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How to Fix Your Credit by Dominique Brown

How to Fix Your Credit (Paperback)

$25.00 – Get self made millionaire and financial consultant Dominique Brown’s definitive 60 day guide to fixing your credit, plus 99 credit and money management tips, and 5 more additional bonus materials and worksheets.

Millionaire poster by Dominique Brown.

Inspirational Millionaire Poster

$19.99 – Bring motivation and a winner mentality to your workspace with this slick 11×17 poster featuring 10 common characteristics of millionaires you can follow as written by self made millionaire Dominique Brown.

101 Credit Tips by Dominique Brown

101 Credit Tips (eBook)

$4.99 – The follow up to the powerhouse of credit repair tips in How to Fix Your Credit, 101 Credit Tips is the latest from self made millionaire and best selling author Dominique Brown. Use these powerful tips for legally improving your credit score! Build good credit, repair bad credit, or take maximum advantage of your excellent credit rating.

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