Doubling Down—From 1 Cent to $1 Million in 27 Days

I confess! I’m a sucker for all kinds of trivia. Fascinating facts, history facts, math facts, you name it. When my creative juices stop flowing, I often turn to trivia as a means to recharge the old batteries. I was doing just that when I tripped across this: If you begin with one cent (a […]

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Investing—Gambling—Betting: That Which We Call a Rose

You may have read my last post on lotteries where mention is made of the incredibly poor odds suffered by those who participate. If not, reading it takes only minutes of your time. The topic today is investing, which, to be completely objective, can also be regarded as a form of gambling. This is particularly […]

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Teach me how to improve my finances, 

so that I can buy a home

and stop wasting my money on rent