Which Credit Card is Best for Me?

Do credit cards make you want to pull your hair out? If so, you are certainly not alone. Many people are at a loss when it comes to determining which credit card is the best for them.

You have the option of looking up the major credit card companies and comparing the various cards that they offer, but this takes a lot of time. Also, if you don’t understand how what they offer can impact you, the information that they provide might not help you make a decision.

Fortunately, someone else has done the legwork for you.

Take a look at the following sites to discover which credit card is right for you!

Below you’ll find lists of the best credit cards available and information on how to find credit cards that work well for certain groups such as retirees, students, etc.

which credit card is best for me

Nerd Wallet

Nerd Wallet’s “Best Cards of 2015” lists a variety of cards including good ones for students, small businesses, travel rewards, and more. The neat thing about this article is that there is a link that you can click to apply for each card. So, if you find something that really interests you, you don’t have to go off and look for it.

which credit card is right for me

Credit Card Finder

Let’s get started with this article from Credit Card Finder. It goes through the basic features that most cards have and explains them. If you don’t know much about credit cards, or if you don’t know where to start, read this article first.


Consumerism Commentary

Consumerism Commentary gives you a list of different cards that are good for different things. For example, are you looking for airline miles? Are you looking for rewards? This article lists the best in a variety of categories.

Best Credit Cards For Retirees

CS Monitor

If you are a retiree, check out this article over at the Christian Science Monitor. It has recommendations on what you should look for when choosing a new credit card.

Best Credit Cards For Students

PT Money

Are you just getting started? If you are a student who is looking for a credit card, take a look at this article on PT Money. He takes a look at three cards that are specifically for students.

And You?

Do you have a credit card that you love? Why? Have you had or do you have one that you hate? Why?



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