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Budgeting may sound like a bore, but it can be addictive, and it’s the first step to taking control of your finances. Sign up for my How to Budget for Success webinar that’s happening this Saturday from 1 to 2 p.m. (Eastern Time), and I’ll show you everything that you need to get started.

Budgeting is important for several reasons. First, it lets you see how much you are spending and on what. Second, when you know how much you’re spending, you can start making adjustments. Maybe you’ll realize that you spend too much money on dining out. Third, it lets you make smart decisions. Have you already spent all the money in your dining out budget this month? If you have, then you can make the decision to put off that trip to McDonald’s until next month.

Budgeting helps you to see how you can achieve your financial goals. Need to pay off that credit card debt? A budget can show you where you can cut back so that you can pay more on your debt each month.

Knowledge is power, and a budget shows you what you need to know! I’ll show you how to gain the knowledge you need to create your own budget and maintain it in less than 30 minutes a month!

What People Are Saying About Your Finances Simplified Webinars

If you missed it, I gave a free webinar the other day called 6 Key Steps to Personal Finance. In it I showed people how they could achieve their financial goals. Read on to see what other people had to say about it.

Sheena said:

“Be able to answer at least 3 hows, for your goals.” This was a game changer for me…[expand title=”Continue reading“]So many times, as adults, we set goals and feel we have it all figured out and don’t take the time to “ask the how’s” because we’re adults…we’re supposed to know how to get there without actually stating how, right? Wrong! This has helped me tremendously with ALL of my goals, not just financial.

I feel more confident now, with setting and achieving my goals because they’re clarified with HOW they will be achieved. My hows have hows! Thank you Dom!

[/expand]Tina said:

I am literally in McDonalds right now listening to your webinar…. With my son sleeping in my lap…[expand title=”Continue reading“]I don’t say this for pity, but I say it because of my serious commitment to myself and my son to better ourselves… but I am at a point in my life where I want to do better, and I have read finance books, I have took personal finance classes and maybe it’s just me but not one of them have broken it down. I always thought that I couldn’t do a budget because I am a server and my income really fluctuates. I have met a financial advisor who told me to contact him when I get a stable job to help me with a budget. I remember asking you in the first webinar I asked if you were a server and you said to do an average, and shoot with the lowest average in mind. I am very thankful for this webinar I missed the last parts but I made sure to catch it today. I think one of the greatest lessons I took from this webinar is thinking with the end in mind. I use to get so caught up in working for right now, working to make sure my son has a good birthday or has nice clothes, or has a good childhood, instead of stop trying to keeping up with the Joneses and find a more inexpensive way to bring my child happiness. I also learned to live below my means so, instead of renting and giving my son his own room I will get a small one bedroom and save up to buy a house in which he can have his own room. By knowing my budget amount and knowing how much I make I can truly see where I am going, and if I am going to need a second job to cover my goals or to catch up because I have fallen behind because of my lack of knowledge.

Thanks Again!!!

Great job your helping a lot of people, and they need it….


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Now It’s Your Turn!

It’s obvious that a variety of people found my last webinar to be educational and entertaining. Here’s your chance to see what you think! Sign up for this Saturday’s (1/11) webinar, How to Budget for Success, and learn how you can start 2014 out on the right foot!




  • Looks very interesting and I’m seriously thinking about signing up. I really like how this site helps it’s followers with Webinars that can make a real difference to their lives. Keep up the good work.!

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