Who Drank My Juice? A Personal Finance Story

Let me tell you a story about juice…


You may be thinking what in the world does juice have to do with personal finance? Bare with me. Trust me, I will let you know. 



Now on to the story…


Before we start let me just say this story happened on a day when I was working from home. I knew my wife would be on her way home soon.

 (FYI.. This conversation didn’t take place on twitter.  This conversation took place over the phone.  I just thought I would incorporate a little bit of publicity for our twitter pages within this post)


@URFinanceSimple: Babe on your way home can you stop at the store and get some juice?


@ShoeHOTLINE: Naw, I’m tired, it’s raining and I don’t want any juice.


@URFinanceSimple: Cool, just thought I’d asked because it’s on your way.


@ShoeHOTLINE: I had a long day, okay?


@URFinanceSimple: Damn, aight, I’ll get it.


Now, at this point I have realized that if I want juice or any other item, for that matter, I would have to go get it myself or go without. So, I go to the store and get the items. I return before my wife gets home and make sure all the items are put away.


This day happens to be a work out day so I go to the basement to do my usually hour to two hour workout. Sometime during the middle of my workout my wife comes home. Unbeknownst to me, she has treated herself to a glass of the juice that she didn’t want a few hours ago.


I walked into living room and noticed the non-juice wanting person with a tall glass of, you guessed it, juice.


@UrFinanceSimple:  Oh now your ass wants some juice!?!? ok ok. this sum bull crap


@ShoeHOTLINE:  (Laughs, takes a sip) Yup! (smiles)


@URFinanceSimple:  LOL.. you’re a mess


Those who are married or in a long term relationship know that this kind of thing happens all the time. 


But, what does this have to do with personal finance?


Honestly, I had a hard time tying this back to something worth mentioning. I’m sorry, I tried. The story does show how silly we are as a couple. It’s all jokes and laughs all the time until we talk business. It’s weird how we can turn it off and on so quickly.




If I was to take a long shot at it and try linking this story to something personal finance related, I would say that it comes down to knowing your partner. Deep down inside I knew my wife wanted juice regardless of her saying no at first. So, what I did was get enough juice for the both of us.


Therefore, when creating your monthly spending plan take your combined goals, your actions and your partners past actions into consideration.


Taking into account our differences and past actions is the main reason why we have a fun money account that is tied to our personal checking account. All income goes into the joint checking then we pay each other a set amount of money the 1st of the month that is specifically for whatever we want to do. The personal checking accounts aren’t tracked either.


I swear this has kept us sane over the years. I don’t have to see all her shoe purchases, and she doesn’t have to see me spending ridiculous sums of money on electronics.


What is your biggest personal finance tip for people in a relationship? How do you make your relationships work when it comes to finances? Have you ever ended a relationship because of financial differences?




  • Lol. Awesome – I'm a firm believer that silliness is the key to happy marriage. 🙂

  • Ms Lici (LT) /

    This is Funny! Ummm….. what we do is pay the bills, pay the savings, etc… then play. We are able to play a big bit because we basically put my entire check into savings. We pay bills and play off the hubby's check. We live by the what's mine is his, what's his is mine code when it comes to finances……. and juice 🙂

  • YFS /

    SMH.. so you're an habitual juice stealer too.. you're something else!

  • Ms Lici (LT) /

    the juice in the avi was his LMBO

  • YFS /

    I agree with you on this one. If you cant laugh or find humor in the small things with your spouse then something is missing in your relationship. My goal is to laugh and have fun with my wife everyday!

  • Been there, done that, worn the T-shirt. Yes you have to understand your partner and spoil them a bit from time to time…. Good goal too.

  • YFS /

    I got a chuckle out of the worn the t-shirt bit. Spoiling your partner is definitely wise from time to time.

  • Who Drank My Juice? A Personal Finance Story…

    Let me tell you a story about juice… You may be thinking what in the world does juice have to do with personal finance? Bare with me. Trust me, I will let you know….

  • Just the fact that you included a Kevin Hart clip makes this post EPIC! Great story.

  • YFS /

    Thanks Be. But I'm curious are you a juice stealer too 🙂

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