YFSCREDIT.COM – (Bonus) – Day 15 – I did everything right, and my score dropped!

Hey Wealth Builder!

I know we just spent the last 14 days together, but I wanted to hop into your mailbox again with a bonus lesson about what to do if your credit score goes down.

You have to remember that credit is very similar to weight loss.

Sometimes, you can eat right, get enough sleep, workout hard, but that one day you step on the scale you went up a pound. What Gives!

Would you throw your scale away and never workout again?

Probably not! You know if you stick with it you’ll reach your fitness goals.

Keep in mind that your credit score is just a numerical representation of the data on your credit report at the second it’s viewed.

It’s a snapshot in time!

If you look at your credit report on the 1st of the month, then view your credit report on the 15th of the month the scores may be different, and it’s only because something changed on your credit report.

Even if you get negative items removed from your credit report, your score may drop, but the only way to find out why your credit score dropped is to compare your current credit report to your previous credit report.

This is where the permanent credit monitoring comes in handy!

Here is the provider I use to monitor my credit and what my credit repair company uses for clients

Here is what you need to do if your credit score dropped:
Print out your current credit report
Print out your previous credit report
Compare the current credit report to the previous credit report and highlight any differences
We would do the highlight exercise again!

Just remember:

Budgets do not lie, and credit reports tell stories.

There is a reason for every score increase and score drop, but we have to look.

Do not get discouraged. Investigate, highlight and attack

Do not get frustrated. Investigate, highlight and attack


There is only a handful of reason why your credit score would drop:

A late payment was reported
A collection or charge-off reported
There was an Increase in your credit card utilization
A new account was added
Your credit limits were reduced
Some credit limits are not reporting.
An account was closed.
A positive account was removed.
An account in dispute is no longer in dispute
These things could be errors, fraudulent or accurate, but once we know the reason why we can attack it and work towards fixing the issue.

Stay calm! Investigate, Highlight and Attack.

If something negative did hop on your report, then I highly suggest that you dispute it! In this challenge, we didn’t get into advanced disputing techniques, but I do cover that in the YFS Wealth Building Academy!

I cover step by step how to remove student loans, collections, charge off’s, tax liens, judgments, and nearly anything negative!

I took what I do in my actual seven-figure credit repair company, included all my tips and tricks which has helped thousands of people improve their credit score, I did a brain dump of what got me the perfect credit score and put it in the academy!

All you have to do is listen to what I say and execute on the step by step directions. You’ll receive the same strategies that I use to remove 1000s of Collections, Judgments, Bankruptcies, Charge-Offs, Late Payments and MORE from my client’s credit reports every year!

I am even going to include a bonus of:

  1. My Credit Dispute Matrix Technique
  2. Repossession Removal 2.0 Guide
  3. Guaranteed Approval Credit Boosting Guide
  4. Lifetime Course Access and Upgrades
  5. My Perfect Credit Score BreakDown
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