Friday’s Credit Tip #27: Beware of Special Introductory Offers for Credit Cards

Credit repair tips by Dominique Brown.

Credit card companies will often offer you special introductory rates, generous free gifts, or other incentives to switch companies. However, you should resist the temptation unless you have a reasonable reason to switch. Establishing a good credit relationship with one company, having a few cards from your college days, for example, is a good way […]

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Friday’s Credit Tip #11 – Don’t Assume that One Thing Will Boost Your Credit Score a Specific Number of Points

Some people are lead to believe that paying off a credit card bill will boost their credit score by 50 points while closing an unused credit account will result in 20 more points. Credit scores are certainly not this clear-cut or simple. How much any one action will affect your credit score is impossible to […]

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