How To Get Out Of A Speeding Ticket and Save Tons of Money

Most of us probably already know how it feels. It’s absolutely no fun having to pull over, sit still for what seems like an eternity, and look up to that police officer who is asking for your license and registration.   Let’s face it, getting a speeding ticket sucks. Not only does it ruin your day, but it’s also expensive. Aside from paying the fine and citation, you will also see an increase in auto insurance premiums. And if you find yourself constantly getting speeding tickets, you just might end up becoming uninsurable.

If you’ve been pulled over for a speeding, there’s still a chance for you to weasel yourself out of it. After all, who wants points on their license and an increase in insurance premiums because you were going over the speed limit?  Below are some interesting ways to get out of a speeding ticket.  If the below tips do not work here is a step by step guide to getting out of speeding tickets!

Don’t Do Anything Fishy

Police officers are faced with different kinds of personalities everyday, and there are certainly times when they come across a criminal or a psycho. Police officers are generally wary the moment they pull you over, so the best thing to do is not to do anything fishy.   Be as calm and cooperative as possible, and try to put your hands where the officer can see it, such as the steering wheel. Also, don’t try to pull out your license and documents before the officers asks you to do so, he may mistake it for a weapon or offensive device.

Act As If You Don’t Know What’s Happening

There is some advantage towards playing it dumb. According to Aaron Larson, a civil litigation and appeals attorney at Ann Arbor, Michigan, “sometimes it’s a fishing expedition”.   For example, the police officer might pull you over for speeding, but he may not notice that you’re also guilty for a blown-out headlight. There’s no need (and no sense) to volunteer that information. When the officer asks “Do you know why I pulled you over?” It’s best to feign ignorance, and of course, apologize right after.

Name Drop  

Although this may feel shameless, it’s actually quite effective and may save you from getting a speeding ticket. When the officer asks you to hand over your license and registration, you may want to include your PBA card.   Some police departments give these cards to donors, family, and friends. Of course, for best results, you may want to actually know an officer and have a card that contains his badge number.

Be Polite

The best attitude to have once you’re pulled over is to always be polite. This gives the officer the impression that you are, and have always been, a law-abiding citizen that just happened to “unknowingly” broken a few small rules.   Be calm, cool, and collected, and of course, offer your apologies with a promise to take note of the rules the next time. This behavior will make it less likely for the officer to think that you have the capacity for recklessness, and he may just let you go without as much as a warning.

Don’t Argue

The most important thing to remember is not to argue with the police officer. Be reminded that the police officer is at the position of power and you are just at his mercy. So instead of arguing your case, just keep your cool and be as agreeable as possible. After all, if you want to plead your case, you can always do so before a judge. That is, if you want to go through all of the trouble of going to court.

Ask For A Warning

When all else fails and it’s pretty clear that the officer is going to give you a speeding ticket, there’s nothing to lose by asking for a warning. However, just be reminded that once you’ve already asked for it, some states may record it and it can be more difficult to wrangle yourself out the next time you’re pulled over.

More Ways To Get Out Of A Speeding Ticket

Aside from the sensible ways to get out of a speeding ticket, there are always some other techniques that my be deemed creative, ridiculous, and risky. Sometimes they work, and sometimes they don’t:

  •  Crying – It is said that officers are prone to let crying women go without a ticket. However, this technique involves being a good actress, and turning on the waterworks when needed.  If you’re a man you probably have a 20% chance of this technique working.  Chances are that you will just get a ticket and the officer will laugh at you.
  • Offering a Bribe – This may or may not work, depending on the officer you’re faced with. When it doesn’t however, you’ll be in for more serious charges than you initially were.  If this was back in the days of the Mafia this technique would work 99.999% of the time.
  • Be a Comedian – Humor has always worked to lighten the tension. The problem is when your joke is misunderstood by the police officer with no sense of humor. Getting a speeding ticket can be troublesome, and there’s really no harm in trying your best to get out of a speeding ticket.  The embarrassment you may feel from trying some of these techniques are way cheaper than the consequences of the speeding ticket.

Check out the videos below for some creative ways on how to get out of a speeding ticket:




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  • Hank /

    These are some great tips until you get to the bribing and crying part of the post.

  • YFS /

    That's why they were labeled "creative, risky and ridiculous".

  • When I was a probation officer, I would keep my badge somewhere fairly conspicuous…just in case. I never had to use it but it was there.

  • How To Get Out Of A Speeding Ticket…

    Most of us probably already know how it feels. It’s absolutely no fun having to pull over, sit still for what seems like an eternity, and look up to that police officer who is asking for your license and registration….

  • Personal Finance Buzz…

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  • YFS /

    I would definitely use all my resources to get of a ticket. If I was a probation officer and was pulled over I would make sure my badge was visible lol… Getting a speeding ticket hurts!!!

    So did you ever talk your way out of traffic violation? If so how?

  • Penny /

    What's a PBA Card?

  • YFS /

    A PBA card is a union card from the Patrolmen Benevolent Association. Essentially officers have provided the union membership cards upon relatives and friends to distinguish them as people with a special connection to a police officer and deserving of a courtesy. These cards have power!

  • Used to know a few friends who carried around their dads (who were officers) business cards. A donation to the local fraternal order of police usually gets you a badge or emblem you can put on your car, has been known to help.

  • I just let my wife drive and it actually works…she got pulled over one time fo speeding and somehow we got out of it 😀

  • YFS /

    I wonder how much it would cost to get one of those. Might come in handy if I'm every pulled over while speeding in my Prius. That damn electric assist engine is really deceptive with power output lol.

    Do you have any stories of getting out of traffic violations?

  • YFS /

    First things first. How do you get your wife to drive? My wife refuses to drive and acts as if I'm a freakin' chauffeur all the time.

    Secondly, what do you mean she just got out of it? Spill the beans!

  • I have never gotten a speeding ticket, though I've been pulled over plenty of times. My cousin is a police officer, and he told me to NEVER make excuses. Play dumb, then when you're informed you were speeding, say, "I'm sorry, sir." No reason (unless you have a really good legit one), no crying, just acknowledge and move on. That's what I've always done and it works out. Then again, there's the fact that I always drive little sedans and I'm pretty sure they think I couldn't be going that fast. =P

  • Or you can go to court and hope the cop doesn't show up 🙂 Happens all the time in chicago

  • I wonder if females have better luck getting out of speeding tickets.

  • It's amazing how effective name dropping actually is. I've seen it work.

    Another suggestion is to be a volunteer fireman and have your credentials in your wallet. Worked for my dad. I've also heard that certain police donation bumper stickers help too, but don't know the effectiveness rate.

    I would be amazed if arguing with a cop ever worked, because if I were a policeman, I'd be more likely to issue a ticket to someone I who was unpleasant.

  • One trick I heard about (never tried it!) is that if you have a baby or infant, wake them up – they would be bound to start wailing. This falls along the lines of "crying" above. I am not sure I would have the heart to do this to lil' SPF. But then, since learning I was to become a father, my driving speed has reduced quite a bit!

  • Andrea /

    I borrowed by parents car once when I had just gotten my license.The car drove so differently from my own, I was speeding but honestly did not realize it. I got pulled over and instantly started bawling from shock and mumbled a few apologies. The police officer looked rather shocked and let me off and told me to never do it again. Best policy is honesty I think, I didn't cry on purpose but it did save me a big speeding ticket.

  • If you do the crime, you do the time/fine!

  • Fortunately, I have never been pulled over for speeding. I hope never to need these tips. That said, they are good to know and occasionally think about anyway. I don't think crying would be particularly effective if you are no longer a teenager or are not the right gender IMHO.

  • I have been pulled over once and it was as I was driving home from taking care of my father who had just had surgery. I started boo-hooing as soon as the officer walked up (honest tears – no faking) and then started telling him how my daddy had been in the hospital. He either felt sorry for me or thought that I was a whacky person because he gave me a warning ticket.

  • I'm a 6'2, 240 pound guy, and my gf is a petite, beautiful girl. Guess who gets out of more tickets?! Actually… I'm usually a pretty careful driver out of frugality as much as safety.

  • YFS /

    If I had to guess.. I would say the beautiful girl over the 6'2 guy. I agree with you, the best policy for handling speeding tickets or traffic violations in general is to avoid them in the first place. You can save time and money by simply driving safely.

  • YFS /

    Sorry to hear about your father, but this just goes to show that showing true emotion often helps in getting out of a ticket. I'm curious, what made you start crying as the officer approached you?

  • YFS /

    You never been pulled over for speeding ever? Wow, either you are a very conservative driver or you are one lucky sob. You're right, I don't think if you're a man that crying would be the best option to go with. Pleading ignorance probably is your best bet or developing a rapport with the officer

  • YFS /

    Haha.. for some reason after reading your comment I began to think about the drug commercials with the egg and the frying pan.

    "Cracks egg… this is your brain on drugs"

  • YFS /

    What kind of car did you borrow from your parents? I must admit when I was younger and borrowed my mothers car I was paranoid while driving. I was so overly concerned that I would crash or do something to her car that I drove like a snail.

  • Thanks — Dad is fine and dandy now. It was the first time I ever saw my dad in a weakened state which was tough on me emotionally. I am normally a very laid-back person but that was just the breaking point of a very stressful week. The officer was very kind and just told me to slow it down and get some rest when I got home.

  • YFS /

    Hmm.. I never thought of using a new born as a "get out of jail free card" but I'm pretty sure that it would be just as effective.

    It's amazing how having a child can affect the parents behavior is so many ways. Once I have a child I'm sure my actions in many situations will drastically change.

  • YFS /

    100 times out 100 times I'm sure arguing will get you more tickets. I've definitely heard and seen name dropping work. Have you ever named dropped to get out of a ticket?

  • YFS /

    I am willing to bet 25 cents that they do.

  • YFS /

    Going to court definitely works. I opted for this choice one time and was let off all charges. The problem with this option is the indirect costs of going to court. I had to call off work, drive to court, wait all day. All this activity has a cost to it as well.

  • YFS /

    Good advice from your cousin. I'm surprised that you've never received at ticket despite being pulled over multiple times. Wow

  • LT /

    HAHA! I am so guilty of crying to get out of a parking ticket. Works like a charm. However, it is always a male cop 😉 If I ever get pulled over by a female cop, I am sure I will be screwed….

  • YFS /

    Hahha I can imagine the crocodile tears coming down your face as the officer approaches.

  • I actually got a speeding ticket after getting lost. I was haste to find my way back and totally forgot I was speeding. I had to pay $150 because it was at another state and didn't wanted to waste my time to go to court. I can really use these tips next time.

  • YFS /

    Stress will do it to ya every time. I'm glad everything is ok with your father.

  • YFS /

    Ouch 150 for a speeding ticket. That had to make you think twice about speeding. Did you change your driving habits after getting the ticket?

  • wow interesting post. Nice money saving tips! From all of the above tips I think Offering a Bribe is the worse possible choice ever! 🙂

  • YFS /

    You may be right lol.. Do you have a getting out of a ticket story to share?

  • Great tips. I must admit I have only ever been pulled over once and I was a completely compliant person. I just said "yes sir' about 15 times. Any other time I have been busted is with a speed camera and a ticket in the mail.

    I have actually worked at driving a lot slower the last couple years and thankfully this has saved me a few pennies.

  • YFS /

    I hate those damn speeding carmeras I think they are such bullshit. They will get you for going 1 mph over their predetermined speed limit regardless of the situation.

    I wonder if a study has been conducted on speed cameras and whether they make the roads safer.

  • I've heard from police officers that name dropping is more likely to get you a ticket when you were going to get a warning. A PBA card might be effective, but conventional dropping my naming someone who probably doesn't even work for the department anymore isn't.

    I once heard about a cop pulling a woman over for going 69 MPH in an area where the speed limit is lower. While they were talking, one of the passengers piped up and said "she likes 69, just not on the road". The cop was lost for words and let her go.

  • YFS /

    hhhahahahah.. That's a pretty funny story.

  • Hola! I've been following your website for a while now and finally got the courage to go ahead and give you a shout out from Humble Tx! Just wanted to say keep up the great job!

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