You Do Not Have To Check Your Credit Report!

Today’s video we discuss the myth,  if you have to check your credit report or not.liars-all-arounds

I have help from my main man 100 grand Maury.

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Hi I’m Dominique Brown and you’re watching the YourFinancesSimplified show. Today we are going to talk about credit report myths, yes you have been lied to


You don’t really have to check your credit… Now, this myth is just crazy. I understand there are people out there who don’t have credit or you may be a type of person who doesn’t use credit often. However, that does not mean you don’t have to check your credit. Just because I feel good doesn’t mean I am good. I still take my behind to the doctor a few times a year. And I highly recommend you do the same by checking your credit report at least once a year. I personally check my credit report 3x a year, I simply pull a credit report from one of the major credit bureaus every 4 months from Why you ask? Did you know that a majority of credit reports contain errors?  I’ve seen wrong names, addresses and don’t get me started with incorrect accounts that could be on your credit report. The thing that really grinds by gears that it’s so easy to check and it’s freakin’ free! Moral of the story, just like you need to go to the doctor’s office for that check up.. you need to check your credit, regardless if you have used it or not. You never know… you could be a victim of identity theft. Speaking of identity theft Check the description box below for a deal on identity theft protection. While you’re doing that hit the like button, subscribe to my channel and head over to my website to get your free ebook of credit tips.


  • That’s good to know and that is a good way on ensuring no one stole your personal data. I was alway just checking my account but that is a better way. Thanks for the tip!

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