The Secret to Why I have So Many Followers on Twitter

What can Bill Gates, Ellen Degeneres, Ashton Kutcher, CNN, your local radio stations and others can teach you about Twitter?

What is the big secret? What do power users know about Twitter that you don’t? The answer is actually remarkably simple: technology. That is, using the power of technology to leverage your time.

Announcing: Tweet Adder

This is a newly updated software tool for Automated Twitter Marketing and Promotions.  This remarkable product is so innovative it was mentioned on NBC News.

A Brief Overview

Tweet Adder can bring a number of powerful tools right to your desktop. With this software tool…

  • You can quickly build a list or lists of followers.

  • You can drive traffic to a website or several websites. Remember that followers are good, but traffic is better in most cases.

  • You can boost your Twitter presence and change your Twitter Account into your very own referral source.

  • You have keyword search and tweet tools.  The search tools allows you to find niches or related niches by keywords. Also, Tweet Adder allows you to retweet by keyword.

  • You can automate your tweet posts, and this feature alone could save you hours every week.

  • You can automate your follow backs and even your unfollows.

  • You can send direct messages.

  • You can monitor all of your Twitter accounts in one easy to use central dashboard.

  • You have automation choices, and you can choose as much or as little as you want to automate.

  • And much, much more.

 I contacted the folk at Tweet Adder and got a deal for you. Click here to get a discount on the tweet adder software

 So Who is Tweet Adder For?

Most likely, it’s you. Whether you are an internet marketer, or a bricks and mortar marketer looking to improve your social media campaigns and increase your web traffic, or anyone who wants to use Twitter to rapidly build a list of followers, Tweet Adder is designed for you. Tweet Adder is your secret weapon, leveraging technology for you.

 Is Tweeter Adder Difficult to Setup and Use?

 Actually, no, Tweet Adder comes with easy to understand tutorial videos. Once you download Tweet Adder, you are up and running in less than thirty minutes. Simply log in with your user name and you’re off. Then, simply go through the videos and follow along to set up Tweet Adder the way you want it to work for you.

Is There a Monthly Subscription Fee?

The good news for you is, no, Tweet Adder does not use a subscription model. For one

extremely low price, you have access to all of the features with lifetime software updates. Yes, you read that right—for one price you get Tweet Adder and a lifetime of software updates. You should know that the team at Tweet Adder is constantly working to improve the software, to add more features, to make it easier to use, and so on. You get the benefit of this constant product improvement with your 1-time purchase price.

Where can I go to learn more? It’s simple, just go here


  • Barbi /

    Thanks for sharing your useful tips, I’ve just created my first Twitter account last week, so I’m a newbie to this platform, any useful information is welcome:)

  • Awesome! Tweet Adder and a few other automated tools definitely keep me engaged when my followers when I can’t be online all the time.

  • Great advice! You’re right on. It’s a pretty easy tool to use once you get used to it. At first it seemed a little overwhelming…but quickly you get the hang of it and you’re off.

  • I love this thing.. however it’s easy to go overboard with the automation. I had to dial it back recently lol.

  • I really like twitter and hootsuite. I’m on vacation now, (I know shouldn’t I be vacating?), but when I get back to my desk, I’ll check it out. Anything to automate is worth a look.

  • I’m all about the automation! Glad this post was helpful 🙂

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