Work Hard and Shut Up!

I promise you, that if you worked this hard at anything your life would be different!  Mrs. YFS and I were at our local IHOP to take advantage of some of their seasonal pancakes and stumbled upon this very ambitious and dedicated employee.



I literally, stopped eating and watched him work for about 30 minutes.  This man, kid, boy… MACHINE..  stalked the IHOP tables like a lion waiting to pounce on its unsuspecting prey.   He did not fraternize, he did not joke, he was all business.  He was so much about his business that he even stretched prior to obliterating the dishes from the tables.


As the famous prolific motivational speaker Les Brown said.. “He was huuuuuuuunnnnngry”   I needed to talk this person.  I felt obligated!  I mean, I did just watch him do his job for 30 minutes.  It would have been rude of me not to say something right?


So, I turn into full blown curious/inquisitive YFS mode.  Me and this individual had a discussion after he completed his rounds and just briefly before he went on his lunch break.   Channeling my inner Don Lemon I proceeded with this ad hoc interview   I asked:


“How are you compensated?”


His response:

“I get paid 1% of the server’s tips”


My response:

“Only 1 percent? Are you serious?  No, you’re lying!?!?  Please tell me you’re lying?”


His reply:

“No sir, it’s a good living in this tough economy”


My response:

“Are there any rules against me tipping you personally?  I mean, you seriously are working hard!”


His reply:

“No sir, I don’t believe there are any rules against you tipping me.  But, you don’t have to tip me.  Your acknowledgement of my hard work is enough”


Shut up and take my money now!


This guy clearly was the Dwight Schrute of IHOP.   I gave this guy $15 tip on top of the $8 tip I left for a $25 meal.   I watched how the other employees hardly interacted with him and when they did it seemed forced or only when they needed his help with something.  But, like Dwight Schrute he was efficient and didn’t give a damn what others thought of him.  He was here to do one thing and one thing only.


The best he could with the opportunity he was provided


Why does this matter?  Well, some of you who are reading this post make 1000% more per day/hour/second than this individual makes.  Yet, you’re complaining, hemming, hawing  and boo-hooing about your life.  You know what I say to that?  


Shut the heck up!  (PG-13)   Be thankful your ass doesn’t have to work for 1% of an 8 dollar tip.  Be thankful your half stepping, take life for granted, entitled ass doesn’t have to work amongst peers who make fun of you and belittle you.  And lastly, be thankful that you have a job which provides adequate benefits and the opportunity to eventually leave the rat race.


If you worked as hard as this guy at your job for 1 year.  I am willing to bet that you would become the top person in your craft or field.  Give me 1 freaking year of this type of dedication.  If it doesn’t work I want you to come back to this post and say:


“YFS, you’re full of crap.  Your work hard, shut up, and do what you have to do no matter the odds plan didn’t work”


But if my idea works… Ohhh if it works.  I don’t want you to kiss my rings.  All I want you to do is empower someone else to work hard.   So do we have a deal or what?  Can you give me 1 year of 100% effort with no excuses?  Can you give me 100% focused effort on eliminating your debt?  Can you give me 100% focused effort in school?


Reader Thoughts!


What was your first thought when seeing this video? Do you agree or disagree with me on thought of:  1 year of 100% effort sans excuses can get you to the top of your field, closer to your dreams and achieving your goals?



  • 1% of an $8 tip is not much, and unfortunately $8 is probably generous using a 20% of a purchase rule of thumb (at least for some of the IHOP orders).

    Anyway, I think being about business is very admirable. Hopefully, he can leverage that same energy into something that is way more profitable, but it is encouraging to see.

  • I think he has a great attitude. Too many people feel entitled, like they should just be given a good job at a good salary just for being them. This guy is grounded, and I definitely respect the fact that even though the money isn't great, he appreciates the fact that he does have a job and is doing t to the best of his ability. If more people were like him, I seriously think many of them would be much better off right now, even in a down economy.

  • YFS /

    $8 for a tip was very generous since our meal was only $25. At the end of video I have him $15. I bet the average bill at IHOP is around 15-20 dollars. So he is not making much by the end of the day. This guy was very motivating, I went home that day and literally shredded through my to do list.

  • YFS /

    I agree! He worked his job like he was getting paid 1 billion dollars per hour. He was serious about it. no games. Imagine working this hard for 1 year?

  • Ann /

    Hi there,

    I thought he was awesome. I haven't see anyone work like that in a long time. And, yes, you are completely right. Any career or endeavor that you began at that speed would definitely reap major benefits. I hope he is given an opportunity to show just what he can do. And, as far as his co-employees making fun of him, etc., all I can say is I haven't ever seen an IHOP employee even coming close to his speed, thoroughness or politeness. Three cheers for him!!!

  • YFS /

    Ann is this guy motivating or what? What are you thoughts on taking the YFS challenge for 1 year to work like this guy at your craft or goals? Are you up for it?

  • Your frugal followers are going to be so pissed when they discover your tipping generosity. I however applaud you.

  • YFS /

    hahaha.. Even the most frugal of persons had to give this guy a tip. Besides, it's the season for giving right? As a former Denny's waiter (college) I know these guys don't make much money. I freaking made his day. I should have captured how elated he was once he realized how much I tipped him.

  • Great work ethic. I wish, I was that dedicated. I hope he moves on to do bigger and better things.

  • Nice – my bet is that he won't be there long with that kind of motivation. Most people wouldn't notice this either… nice find.

  • YFS /

    I will definitely check in a few months to see if he is still there. If he is still there hopefully other people notice him and tip him. He had the whole IHOP staring and waiting for him to bust down a table.

  • I like how great his work ethic was for such little pay. This is how it should be. We should take pride in our work. You are right though- we are all very lucky to have the jobs we have.

  • YFS /

    What do you mean you wish you were that dedicated? Are you doing what you love? What is keeping you from giving 100%?

  • YFS /

    I think most people do take pride in their work. I don't think they work as hard as they can or could. People like to scrape by on the bare minimum instead of giving all of their effort.

  • Work Hard and Shut Up! | YourFinancesSimplified…

    I promise you if you worked this hard at anything your life would be different! Mrs. YFS and I were at our local IHOP to take advantage of some of their seasonal pancakes and stumbled upon this very ambitious and dedicated employee….

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  • I love this guy! I wish more people were like him, and this totally proves that you don't have to make a lot of money to take pride in your work. I'm sure he will get promoted quickly, and at least get some recognition (even if just by you and your wife).

    He will definitely be rewarded, it's just a matter of time. Thanks for taking notice, and sharing his story. I'm very dedicated to my work, but this makes me want to be even more disciplined!

  • YFS /

    Carrie I'm glad you found motivation in this post to go out there and kick butt. Good luck and don't forget to share your results!

  • Will /

    I have received enough motivation to last me at least a month! Thanks for sharing this!!!

    P.S. I did email you but didn't hear back.

  • YFS /

    hahah good to hear you have a month's worth of motivation. I did reply to your email. Maybe my reply went to your spam folder. If it's not there send me another email and I'll respond to that one

  • That's awesome!!! I wonder how long he has been at it? The problem with dedication is that it erodes over time. If he's stuck at IHOP for 3 more years, I doubt he will have the same level of dedication and enthusiasm. I'm sure he will rise quickly through the rank though. He definitely stands out.

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  • YFS /

    Stand out is an understatement. But, like you I am curious how long he lasts. I will definitely check back in a few months for him.

  • Really enjoyed the video and his attitude. I think this should definitely be a reminder for everyone to be thankful of what they have, and especially learn the value of hard earned money.

  • YFS /

    Couldn't agree more Kevin. But do you accept the challenge? 🙂

  • Definitely! I wish I can have a projector that plays this video every morning when I wake up!

  • Wow! Some movement although he may not keep it up for the next three years, as has been noted. And show that to some of our papers which spend their time dissing young people (I guess you have those in the States as well)! The more I see of young folk (I'm towards the other end of the spectrum but far from dropping off!) the more I feel confident in the future. Yes we have entered hard times and for some it will get harder still. But young people have the connectivity and enthusiasm that I really don't recall from my days. Maybe it is not living under the threat of total annihilation, maybe it is the internet, maybe it is society having been secure and at peace for such a long time gives them the confidence. I dunno but please can there be more positive videos and comments about young people today…

  • Ann /

    He is very motivating! Wouldn't it be grade to do like a 'wave' at a football game but it would be everyone committing to workking like that with that attitude for a 2 week period. It would have awesome results for the participants as well as the benefactors!!! You should get that movement going — Work like you mean it America!!! — I bet you could pull it off.

  • YFS /

    You're right there aren't many positive videos and comments about young people today. I think because positivity doesn't sell. Controversy and sex sells. No room for positivity in the media when money is involved 🙁

  • YFS /

    I like it. "Work like you mean it America!"

  • Just recently they were talking on the news about how people feel "entitled" to things in life such as expensive brands that are out of their price range. The work ethic of this guy is very admirable! My first impression when watching the video was that it was on fast-forward. It takes that kind of dedication to succeed in life! Many successful people we see now-a-days, have gone through many failures prior to the success. Many people fail to acknowledge this… Hardwork and dedication is the secret to success. Nice post YFS! 🙂

  • Financial Samurai /

    I loooooooove this guy! Super inspirational! These are the guys who motivate me the most. They are young, don't earn much but just go full throttle and appreciate what thy have.

    Thanks for sharing!


  • I imagine he will not be doing this much longer! He will move up either at IHOP or somewhere else. Companies need people like this and he will do well in the long run.

  • That's some great motivation! This guy is committed and diligent, even though his reward may seem small to most. I want to be able to say that I made the most of every opportunity that I received.

    I'll keep thinking about this guy and others that I know who are like him, whenever I feel like giving up or whining!

    Oh, I found a solution to the push ups video, so you'll be getting an email tonight.

  • What a great attitude! This guy will be a success in life whatever he decides to do.

  • Andrea /

    WOW! I need some of that kid's attitude, honestly I've been sucking pretty badly lately. Puts things into perspective.

  • YFS /

    He definitely kicked those tables asses. It was funny because he also said "You should see me on a busy day" lol.. this guy!

  • YFS /

    I hope he finds a place which he can benefit more from his work ethic. Hard to find guys who work that hard these days

  • YFS /

    Khaleef can't wait! How is your diet and push up coming along? Are you making great progress?

  • YFS /

    I think so too. He was very well spoken with charisma. Talk about a total package!

  • Not to make like this guy is making millions or anything. However, if he's the only bus boy he'd get 1% of all the waiters and waitresses. However, I wonder how much is determined on the honor system?

    This guy is great though. Back in my line cooking days I'd have loved to work with him.

  • Little does this IHOP guy know but he's going to be famous on YFS 😉

  • YFS /

    I'm sure he will have success where ever he goes. He definitely has a great attitude and work ethic. Makes me want to work hard. Do you know anyone like him?

  • YFS /

    If this guy wasn't a kick in the pants I don't know what is. Why have you been slacking lately? What will get you back into things?

  • YFS /

    I'm sure he is used to people ohh and ahhing at his skills. It would be really cool if this video gets picked up by a major t.v show.

  • YFS /

    He wasn't the only bus boy. They had 2 or 3 there. He definitely did more work than the other bus boys.

  • WOW! He is amazing. His ability to have that type of motivation at IHOP should really be commended. I hope he goes far, he certainly deserves too.

    That being said, is it even legal to pay him 1%? Please tell me that it is at least on top of an hourly wage. It has to be, right?

  • YFS /

    Since we are in Virginia he gets a minimum of 2.13 per hour. So, yes he get 1% on top of his 2.13 per hour. Crazy huh?

  • 1% of tips is ridiculous! poor guy, no wonder he is hustling so hard. I completely agree that maximum effort equals maximum reward though.

  • I want to stretch out now just watching him. That dude must HURT at the end of each shift.

    A good mentor once said, 'Just work hard and good things will happen. Don't walk around hoping to get noticed. Hard work gets noticed."

    He's correct again.

  • Wow what a great example of hard work!!! This post and the video to go with it are amazing, thanks for sharing.

  • What a great story. Talk about taking pride in your work.

  • YFS /

    1% of the tip that he has no control over. If the server is bad his earning potential is affected! Also, since we are in VA he makes only 2.13 per hour

  • YFS /

    In this case hard work gets rewarded. His was lit up once he realized how much I gave him for a tip

  • YFS /

    No problem Jenny! Thanks for reading

  • YFS /

    He sure did have a lot of pride! He makes me want to work harder!

  • Love this kid, love this video, love what you wrote and mostly love that you took the time, not only, to give him extra money but to so brilliantly acknowledge his work and effort.

    More of this from all of us please.

    You have my 100% commitment to continue on my own personal revolution of creating a new and improved relationship with my money and being more respectful toward and with it and using it impeccably!

  • YFS /

    It's refreshing to know that this post and this kid's actions can give you fuel to fulfill that type of commitment. He definitely deserved every dollar he received that day. I'm curious what are some of the things on your to do list for creating a new and improved relationship with your money?

  • Andrea /

    I've been slacking because ive been dealing with some personal stuff, find it hard to get going in the morning and I'm not getting anything done because I'm so stuck in my head. Sometimes you need a good kick in the butt to get out of that glum mood and back to being productive!

  • I thought for a minute that the pace was sped up, but looked at the people in the background moving at normal speed. That is too intense! I am surprised he doesn't hurt himself. I am encouraged by his intensity and desire. Good for you for your tip since 1% is not a lot.

  • YFS /

    Wow it must have been something major to have you in such a rut. What are you doing to get focused again? Did you try starting with easy tasks to give you momentum?

  • YFS /

    He mentioned that he goes faster on busy days!

  • YFS /

    No projector needed. Use your smartphone and come read this post everyday!

  • Great stuff! I'd wager that before long some IHOP customer will offer this young man a job. What kind of job? Doesn't matter, energy and attitude make up for lack of experience.

  • YFS /

    I'm sure he will do well in any field. He was actually a cool guy to talk with

  • 1. continue to have clarity and consciousness in all dealings with money

    2. being impeccable with my money by being aware of how much I must earn and what I spend

    3. continue to empower others who I coach to become conscious of their money

    4. continue to teach purposeful prosperity

    5. follow my own good advice when I become afraid when there appears to not be enough

    6. have empathy for those who are without and don't believe they are worthy of having

    7. continue to learn and grow my relationship with money

  • YFS /

    Great plan!

  • YFS /

    People tend to only focus on end results and ignore the struggle a person went through to become successful. It seems like people want all the spoils and none of the toils. I agreed Hardwork, dedication and patience = success.

  • I do. One of my son's best friends is an extremely hard worker. He i majoring in engineering and will be receiving a commission in the Air Force. It's pretty cool to see people rewarded for their hard work.

  • That kind of effort might actually injure some people, by pulling muscles, tearing ligaments, or herniating back disks! 🙂

    Really though, that effort applied in another setting could get this guy far in life. Hope he gets to that point, and kudos to him for doing it at the restaurant as it is. Seems like he must have a really positive attitude about working hard no matter what the job.

    Nice one!

  • YFS /

    I'm imagining he works this hard at everything. If I recall correctly he even at his lunch with the same enthusiasm.

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  • Evan /

    72 comments and not one brought up the creepy fact of you filming some kid! lol

    Seriously though that is the kind of inspiration I love! Just someone who appreciates what he has or what will have from earning some cash. I don't think I give 100% but close to it…why not 100%? I am not sure…probably natural complacency.

  • YFS /

    bhahaha @ the filming a kid line.

  • Assuming you got permission to film and post this guy from hi:

    Go back to IHOP, find this guy, show him this post and all the responses. Print it for him – so he can maybe use the information for prospective new employers!

  • YFS /

    Now that would be one heck of a follow up post. I've been trotting down ideas but, your idea is a good one. I probably will revisit him in 3 months to see if he is still around.

  • Matt /

    My first thought when I saw the video: He didn't seem to be working any faster than a normal pace if you could ignore the way he was flailing his head back and forth in a seemingly uncontrollable fashion!

    Dude was obviously giving 110% though and you could tell he was completely dedicated to completing his menial task in the fastest manner possible.

  • YFS /

    A few people mentioned that too me "Why does he have so much extra movement". My only guess is that it seems to work for him and he feels he gets the job done. He definitely was working with an high amount of effort. He even ate his food at break like that lol.

  • Wow! That is some quick cleaning!

  • YFS /

    Apparently that was his taking it easy pace. He said he goes faster when it is busy.

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  • I really just hope he takes his talent onto something that's more useful and higher paying. He deserves both.

  • […] Finances Simplified posts Work Hard and Shut Up. I completely agree. If you are not where you want to be then you are not working as hard as you […]

  • I don't think average human being is built to sustain that speed 8 hrs a day and 5 days a week. Its insane. He should get in to a manufacturing business and that way he can earn more money by producing twice compared to others.

  • My diet is going along well (except for my bad weekend recently). I am now doing 50 push ups a day, but in 5 sets of 10.

  • YFS /

    He will probably move to another job soon. I would imagine he is doing this between classes

  • YFS /

    Fortunately, he doesn't have to work this hard non stop. He only goes into his frenzy when some one has completed a meal. On busy days he does bounce from table to table quite frequently.

    What manufacturing job would you recommend for him?

  • YFS /

    Great job you're dong great! Don't sweat the bad weekend, it happens sometimes.

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  • Jami /

    I just had to weigh in on your most popular post! When I read your post and watched the video I can respect your viewpoint. But in regard to your phrase "work hard," if I were in his shoes and out of all the people I work with, on a scale of1 mile per hour to 4 miles per hour, the quickest co-worker is moving 2.5 miles per hour then I am gonna "work smart" and move at a 3.5 mile-per-hour pace. jus sayin.

    But I totally feel you on the person working with people who talk about them behind their back and don't like their own jobs and talk and play while on the clock. I was fired last month after four weeks, and one of the things that my immediate supervisor lectured me on for about 20 minutes after my first week was ignoring her instructions NOT to clean the food area but just quickly "wipe down" the area before placing new food in. I just couldn't do it; I got in at 6 am that morning and so this was the first batch of food since the previous day and (without revealing what company I worked for) this area is always left to the early morning shift to clean up. I spent 45 minutes prepping the area in nooks and crannies that probably hadn't been cleaned in years (areas that the customers can't see but may contribute to germs; and they did have fruit flies all over the place, again, jus sayin), when she expected it to only take me 15 minutes. Her words: "You only have to refuse to do something that is going to bring harm to you. Otherwise you can't 'question' my instructions." But what about refusing to follow instructions that might bring harm to our customers that provide both our paychecks????? This job paid me a little over min. wage and I hadn't worked around food since the early 90s, but I wasn't going to quit unless I had another job lined up. One of the co-workers asked me on her first day meeting me "Do you talk?" I replied, "I guess maybe I do at a job that I've been at for a while and have gotten to know people." In my head I replied, "Naw, but I earn my paycheck."

    In ref to yr phrase "shut up," in some cases that's true. Especially those who play the victim at a job when all they have to do is resign. No one is in slavery today (cough, cough** well idk but…) and if you can't resign b/c you gotta put food on the table well there are ways to be proactive in a recession or in a post-recession at the job you currently have. And employees should. The thing is someone's "pro-activity" or "proactiveness" (if these are words) or their assertiveness can be sooooo disrespected within the average work place nowadays that it is just frightening.

    idk, but three articles were wake up calls for me when I came across them earlier this month; I'm gonna demonstrate this wisdom at every job, freelance assignment, or whatever I have in the future and pray for the day I can work around/for folks who live it as well (and once I can help create this kind of work environment, it will be heaven on earth or "kingdom come" for me; 'cause some of this ish I've been enduring is straight-up cray!):


    p.s.: I'm "Your Opposite." I also realized there might be a "common" or "easy" way people choose to use the label "know-it-all." But I think Bloomberg's got the "real" definition!

    you will only understand my postscript if you read two of the article. lol.

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  • Awesome lesson here. If we all worked with his level of dedication … wow … there's no telling what we could achieve.

    That's a good thing for me to remember as I set work goals for 2012!

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  • YFS /

    I think working this hard for the past 2 weeks has got me sick lol… I'm a mess right now, but maybe I'm not used to working at this level.

    Will you post your 2012 goals at your website?

  • YFS /

    LOL @ "Straight-up cray". I'm also sorry you had to work with crappy employers and co-workers.

    I would say I'm a mixture of the "Challenging coach and entrepreneur"

  • Jami /

    Thank you for your kind words. And yes, I would have to add "entrepreneur" as well. peace.

  • Jami /

    I'm sorry, but I just don't think anyone needs to work at this level. Life is a marathon, not a sprint. And he's not making extra money working at a higher speed, but he can earn higher pay or promotion if he gets the job done well, and possibly better than his co-workers. peace.

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  • Who/What/Where Will /

    "You must always be doing more than you're being paid for now if you ever want to be paid more than you're making now."

    Brian Tracy

  • My first thought when I saw the video: He didn’t seem to be working any faster than a normal pace if you could ignore the way he was flailing his head back and forth in a seemingly uncontrollable fashion!

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  • ChWe /

    The part that grabbed me and made me stop was: “No sir, I don’t believe there are any rules against you tipping me. But, you don’t have to tip me. Your acknowledgement of my hard work is enough”. Even making so little, even being in a rude work environment, this man was not out to make as much money as possible from anyone that offered…he simply appreciated the acknowledgement. In the video, he said again that YSH did not have to give him the $15 as they agreed to. I am humbled by his work ethic, and his selflessness.

  • Veronica Hill /

    Gotta admire that quality in an individual. Now if only he applied the same principals to starting his own business….I have no doubt he would succeed.

  • URFinanceSimple /

    Ha.. you would think so huh. He definitely works hard at his jobOn Sat, Sep 22, 2012 at 7:20 PM, YFS <> wrote: approve

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