YFSCREDIT.COM – Day 7 – Catch Up, Review, Help, Prepare

Hey Wealth Builder! You’re seven days into the challenge and crushing it, but today is the day we make sure we’ve understood everything we’ve done in Day’s 1 through 6.

Do me a favor can you check in with your accountability partner to see if they’ve done all the steps so far?

Also, make sure you’ve prepared your 1st dispute with the credit bureaus.

Then I want you to find a mirror and say:

I can do this!, I’ve got this!, I am willing to work for the credit that I deserve! and “I’ve been through worse, this is easy!”

You know what’s weird? I say those same exact four sayings once a week.

The entire next week we are going to get into the things you have 100% control over, and it’s crucial that you’ve got days 1 through 6 down.

The amazing thing is this…

You’ve done more in 6 days with your finances than most people do in 12 months.

As I said, you’ve been through much harder things than improving your credit.