Why My Kids Will Inherit Squat!

How do you feel about inherited wealth? Is it in a child’s best interests to set them up for a life free of financial worries?

Growing cadres of wealthy individuals have proudly declared their intention to leave little or nothing of their considerable wealth to their children. I am personally heartened by these disclosures because, by joining this illustrious group; I will never have to reveal the comparatively paltry sum I have managed to accumulate in my lifetime.

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5 Sensitive Money Issues Families Avoid Talking About

There's some topics we avoid with family--but money shouldn't have to be one of them. Learn the top 5 sensitive money issues you SHOULD be discussing!

We generally avoid talking about money with our loved ones, because we all know that financial discussions have separated many people over the centuries. Even though talk about inheritance, social security and insurance policies sounds distasteful, it is extremely important that we discuss these things openly with those we care for to plan for the […]

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Do You Have A Big 3?

I want to talk about the Big 3. Now, some of you might be thinking LeBron James, Chris Bosh, Dwayne Wade. We’re not talking about that Big 3. We’re talking about your financial Big 3 and the financial Big 3 is a will, a durable power of attorney, as well as an advanced medical directorate. […]

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Don’t Die The Wrong Way!

Dying is inevitable. As morbid as it may sound, this holds true for everyone. No exceptions. Everybody knows this fact and yet only a handful of individuals actually plan for their death. Death is not a popular topic in any household. It is not your typical mealtime conversation.   And yet, experiences show that unprepared […]

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