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Thank you for the update I’m excited as hell with this improvement and I appreciate your hard work and keeping me updated and can’t wait to see the next jump!!!


Thank you so much got everything I still can’t believe how much my Creadit has improve. I been following up too and I’m all smiles. Best decision I ever made was to work with you. Thanks again!!


Hello I’m one of your IG followers and just from advice I’ve received from your posts I have been able to bring my credit score from  565 in June to 645 presently. I can’t afford your services cause I’m a single mother of 3 but I wanted you to know that I truly appreciate what you do. Thanks you

IG Follower

I am sooooo thankful for you because this is the first month in a long time where I paid bills and didn’t feel depressed doing it lol. I’m hype to see what my credit score will be this month. It’s all good changes; just real unfamiliar.

Nydia G

For the first time ever in my life I feel a sense of POWER just being able to have control of my finances. I am so thankful that I found you and your service. This feels amazing!


Thank you for your service. I just paid $500 on the care credit card. I only have a $500 remaining balance and when it paid off on the 20th, that trick will be out of my life for good! When we first started working together I had five, I repeat FIVE credit cards. After I pay off the remaining $500 I will only have two left. You helped soooooooooooo much to make this possible and for that I am grateful.


I am thoroughly satisfied.  I cannot think of anything that you could do at this point to make your service better.  You’re aware and accessible, so I am good.  For me, the accountability piece is really important.  It is helpful to know that someone has the capacity to monitor my credit (helping me to eliminate unnecessary splurges) as well as my budget, to keep me focused.  If I had not set these goals to attack my debt aggressively, I am not sure how long it would take me to pay it down.  More importantly, I am positive I wouldn’t have the money in savings either…so basically wasted.


You are doing a great job otherwise. I have a friend that was working with a lady last year that was “fixing” his credit and things was cool the first two months but after a while there was no communication. I shared your information with I’m and told him that credit repair is only one thing but in order to ensure you are on the right track you have to include some budgeting and financial planning in the mix. He should be giving you a call soon.


First of all, I finally got the opportunity to sit on one of your video chats. The amazing thing about your chat is that you take the time to talk to each and every person on the chat (45 ppl). The information that you gave us was invaluable. From a branding stand point, the name you chose for your business was incredibly accurate – Your Finances Simplified. That’s exactly what you did, you simplified information for the people on the line. We all want to earn more money, have an 800 credit score and a impressive investment portfolio, but the truth is that we are afraid to execute techniques and strategies that we already know or have learned.

Secondly, the way you communicate with your clients makes this process even better. I mean, you send weekly “hey update your freakin’ budget” lol those emails are helpful, but more importantly they keep you motivated about the program.

Just wanted to say thank you for your time. Also, I signed up for the affiliate program and I have a few people that I am sending your way.


Clutch once again! Mr. Brown gets it! He understands how to break down complex financial information to the novice imparting sound and valuable advice empowering them to be better. Whether its stocks, credit, or real estate, Dominique knows his stuff. His presentations are light, yet intense, relaxed, but engaging. For the beginner or someone with knowledge of finances, Dominique Brown’s candidness and transparency makes him a necessary asset from the baby boomers to the millenials. He is indeed “Finances Simplified.”


I watched your webinar for the first time last night, (People, Goals, Investing). I enjoyed it very much. Initially, I came across your you-tube channel because I was looking for information about how to raise your credit score. I don’t really understand the internal process of what affects credit scores and how they are affected positively and negatively. I’m a real estate agent and I’m trying to market myself by being able to help my clients with credit counseling/guidance. I’m not sure if there is a designation for something like this.

After watching your webinar, I realized I need to make smart goals for myself and start with me first. I can be my own commercial and use myself as an example. I’m grinding right now. I work full time, studying for the BAR and do real estate. Your webinar was really encouraging


Dominique Brown, SD Capital Holdings LLC has provide me with a unique customized lifestyle change plan by mentoring me on building and managing my household and business budgets. I have gained an understanding of the quantitative factors behind my credit scores such as credit utilization and debt to income ratio. In addition, I’ve gained an understanding of an impeccable concept of eliminating debt through goal identification and plan execution. The services that I receive far exceed my expectations and are immeasurable. My mindset has changed and I’m experiencing progression and growth. I am on my way to joining the multi millionaires club! Hats off to SD Capital Holdings LLC! Mr. Brown, you are the cream of the crop! Thank you for your service.


My brother you have been nothing but a blessing to me.From our one on one phone conversations to answering my questions on social. I can’t even think of anything else you could be doing better, because you have been great helping me.


Dominique, your services are great I saw a big change in a month’s time. I’ve been doing good with my goals not as much unnecessary spending like I was doing before. Also, I gave my friend your information today. You’re so cool.


Very detailed, keeps in contact, and even with a high volume of customers he treats you like you’re his only customer.


First things first, you’re AWESOME!!! Thanks for the webinar link! It was very informative, easy to follow and left me motivated. You definitely dropped some nuggets!!! So I have adjusted my budget/ goals, accordingly. I don’t feel anxious about my budget, and I can see the light at the end of the tunnel….I definitely feel like I am going in the right direction. My plan is to apply any extra money to my debt/savings goals. I am on freaking on it…I want all my money! So, let’s see…I think that is all for now. I am not overspending, randomly, emotionally or otherwise, which is super exciting for me!!


Very informative, knowledgable, and seems to care about helping others. I’ve already told a few people about you. Can’t wait to get started!


I first came across Mr. Brown and his brand on my  social network site. I followed him for a while and eventually purchased his book, How To Fix Your Credit. However that was not enough. I went ahead and signed up with his company for him to be my financial consultant.. Best choice I’ve made in awhile!!! In just a very short time, two weeks to be exact, my credit score improved. Mr. Brown used to expertise to successfully contact each credit bureau and correct any mishaps he came across, and we were able to implement a reasonable plan to establish and keep my credit in good standings

All in all, I would definitely, and I have, recommend Mr. Brown services as financial consultant and advisor to any one in need of help to repair their credit history. I was able to have all my questions and concerns addressed and answered promptly and in great detail. His professionalism and knowledge of his craft is remarkable, and I will continue to work with him to reach the goals I have set out for myself.  It’s hard work but everyone deserves a dream house!!


Just participated in my first financial webinar with Dominique Brown. I don’t normally post much on FB, but others need to know about YourFinancesSimplified! Dominique’s professionalism, expertise, time, and willingness to help others improve their finances is invaluable! My takeaways: “1. Save and Spend with a purpose 2. take care of one debt at a time while still paying the minimum on the others 3. Use separate account/card for wants 4. Be deliberate with your finances 5. Build a sustainable budget 6. Side hustles & investments! 7. Must have an emergency fund 8. Take care of yourself. No that’s not it duh!…I just can’t give anymore because I pay for the detailed expertise, the formatted detailed budget, credit monitoring, individual client tracking, communication, etc. So do yourself a favor and take less than what you would spend investing in your hair and nails, the new Js, or whatever your vice is, and invest it in your future. It’s worth it!


I love the interactive approach that Dominique takes with his clients. Keeping my informed of every change to my credit and using simple language helped me to feel involved and empowered. Three benefits to using this service: help with financial planning for now and the future, tips to improve credit quickly and ways to maintain good credit. I have recommended this service to family and friends because I know that I am not alone in this struggle and I want to see the ones I love achieve financial freedom. Dominique is a humble man and a blessing to all of his clients.


Mr. Brown is great at responding when possible to discuss issues with my credit/profile. He gives it to you straight forward and will not lead you wrong.


Dominique Brown is very pleasant to work with and extremely professional. I have been wanting to fix my credit for years, but never knew how to get started. He has made the process completely painless. He’s professional, yet personable which is so hard to find these days. He also came highly recommended from a very close friend who I trust, hence her getting Christmas gifts this year!


He is very efficient and does what he says–he will do to get the job done.


Awesome REAL service! No cookie cutter.


You are very knowledgeable. You offer tons of great tips and lots of advice on how others can improve their credit


I’m extremely happy and excited with the results so far.  You are pretty damn good at this and I really appreciate that.


Very helpful.


Results driven but not too stuffy, good balance – one you don’t often find in the world of finance.


It is clear that Dominique is authentic and trustworthy. It’s what I appreciate about him the most. He’s easily accessible and works quickly and effectively.


Very personable and easy to work with even in this short time frame. Instructions given have been simple and easy to follow.


If you’re struggling with your finances or just need someone to coach and motivate you in the right direction look no further than Dominique Brown (@YourFinancesSimplified). He brings style, personality, and substance to a topic tough to comprehend for many. Think of Michael Jordan in Game 6, but in the world of finance.

I’ve had the opportunity to attend several of his webinars, and every time I’m inspired and learn something that I can utilize to improve my finances. Most recently, I attended his “How To Budget For Success” webinar in which he discussed best-practices he uses to track his transactions and maintain his budget. It was a very hands-on. Dominique is very transparent with his advice. He showed us the actual budget that he and his wife use monthly. This was helpful because I got to see the thought process that he uses when creating his budget. He updated his budget real-time going through bank transactions thoroughly and explaining everything in great detail.

Dominique conveys financial information in a way that any lament can understand. You’re not left scratching your head, or with unanswered questions. He’s different from the big name financial advisors that don’t have your best interests at heart and try to sell you services that are of no benefit to you. I look forward to attending future webinars and navigating my finances with Dominique.


What do you think? Ready to get started working with me and making real progress? Learn more about my 3-in-1 Financial Consulting service here.

What people are saying about my 6 Key Steps to Personal Finance Webinar

Mr. Brown, I would first like to thank you for taking time from your family to share knowledge that you’ve acquired through the years. I relocated to D.C. from Philadelphia last year upon graduating from Temple University. It’s here where I stumbled upon your Instagram page, and I’ve been following since then. Your presentation tonight was both motivating and inspiring. The biggest takeaway for me was setting SMART goals and objectives. It’s easy to set a goal or say you’re going to achieve something, but tonight I learned that having a plan of execution is critical.

“I know a lot of broke people that make over 100k.” (YFS) This statement really made me think about my net income and how BIG my check really is. I plan to challenge myself over the next month to assign every dollar of my net income a job; this will allow me to see where my greatest opportunity is, and I can take corrective action from there. Using to track my net worth and expenses will force me to be proactive instead of reacting.

The importance of creating a sustainable emergency fund forced me to look at where I stand, and I had to ask myself would I be able to maintain my same standard of living if I were to lose my job today. The answer was no! I need to build an emergency fund that will last at least a year. I plan to do this by saving $1,000 by November 1, 2014 by contributing $100 each month to my emergency fund. Doing a weekly checkup on my progress will help me stay on track and achieve my goal.

Again, thank you for the inspiration. You dominated this webinar like I dominated my cereal this morning (no spoon haha). I will continue to look to you for inspiration and assistance through my financial journey.


“Be able to answer at least 3 hows, for your goals.” This was a game changer for me… So many times, as adults, we set goals and feel we have it all figured out and don’t take the time to “ask the how’s” because we’re adults…we’re supposed to know how to get there without actually stating how, right? Wrong! This has helped me tremendously with ALL of my goals, not just financial.

I feel more confident now, with setting and achieving my goals because they’re clarified with HOW they will be achieved. My hows have hows! Thank you Dom!


I have followed you on IG for a while and this was my first webinar. I have always been a dreamer, and my wife has continued to push me in every aspect. The one thing I have failed to do responsibly is to plan and budget. I would always “make” it work with what I had. I have a modest income with the expectations of crossing the $65K net mark this year. I have literally struggled for the past few years trying to get ahead and the whole time knowing that the amount of money I made/make I should not be in the position I continue to find myself in. Living check to check and having late payments.

I came across your post and quickly realized that without a plan and a budget it didn’t matter how much money I made I was doomed. Reading your post have opened my eyes up and renewed that drive in me to achieve personal goals like I did on my job. I started with my company 9 years ago part time and in 2012 I was promoted as the youngest Terminal Manager in the company (also 1 of few black managers). I moved from Greensboro, NC to Stafford/Fredericksburg in 2011 with one goal and that was to succeed.

My wife and I will be sitting down tomorrow and set our financial goals for this year, next few years and mapping out our 5-7 year plan. With the tools you provided tonight I can see the financial freedom on the horizon. One thing I started doing was carrying cash instead of my debit card that way it allows me to track my expenses much better. I can truly say that I almost have to make my wife spend money so when I look in the mirror I know that where I am is because of me and where I plan on being starts with me. I do feel that what we see growing up does one of two things to us as adults; either you learn from your parents mistakes or follow their footsteps. I will create my budget and work my plan. Thank you for continuing to share your wealth of knowledge!


I really enjoyed this and look forward to more sessions like these. I come from that generation who never had anything so the conversations about money never happened with me because we never had any to speak of… I grew up as a welfare child and really know what it means to wait for the first of the month. I graduated and now I am a RN and have no idea to manage the money  that I have. I ran up a credit card to like 6100 dollars doing stupid ish! Oh let me charge this extra value meal because I left my debit card.

I could have had this 14,000 student loan paid off a long time ago. I have been living like, the more money I get…the more I’ll spend to have those things I never had….I still act poor, shop poor, budget poor. It’s been hard to deny myself the things I want now that I could never have then. So, here I am. I paid off the credit card last year.  Now I need to pay off this car loan, student loan and get myself a house before my baby is 18. I never lived in a house growing up. I want more for my daughter. Still thinking poor… Sigh…

Thanks for your help!


I am literally in McDonalds right now listening to your webinar…. With my son sleeping in my lap… I don’t say this for pity, but I say it because of my serious commitment to myself and my son to better ourselves… but I am at a point in my life where I want to do better, and I have read finance books, I have took personal finance classes and maybe it’s just me but not one of them have broken it down. I always thought that I couldn’t do a budget because I am a server and my income really fluctuates. I have met a financial advisor who told me to contact him when I get a stable job to help me with a budget.

I remember asking you in the first webinar I asked if you were a server and you said to do an average, and shoot with the lowest average in mind. I am very thankful for this webinar I missed the last parts but I made sure to catch it today. I think one of the greatest lessons I took from this webinar is thinking with the end in mind.

I use to get so caught up in working for right now, working to make sure my son has a good birthday or has nice clothes, or has a good childhood, instead of stop trying to keeping up with the Joneses and find a more inexpensive way to bring my child happiness. I also learned to live below my means so, instead of renting and giving my son his own room I will get a small one bedroom and save up to buy a house in which he can have his own room. By knowing my budget amount and knowing how much I make I can truly see where I am going, and if I am going to need a second job to cover my goals or to catch up because I have fallen behind because of my lack of knowledge.

Thanks Again!!!

Great job you’re helping a lot of people, and they need it….


Whether I win or not, I don’t mind sharing with you. I really do enjoy your teachings on Financial Freedom. Part of the reason that I do is because of the fact that I actually know you… Are we the best of friends, no, but we go back to that call center gig at Mason, and to see where you and your wife are now, I am more open to listening (seriously listening) to what you have to say. When you can see the proof in the pudding, you are more receptive to advice, and I am more receptive to what you have to say. I am not going to listen to someone about building muscle definition when they are fat, you feel me? So that is number one.

Two, some say you joke too much, but I love your delivery. Financial Freedom is serious, but it has been built up to this serious thing so much, that we are afraid to talk about it. So your delivery lightens the mood, and makes us comfortable in listening and asking questions.

Three, I like how open you are. You literally show people your own budget, your own net worth, your own numbers. You understand that people need to see results. You let us know how you have gone through it with your 600 sq foot apartment, and how you and Sheena sacrificed, and how you all divide your money, etc. Whatever you have to do/say to get your point across, you share it.

You have been so helpful to me. I am not where I want to be yet, but with the easy steps you provide, plus the information in your book (a good read by the way), I have no doubt that I am on my way to financial freedom, and that my son will not have to grow up the same way I have. Any chance I can get to hear you speak, I will.

Look forward to more teaching in the future.


Thank you so much for conducting these FREE webinars! I am currently a senior undergrad student who follows you and your family on Instagram… (Not a stalker, you guys are just inspiring! lol)  When I saw that you would be holding webinars instructing how to have a finically smart life I jumped on it. I found your information easy to understand, realistic, motivating and funny. Some of your tips do not apply to me because I have not started my career yet but it definitely encouraged me to begin to think about those things since college is coming to an end.

For now, I will work to pay off a $500 credit card by July 2014 and have $800 saved by June 2014. While I work a part time job and attend school full time, I will receive a tax refund and a school refund that I plan to put towards both of my goals in 2014! This will be my first year spending my school refund SMART, and I can’t wait to achieve these short term goals using your suggested plan.



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