.

Frugal Dad

At Frugal Dad you can find tips on how to include your children when it comes to household finances as well as how to teach them how much different things are worth.

Go Girl Finance

Here you can find some practical ways to teach your children about money including encouraging them to earn money in different ways.

Money Crashers

At Money Crashers you will find eleven tips on how to teach your children about money, spending, saving, etc. The article has tips for young children as well as older children.

Money Saving Mom

Money Saving Mom has four tips for teaching children about money including tips for avoiding the dreaded checkout line tantrum.

And You?

Do you use any of these methods? Do you have your own methods for teaching your children about money? Share your thoughts and experiences here!


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